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  1. Artist: The Creaky Floors Title: Beer and Hymns Orange County Year Of Release: 2020 Label: The Creaky Floors Genre: Country, Folk, Americana Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 53:55 min Total Size: 125 / 321 MB Tracklist: 01. I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) [Live at the Wayfarer] 02. Oh Happy Day (Live at the Wayfarer) 03. Blessed Assurance (Live at the Wayfarer) 04. King Jesus Is All (Live at the Wayfarer) 05. It Is Well (Live at the Wayfarer) 06. The Old Rugged Cross (Live at the Wayfarer) 07. In the Sweet by and by (Live at the Wayfarer) 08. Down to the River to Pray (Live at the Wayfarer) 09. Spirit in the Sky (Live at the Wayfarer) 10. How Deep the Fathers Love (Live at the Wayfarer) 11. I'll Fly Away (Live at the Wayfarer) 12. All of the Hard Days Are Gone (Live at the Wayfarer) 13. Victory in Jesus 14. Can't Nobody Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/e1fcf7736011d0d83a471433608b7c43/losslessdl_080820The_Creaky_Floors_-_Beer_and_Hymns_Orange_County_2020.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/37B3A0032DB6A4B/losslessdl_080820The_Creaky_Floors_-_Beer_and_Hymns_Orange_County_2020.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/f84334ba48255ff56dfa949a59b4fe0b/losslessdl_080820The_Creaky_Floors_-_Beer_and_Hymns_Orange_County_2020_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/AB994B78E72585F/losslessdl_080820The_Creaky_Floors_-_Beer_and_Hymns_Orange_County_2020_FLAC.rar
  2. Artist: The Innocence Mission Title: Glow Year Of Release: 1995 Label: A&M Records Genre: Alt Rock, Indie Pop, Dream Pop, Folk Rock Quality: Mp3 320 / Flac (tracks) Total Time: 40:29 Total Size: 115/285 Mb (scans) Tracklist: 01. Keeping awake 02. Bright as yellow 03. Brave 04. That was another country 05. Speak our minds 06. Happy, the end 07. Our harry 08. Go 09. Everything's different now 10. Spinning 11. There 12. I hear you say so Line-up:: Bass, Vocals, Vibraphone [Vibes] - Mike Bitts Drums, Tambourine - Steve Brown Guitar, Organ - Don Peris Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Organ - Karen Peris The Innocence Mission is an indie folk band composed of Karen Peris (née McCullough), her husband (and fellow guitarist) Don Peris, and Mike Bitts (on bass guitar). The band was formed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when the members met during a Catholic school production of Godspell. Although all members of the band have contributed to their music, Karen Peris is their main writer. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/272093ef502b3cc25815a095fee0243f/losslessdl_080820Glw_b_ThIncncMis.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/8247013A9E8EA37/losslessdl_080820Glw_b_ThIncncMis.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/3e904b193d6e5f30927221c4b15d1e04/losslessdl_080820ThIncncMis_Glw.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/EC5061F61F16B15/losslessdl_080820ThIncncMis_Glw.rar
  3. Artist: The Nadas Title: Coming Home (20th Anniversary Reissue) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Authentic Records Genre: Country, Folk, Americana Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 84:46 min Total Size: 196 / 565 MB Tracklist: 01. Cry 02. Carve Your Name 03. Beautiful Girl 04. Foreign Tongue 05. Rock Star 06. Ends Meet 07. Love Song in Bb 08. Coming Home 09. Let Me Sleep 10. Mi Corizon 11. Open D 12. Clear 13. The Wolf 14. Disenchanted Heart 15. California 16. Beautiful Girl (Coming Home 20) [Live] 17. Cry (Coming Home 20) [Live] 18. Mi Corizon (Coming Home 20) [Live] Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/b61884171d3575801acd653dbe08a9ca/losslessdl_080820The_Nadas_-_Coming_Home_20th_Anniversary_Reissue_2020.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/67331BBA1A02EFE/losslessdl_080820The_Nadas_-_Coming_Home_20th_Anniversary_Reissue_2020.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/f3554b1b7cfe88d2a405daa980fea7d6/losslessdl_080820The_Nadas_-_Coming_Home_20th_Anniversary_Reissue_2020_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/AD47AE519F5AD1B/losslessdl_080820The_Nadas_-_Coming_Home_20th_Anniversary_Reissue_2020_FLAC.rar
  4. Artist: Thea Gilmore Title: Regardless (Special Edition) Year Of Release: 2014 Label: Fullfill LLC Genre: Folk, Pop, Singer-Songwriter Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 01:03:05 Total Size: 146 mb | 401 mb Tracklist: 01. Something to Sing About 02. This Is How You Find the Way 03. Regardless 04. Spit and Shine 05. I Will Not Disappoint You 06. Start as You Mean to Go On 07. Punctuation 08. Love Came Looking for Me 09. This Road 10. Let It Be Known 11. My Friend Goodbye 12. All You Need Is Love (Bonus Track) 13. Beautiful Hopeful (Bonus Track) 14. I Will Not Disappoint You (Alternate Version) [Bonus Track] 15. Cold Coming (Bonus Track) 16. Love Came Looking for Me (Alternate Version) [Bonus Track] Anyone who's paid attention to Alison Krauss' musical career, with and without Union Station, had to wonder what would happen after the unprecedented success of 2007's Raising Sand, her collaboration with Robert Plant. For her, the next logical move was to reunite with US, who had been dormant since 2004's Lonely Runs Both Ways and whose members all had busy solo careers. Given the long layoff, Paper Airplane was produced by US and engineered and mixed by Mike Shipley. According to Krauss, it was harder to complete than any previous album.Thankfully, it doesn't sound like it. It is a melancholy record, its songs largely revolve around themes of trial and perseverance. The title track that opens the record is a lilting country ballad written by Robert Lee Castleman and informed by Krauss' own recent life experiences. Her vocal is wrenching; it's utterly vulnerable in expressing love's loss, yet it's steely in its resolve, recognizing an eventual emergence. Peter Rowan's minor-key bluegrass stomper "Dust Bowl Children" features Dan Tyminski's trademark vocal. It's angry, bewildered, and determined. The interplay between Ron Block's banjo, Barry Bales' driving bassline, and Jerry Douglas' dobro is earthy, lean, and mean. Brother Viktor Krauss and Angel Snow contributed "Lie Awake," a spooky, broken love song full of swooping dobro and Krauss' forlorn fiddle. Only US could empathically back her searching, desperate vocal. Paper Airplane is sequenced beautifully. The reading of Richard Thompson's "Dimming of the Day" is the hinge piece on the record (and rivals the title track for the best thing here). This is Krauss' finest vocal performance this time out; although it doesn't rival Linda Thompson's original, it doesn't need to: it's devastating in expressing raw need, loss, and emptiness from a protagonist in the middle of a time of trial. Sidney Cox's "Bonita and Bill Butler" is a banjo-driven seafaring tragedy sung exquisitely by Tyminski before Paper Airplane closes with a stellar cover of Jackson Browne's "My Opening Farewell," which brings the album full circle, leaving the listener to meditate upon life's many episodes. Krauss' version wrings more sheer acceptance from the lyrics than Browne's own does. Paper Airplane is very polished pristine, even but there isn't an extra thing on it. It feels organic and authentic, allowing plenty of room for the emotional power in these songs to come forth. Union Station proves once more that it is a contemporary bluegrass outfit that makes no concession to contemporary country music. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/e6a454e795b757a14cb1f4c3adb0cb6a/losslessdl_080820Regardless_Special_Edition_2014_320_kbps.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/BAB572F08C08034/losslessdl_080820Regardless_Special_Edition_2014_320_kbps.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/2b97fa6b8e2870830ea2f6edef300843/losslessdl_080820Regardless_Special_Edition_2014_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/AF8EE8E445F46F3/losslessdl_080820Regardless_Special_Edition_2014_FLAC.rar
  5. Artist: Eva Cassidy Title: The Best of Eva Cassidy Year Of Release: 2012/2018 Label: Blix Street Records Genre: Folk, Blues, Singer-Songwriter Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 01:28:02 Total Size: 202 mb | 463 mb Tracklist: 01. You Take My Breath Away 02. Kathy's Song 03. Songbird 04. What A Wonderful World 05. Wade In The Water 06. Ain't No Sunshine 07. Time After Time 08. Autumn Leaves 09. I Can Only Be Me 10. Fields Of Gold 11. It Doesn't Matter Anymore 12. Imagine 13. Over The Rainbow 14. True Colours 15. Danny Boy 16. People Get Ready 17. Anniversary Song 18. Early Morning Rain 19. I Know You By Heart 20. Tall Trees In Georgia 21. You've Changed 22. Waly Waly Eva Cassidy's story is a sad one, certainly, but the bittersweet happy ending to it all is that her singing, music, and recordings continue to live on and gather fans and admirers even after her early death from melanoma cancer in 1996 at the age of 33. Cassidy was never really known outside of the Washington D.C. area during her lifetime, and her recorded legacy consists of a live album, assorted other live tracks, an album of duets, and a handful of demos. She was a masterful song interpreter, able to take on almost any song in any style or genre and spin her voice around it, giving it a kind of haunting and sincere freshness. This set makes a great introduction to Cassidy's style and substance, collecting her key and signature performances from all of the above sources. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/86e96395e93d49aafaa25a09d1f528eb/losslessdl_080820Best_Eva_Cassidy_2018_320_kbps.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/07432942D97C0A6/losslessdl_080820Best_Eva_Cassidy_2018_320_kbps.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/054d29aeb3f8383dbc80eff819b812ed/losslessdl_080820Best_Eva_Cassidy_2018_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/20FF637279F3187/losslessdl_080820Best_Eva_Cassidy_2018_FLAC.rar
  6. Artist: Various Artists Title: The Rough Guide to the Music of China Year Of Release: 2012 Label: World Music Network Genre: Chinese Classical, World; Folk Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue+.log) & booklet Total Time: 1:47:46 Total Size: 577 MB This Rough Guide, like China itself, is hugely diverse and enthralling. Explore the sounds of over a billion people - from the ancient tones of the erhu and pipa and the Inner Mongolian folk revival to original Shanghai jazz, Chinese Pop and the latest underground beats. Bonus CD: Introducing Hanggai Downtown Beijing might seem a strange place for a Mongolian folk revival. Yet Hanggai are at the forefront of a musical movement in China that is finding inspiration in native folk traditions, drawing on a repertoire of magical songs that have all but disappeared during China's recent turbulent past. 1.01 Zhang Yi Wen - Shanghai Xiao Jie (Miss Shanghai) (2:38) 1.02 Shanren - 30 Years (3:50) 1.03 Xie Tian Xiao - The Tide, It Knows Not Why (4:18) 1.04 Jah Wobble & The Chinese Dub Orchestra - L1 Dub (5:38) 1.05 Red Chamber - Sunny Spring and White Snow (2:57) 1.06 Min Huifen - Yangguan Pass Melody - Three Variations (5:05) 1.07 Second Hand Rose - Picking a Flower (4:26) 1.08 Urna - Uran Tangnai (2:56) 1.09 Mieko Miyazaki & Guo Gan - Sai Ma (6:19) 1.10 Chang Jing - In the Past (2:44) 1.11 Li Guyi - A Bosom Friend (3:03) 1.12 Panjir - Panjir (5:53) 1.13 Cold Fairyland - Shadow Play (3:50) 1.14 Hang on the Box - Koniqiwa Tokyo (1:53) 1.15 The Shanghai Restoration Project - Night Life in Shanghai (Shanghai Restoration Project remix) (4:28) 1.16 Bai Guang - Qiu Ye (Autumn Night) (2:58) 1.17 Liu Fang - Dao Chui Lian (3:08) 1.18 Guo Lanying - My Motherland (5:27) 2.01 Hanggai - My Banjo and I (3:44) 2.02 Hanggai - Yekul Song (2:55) 2.03 Hanggai - Zhaoderen Nana (2:00) 2.04 Hanggai - Five Heroes (5:31) 2.05 Hanggai - Flowers (3:02) 2.06 Hanggai - Haar Hu (3:24) 2.07 Hanggai - Wuji (2:36) 2.08 Hanggai - Lullaby (Borulai) (3:54) 2.09 Hanggai - Drinking Song (4:00) 2.10 Hanggai - Four Seasons (5:08) Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/193efda9f85c1d9c34c480a2f21f9947/losslessdl_0808202012_The_Rough_Guide_to_the_Music_of_China_CD-Rip.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/CC14DB7AEF870CE/losslessdl_0808202012_The_Rough_Guide_to_the_Music_of_China_CD-Rip.rar
  7. Artist: Huong Thanh Title: Dragonfly Year Of Release: 2001 Label: Act Music Genre: Jazz, World Fusion Quality: FLAC (tracks) / MP3 320 Kbps Total Time: 55:26 Total Size: 358 Mb / 141 Mb Tracklist: 01. Ten Reasons for Loving You ( traditional) 07:10 02. Bakida ( Lê, Nguyên) 04:40 03. Dragonfly ( Lê, Nguyên) 04:06 04. What the Bird Says ( Lê, Nguyên) 05:38 05. Two Sisters ( Lê, Nguyên / Van Hong, Nguyên) 05:00 06. The Betel Tray ( Lê, Nguyên) 05:22 07. Graceful Bamboo ( Lê, Nguyên) 06:36 08. Crossing the Valley ( Lê, Nguyên) 05:12 09. Drums in the Night ( Lê, Nguyên) 06:17 10. Scent of my Childhood ( Borker, Dominique / Van Hong, Nguyên) Personnel: Huong Thanh - vocals Nguyên Lê - electric & acoustic guitars, synthesizers & computer, Duong Chi Tam - 16-strings zither (dàn tranh), moon shaped lute (dàn nguyêt), 2-string fiddle (dàn nhi), cai luong gtr, monocorde (dànbau), woodblock (song lan) Hao Nhiên Pham - sao transverse bamboo flute, lutes, zither, sapek clappers Dinh Cong Tuyên - pi thiu vertical flute Richard Bona - vocals, fretless bass & percussions Renaud Garcia-Fons - pizz & arco acoustic 5-string bass Tino di Geraldo - cajón, frame drum Paolo Fresu - trumpet & flugelhorn Etienne Mbappé - fretted & fretless bass François Verly - percussions (shaker, tibet bowl, tuned bells, gongs, chimes & brushes) & tablas Dominique Borker - acoustic piano The Barbès Deluxe strings : Raphaëlle Pacault - violin Martin Rodriguez - viola Sophie Lechelle - cello "Dragonfly: The word carries with it a variety of meanings that conjure up unexpected comparisons, connections, and enigmatic relationships. In the title piece, "Dragonfly", the unforeseen culminates in a sensitive duel between the Vietnamese-Parisian Huong Thangh and the Cameroon-New Yorker Richard Bona. It was necessary that such a mythical creature as the dragon, a symbol for good luck in Asia, lift itself up and over the chasm that separates the different styles, the disparate geographic and historic terrain, thus bridging the gap between musical cultures. And the same goes for the entire album: magic lies in this alchemy, which combines the distinctive purity and tradition of the Vietnamese instruments and vocals with the sudden presence of the electronics, the grooves, the string instruments, and the African vocals... Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/ecd9b0902cb3bc373a46575b08ff0f11/losslessdl_080820Huong_Thanh_Dragonfly_01_0301.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/DA173B67659547A/losslessdl_080820Huong_Thanh_Dragonfly_01_0301.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/1ecf2bfc7ca5c392a22e989fd950c76f/losslessdl_080820MP3_Huong_Thanh_Dragonfly_01_0301.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/45C592CDC4E65A4/losslessdl_080820MP3_Huong_Thanh_Dragonfly_01_0301.rar
  8. Artist: Jacqueline And Lindsay Title: Jacqueline And Lindsay Year Of Release: 1969/2012 Label: Beyond The Moon Records Genre: Psychedelic Folk Quality: Mp3 320 / Flac (tracks, .cue, log) Total Time: 32:06 Total Size: 107/232 Mb (scans) Tracklist: 1. Night Spinner - 3:34 2. It's Not Important - 2:25 3. Give Me Eden - 3:19 4. Nine To Five Blues - 3:29 5. Sip of Wine - 3:47 6. Run With The Hare - 3:39 7. Rape of The Fair Country - 4:21 8. Take Me - 1:59 9. The Fair - 2:01 10. Look Away - 3:32 Line-up:: Lindsay Morgan - Vocals, Guitar, Keybaords Jacqueline Morgan - Vocals, Percussion Paul Benton - Hammond B3 Ron Knappett - Drums Kyle Pacey - Lead Guitar Daniel Lanois - Lead Guitar Bob Doidge - Bass, Vocals Canadian family duet from Toronto (Ontario). Born in Cardiff, Wales, Lindsay Thomas Morgan began playing guitar and writing songs at the age of eleven. He was 17 when he first met Jacqueline Clifton. A few months later they got married, after which they emigrated to Canada with about $ 50.00 in cash and full of hopes and dreams. Their first professional concert was in May 1968 at The Nor-Shore in Thunder Bay (16 hours from Toronto). In the same year, Andy Anka, the father of the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Anka, who helped them break into radio and television, became their manager. In 1969, they signed a contract with Art Snider, owner of the Toronto recording studio Sound Canada. As a result, this self-titled album appeared, all the songs on which were written by Lindsay Thomas Morgan. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/63b1751b2d196ece2c67931fc4416735/losslessdl_080820JacqaLin_b_JacqaLi.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/2774CE9C886F1F4/losslessdl_080820JacqaLin_b_JacqaLi.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/3c50062671221fca39a265709cb2740c/losslessdl_080820JacqaLin_ST.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/CB013EDCF908F62/losslessdl_080820JacqaLin_ST.rar
  9. Artist: Joey Greer Title: Frontier Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Heath Perritt Productions Genre: Country, Pop, Rock Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 40:40 min Total Size: 94 / 281 MB Tracklist: 01. Ghost Town 02. Two Steps Away 03. Can't Outrun the Thought of You 04. Right Here With Me 05. Old Habits 06. Save the Farm 07. The Devil's Wife 08. Good Enough 09. Momma Prayed 10. How Great Thou Art (feat. Cayla Greer & Jared Greer) Yeah, the first great album of 2020 is a Texas country album. I'm just as shocked as you are. No, but seriously, 'Frontier' is a fantastic debut. Joey Greer recounts his trials and tribulations but in a way we can all relate to. He's been in the right and the wrong and matured along the path of the record through the experiences he had along the way. I don't entirely agree with the track sequencing, but even so, I can't argue that the way the tracks are ordered does do the album justice. The listener is encouraged to get to know Joey over the course of 41 minutes, and as a result, by the time you reach the emotional climax of the record with "Momma Prayed" and the subsequent sibling prayer, "How Great Thou Art" that closes the album, you really feel the weight on the shoulders of Joey and the rest of the Greer family. Joey, specifically, feels the need to take his music career to the next level in order to support the rest of his kin and to "Save the Farm." At the end of the day, he realizes he's "Good Enough," and all the childish problems he worried about earlier on the record (mainly chasing girls) turned him into the man he is today-a supportive, indebted family man. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/3a5832b020a9ac6b7d54bd29b6617914/losslessdl_080820Joey_Greer_-_Frontier_2020.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/825BDB77385CD63/losslessdl_080820Joey_Greer_-_Frontier_2020.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/78a3af44e204339347a2d7e27ee1d3f6/losslessdl_080820Joey_Greer_-_Frontier_2020_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/E6A9FF01863B8D6/losslessdl_080820Joey_Greer_-_Frontier_2020_FLAC.rar
  10. Artist: John Martyn Title: Solid Air (Deluxe Edition) Year Of Release: 1973/2009 Label: UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 02:28:38 Total Size: 344 mb | 783 mb Tracklist: CD1 1. John Martyn - Solid Air 2. John Martyn - Over The Hill 3. John Martyn - Don't Want To Know 4. John Martyn - I'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman) 5. John Martyn - Go Down Easy 6. John Martyn - Dreams By The Sea 7. John Martyn - May You Never 8. John Martyn - The Man In The Station 9. John Martyn - The Easy Blues CD2 1. John Martyn - Solid Air (Alternative Take) 2. John Martyn - Over The Hill (Alternative Version) 3. John Martyn - Don't Want To Know (Alternative Take) 4. John Martyn - I'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman) (Alternative Take) 5. John Martyn - Go Down Easy (Alternative Take) 6. John Martyn - Dreams By The Sea (Alternative Take) 7. John Martyn - May You Never (Alternative Take) 8. John Martyn - The Man In The Station (Alternative Take) 9. John Martyn - The Easy Blues_Gentle Blues (Alternative Take) 10. John Martyn - Keep On 11. John Martyn - When It's Dark (Demo) 12. John Martyn - In The Evening 13. John Martyn - May You Never 14. John Martyn - The Easy Blues (Live) 15. John Martyn - May You Never (Live) 16. John Martyn - I'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman) (Live Version) CD3 1. John Martyn - Solid Air (Demo Version) 2. John Martyn - Solid Air (Instrumental) 3. John Martyn - Over The Hill (Demo Version) 4. John Martyn - I'd Rather Be The Devil (Devil Got My Woman) (Demo Version) 5. John Martyn - Go Down Easy (Demo Version) 6. John Martyn - Go Down Easy (Alternative Take 2) 7. John Martyn - Dreams By The Sea (Demo Version) 8. John Martyn - May You Never (Demo Version) Solid Air is one of the defining moments in British folk, in the same league as Fairport Convention's Liege & Lief, Richard & Linda Thompson's Shoot Out the Lights, and Michael Chapman's Rainmaker. Martyn stepped out of his comfort zone to record and produce it, including not only jazz and blues but rock and plenty of sound effects, and featuring Rhodes piano on some of its tracks, dismaying some fans while winning a ton more for its genre-blurring presentation. A number of its cuts such as the title track (written for Martyn's friend, Nick Drake), "Over the Hill," "I'd Rather Be the Devil," and "May You Never" remained staples in his live sets until the end of his life. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/eb17c7cd356fcce781000f0e7a9aafc2/losslessdl_080820Solid_Air_Deluxe_2009_320_kbps.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/64245F000EF0078/losslessdl_080820Solid_Air_Deluxe_2009_320_kbps.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/052b6daec2ada47ccd1e942185e0df22/losslessdl_080820Solid_Air_Deluxe_2009_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/CAA1CF1CDE4F08B/losslessdl_080820Solid_Air_Deluxe_2009_FLAC.rar
  11. Artist: Lucio Battisti Title: Masters Vol.2 Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Legacy / Sony Music / RCA [19075969232] Genre: Folk Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter Quality: 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks+cue,log,scans) Total Time: 3:32:46 Total Size: 496 mb / 1.31 gb :: TRACKLIST :: Disc 1 1. Non È Francesca 2. Nel Sole, Nel Vento, Nel Sorriso E Nel Pianto 3. Prigioniero Del Mondo 4. Uno In Più 5. La Mia Canzone Per Maria 6. Insieme A Te Sto Bene 7. Era 8. Il Vento 9. Dolce Giorno 10. Adesso Sì 11. Luisa Rossi 12. Se la Mia Pelle Vuoi Disc 2 1. Supermarket 2. L'aquila 3. Vento Nel Vento 4. Luci-ah 5. Confusione 6. Il Leone E la Gallina 7. Ma È Un Canto Brasileiro 8. Le Allettanti Promesse 9. Prendi Fra Le Mani La Testa 10. Io Gli Ho Detto No 11. Questo Inferno Rosa 12. Abbracciala Abbracciali Abbracciati Disc 3 1. Il Salame 2. Gli Uomini Celesti 3. Un Uomo Che Ti Ama 4. La Compagnia 5. Io Ti Venderei 6. L'interprete Di Un Film 7. Soli 8. Questione Di Cellule 9. Donna Selvaggia Donna 10. Maledetto Gatto 11. Al Cinema 12. Il Monolocale Disc 4 1. Arrivederci A Questa Sera 2. Gelosa Cara 3. Orgoglio E Dignità 4. Straniero 5. Che Vita Ha Fatto 6. Fatti Un Pianto 7. Per Altri Motivi 8. Alcune Noncuranze 9. Però Il Rinoceronte 10. Cosa Farà Di Nuovo 11. Almeno L'inizio 12. Tubinga Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/de740f6399001f3d0a0590d5e9b5ad32/losslessdl_080820Masters_Vol.2_FLAC.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/7fa87415147e7a216e2e05fece451df2/losslessdl_080820Masters_Vol.2_FLAC.part2.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/1D7A5EEE133F0D7/losslessdl_080820Masters_Vol.2_FLAC.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/BAFF8886EA62688/losslessdl_080820Masters_Vol.2_FLAC.part2.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/dfe646cd2c124446692d225b302532d9/losslessdl_080820Masters_Vol.2_320.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/66C60E3E6F7B99A/losslessdl_080820Masters_Vol.2_320.rar
  12. Artist: Léo Ferré Title: La vie moderne 1944-1959: Intégrale Year Of Release: 2018 Label: La Mémoire et la mer Genre: Pop, Chanson Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue,log) Total Time: 11:04:14 Total Size: 1.7 Gb Tracklist: CD 1 - Le temps des roses rouges 01. La chanson du scaphandrier 02. Monsieur William 03. Monsieur Tout-Blanc 04. La vie d'artiste 05. Le bateau espagnol 06. La femme adultère 07. À Saint-Germain-des-Prés 08. L'île Saint-Louis 09. Le flamenco de Paris 10. L'inconnue de Londres 11. Les forains 12. Barbarie 13. L'esprit de famille 14. Le temps des roses rouges 15. L'île Saint-Louis (alternate take) 16. Le flamenco de Paris (alternate take) CD 2 - Chansons de Léo Ferré 01. L'île Saint-Louis 02. La chanson du scaphandrier 03. Barbarie 04. L'inconnue de Londres 05. Le bateau espagnol 06. À Saint-Germain-des-Prés 07. La vie d'artiste 08. Le flamenco de Paris 09. Les forains 10. Monsieur Tout-Blanc 11. L'esprit de famille CD 3 - Paris canaille 01. Monsieur William 02. La chambre 03. Vitrines 04. Le pont Mirabeau 05. Judas 06. Notre amour 07. ...et des clous 08. Les cloches de Notre-Dame 09. Paris canaille 10. Martha la mule 11. Les grandes vacances CD 4 - Le piano du pauvre 01. Le piano du pauvre 02. À la Seine 03. L'homme 04. Le parvenu 05. Mon p'tit voyou 06. Notre-Dame de la mouise 07. Graine d'ananar 08. Merci mon dieu 09. Mon p'tit voyou (instrumental) 10. Merci mon dieu (instrumental) CD 5 - La rue 01. La rue 02. Vise la réclame 03. Monsieur mon passé 04. L'âme du rouquin 05. La vie 06. La chanson triste 07. En amour 08. Le fleuve aux amants CD 6 - Récital à l'Olympia 01. La vie 02. Monsieur mon passé 03. Graine d'ananar 04. Le piano du pauvre 05. Vise la réclame 06. L'homme 07. Merci mon dieu 08. Mon p'tit voyou 09. Monsieur William 10. L'âme du rouquin 11. Paris canaille 12. La rue CD 7 - Huit chansons nouvelles 01. Le guinche 02. La fortune 03. Ma vieille branche 04. T'en as 05. La grande vie 06. Le temps du plastique 07. Pauvre Rutebeuf 08. L'amour 09. L'été s'en fout 10. Les copains d'la neuille CD 8 - Les fleurs du mal 01. Harmonie du soir 02. Le serpent qui danse 03. Les hiboux 04. Le Léthé 05. Le revenant 06. La mort des amants 07. L'invitation au voyage 08. Les métamorphoses du vampire 09. À celle qui est trop gaie 10. La vie antérieure 11. La pipe 12. Brumes et pluies 13. L'invitation au voyage CD 9 - La chanson du mal-aimé 01. La chanson du mal-aimé 02. La symphonie interrompue- I. Allegro 03. La symphonie interrompue- II. Andante 04. La symphonie interrompue- III. Scherzo CD 10 - À Bobino 01. La fortune 02. Comme dans la haute 03. Java partout 04. Monsieur mon passé 05. Le guinche 06. Le flamenco de Paris 07. Pauvre Rutebeuf 08. Les indifférentes 09. La zizique 10. Mon Sébasto 11. L'homme 12. T'en as 13. Graine d'ananar 14. Paris canaille CD 11 - Encore... du Léo Ferré 01. Le temps du tango 02. La chanson triste (version 2) 03. La vie moderne 04. Mon camarade 05. L'été s'en fout (version 2) 06. Le jazz band 07. L'étang chimérique 08. Dieu est nègre 09. Les copains d'la neuille (version 2) 10. Tahiti 11. Java partout 12. La zizique 13. Mon Sébasto CD 12 - Documents 1 - 1944-1952 01. Le carnaval de tous les jours (Le petit faune) 02. L'opéra du ciel 03. Suzon 04. Le viveur lunaire 05. Ils broyaient du noir 06. Moi j'vois tout en bleu 07. Moi j'vois tout en bleu (instrumental) 08. Paris 09. Les grandes vacances 10. Le métro 11. La rengaine d'amour 12. Les châteaux 13. La clef 14. Le fleuve aux amants 15. J'ai tant rêvé (from Basil Dearden's ''La cage d'or'') 16. La chambre 17. À la Villette 18. Les cloches de Notre-Dame 19. Madame Angleterre 20. Viole de voiles 21. L'île Saint-Louis 22. Les hommes de la nuit (sequence 1) 23. Les hommes de la nuit (sequence 2) 24. Les hommes de la nuit (sequence 3) 25. Les hommes de la nuit (sequence 4) 26. Les hommes de la nuit (sequence 5) 27. Les hommes de la nuit (sequence 6) CD 13 - Documents 2 - De sacs et de cordes 01. Orchestre Léo Ferré - Ouverture 02. Choeur Raymond Saint-Paul - Frères humains 03. Jean Gabin - L'esprit de famille 04. Jean Gabin - Ah ! La rue... 05. Jean Gabin & Orchestre Léo Ferré - Air du cireur 06. Suzanne Girard - La bonne aventure 07. Jean Gabin - Brusquement cette charmante enfant... 08. Leïla Ben Sedira - Les forains 09. Jean Gabin - La Tamise 10. Choeur Raymond Saint-Paul - Madame Angleterre 11. Jean Gabin - Je suis parti sur un de ces bateaux... 12. Jean Gabin - Ohé oh, hisse ! 13. Jean Gabin - Madre de Dios 14. Jean Gabin - Dans les flancs du Madre de Dios... 15. Orchestre Léo Ferré - Le flamenco de Paris 16. Marek Sliven - Le bateau espagnol 17. Marek Sliven - C'est la fille du pirate 18. Jean Gabin - Les deniers me crevaient les poches... 19. Jean Gabin - En amour (ouverture) 20. Claire Leclerc - En amour 21. Jean Gabin - La femme adultère 22. Choeur Raymond Saint-Paul - Dans les draps que l'amour 23. Léo Noël - Barbarie 24. Les Frères Jacques - Les douze 25. Jean Gabin - Ils me redonnèrent quelque goût... 26. Leïla Ben Sedira - Les oiseaux libres 27. Jean Gabin - Pour soulever le toit... 28. Choeur Raymond Saint-Paul - Kol Nidrei 29. Jean Gabin - Petit soldat 30. Jean Gabin - Au paradis des pauvres chiens... 31. Jean Gabin - Je décidais de me fixer... 32. Léo Ferré - L'inconnue de Londres 33. Jean Gabin - Si j'avais eu le sens du repentir... 34. Madeleine Rabereau - Le parvenu 35. Choeur Raymond Saint-Paul - Frères humains (reprise) CD 14 - Documents 3 - 1953-1959 01. Byzance 02. Le piano du pauvre 03. Le pont Mirabeau 04. Pauvre Rutebeuf 05. L'opéra du ciel 06. Dieu est nègre 07. La zizique 08. Les amoureux du Havre 09. Comme dans la haute 10. La mafia 11. Rappelle-toi 12. Tu n'en reviendras pas 13. Je chante pour passer le temps 14. L'étrangère 15. La belle amour 16. Soleil 17. Des filles, il en pleut... 18. Green 19. L'âge d'or 20. Sérénade 21. La mauvaise graine 22. Noël (Madame à minuit) Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/bd8251124dee1ab099056c226b1ab167/losslessdl_080820CD_1_-_Le_temps_des_roses_rouges.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/10B49E41D67F020/losslessdl_080820CD_1_-_Le_temps_des_roses_rouges.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/972eb2b5c452ce401a3e88c7d39d869d/losslessdl_080820CD_2_-_Chansons_de_LA9o_FerrA9.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/20B619CD358FF12/losslessdl_080820CD_2_-_Chansons_de_LA9o_FerrA9.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/43adfab249f0edd22cdcc0d0168c8284/losslessdl_080820CD_3_-_Paris_canaille.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/904D1D7FD05C244/losslessdl_080820CD_3_-_Paris_canaille.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/a863e349b33b2983986864762c7eb8e7/losslessdl_080820CD_4_-_Le_piano_du_pauvre.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/CC26493B1B92C0B/losslessdl_080820CD_4_-_Le_piano_du_pauvre.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/1c459fe1cbe939218df3fd012414f89e/losslessdl_080820CD_5_-_La_rue.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/AFC6A9F3B70B2AD/losslessdl_080820CD_5_-_La_rue.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/02c15f07dc99ff7c9d011d8bba419fe9/losslessdl_080820CD_6_-_RA9cital_A0_lOlympia.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/DA4A86E4991A234/losslessdl_080820CD_6_-_RA9cital_A0_lOlympia.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/8001492ca52aa2e5e786ca9d665bc13b/losslessdl_080820CD_7_-_Huit_chansons_nouvelles.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/3D6245C2F8E0ED7/losslessdl_080820CD_7_-_Huit_chansons_nouvelles.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/8182cdf70dbe370e30591439cb33397f/losslessdl_080820CD_8_-_Les_fleurs_du_mal.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/B55875B408AC9F3/losslessdl_080820CD_8_-_Les_fleurs_du_mal.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/6da9263a17ad736cdb8fb9544665bdbc/losslessdl_080820CD_9_-_La_chanson_du_mal-aimA9.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/7679325952199D2/losslessdl_080820CD_9_-_La_chanson_du_mal-aimA9.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/e92cadec78d354a5767767b22980e7e9/losslessdl_080820CD_10_-_80_Bobino.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/0E16C8A1518F524/losslessdl_080820CD_10_-_80_Bobino.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/ecd7d0ba6904f83ec038b9439449558f/losslessdl_080820CD_11_-_Encore..._du_LA9o_FerrA9.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/71A878E27247F76/losslessdl_080820CD_11_-_Encore..._du_LA9o_FerrA9.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/f994592aa9ce72dc30e3457518565b1b/losslessdl_080820CD_12_-_Documents_1_-_1944-1952.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/1F6F1BED6E1F849/losslessdl_080820CD_12_-_Documents_1_-_1944-1952.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/3b60b9cfe1f280f3c3d78e07db394d24/losslessdl_080820CD_13_-_Documents_2_-_De_sacs_et_de_cordes.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/2EDA5C76B801A17/losslessdl_080820CD_13_-_Documents_2_-_De_sacs_et_de_cordes.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/abc5ac41466d1bbd914f0fcd8979a70d/losslessdl_080820CD_14_-_Documents_3_-_1953-1959.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/8E5134E207C2C9C/losslessdl_080820CD_14_-_Documents_3_-_1953-1959.rar
  13. Artist: Moleslope Title: Slope Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Dewfall Records Genre: Rock, Jazz Quality: FLAC (image + .cue, log, artwork) Total Time: 33:01 Total Size: 251 MB Tracklist: 01. Changing [00:04:00] 02. Slow Snow [00:04:39] 03. Shelterless [00:04:04] 04. Killer [00:04:13] 05. Leap Second [00:03:34] 06. North Wind [00:04:48] 07. Little Night Trip [00:07:39] First full-length release by Japanese instrumental band moleslope. The band uniquely blends elements of Canterbury rock, post-rock, and jazz, creating a multifaceted crossover sound. moleslope is a twin keyboard driven instrumental band that consists of an eclectic ensemble of 7 experienced musicians. Their multifaceted soundscape uniquely blends elements of post-rock, Canterbury rock, jazz, and minimal music. The band's name was created combining the words "mole" from Matching Mole and "slope" from the beautiful slopes of Canterbury, England. Their first full-length release was titled "SLOPE" which was taken from the band name. The album features a soundscape that journeys down a slope of swiftly transitioning chronological sequences that were formed absorbing scattered essences of various ages in music and is a collection of tracks that is sure to appeal to fans of Canterbury rock, crossover jazz, Krautrock, as well as post-rock bands including Stereolab and mouse on the keys. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/6acc18d5ed3ec91536be41e20012255d/losslessdl_080820Moleslope_-_Slope.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/7A09D3535C1CA54/losslessdl_080820Moleslope_-_Slope.rar
  14. Artist: Various Artists Title: Black Mighty Wax Presents: Rhythms Around The World Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Irma Dancefloor Genre: Breaks, House, Latin, Brazilian, Afro Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 1:47:03 Total Size: 727 MB Tracklist: 01. Public Invasion Project - Azul (Cuba Dub Mix) 02. IKE - Balchik Garten 03. Cheeps - Belen (Greg & Lopez Trumpet mix SlowerExtension) 04. Mysterious Traveller - Berimballo 05. United Peace Voices - Chang Tzel (Zeb Bring Me Peace Rmx) 06. Kaleidoscopio - Feliz De Novo (Reggaeton Mix Beach Edit) 07. Lago - Green Tea Biscuit Grooves (Sauvage World Cosmic Version) 08. Belladonna - Kalakutu (Kala Mix) 09. Public Invasion Project - Nakat'in 10. Blade & Masquenada Family - Puta (Select Edit Mix) 11. Coppola - Que manera (Main mix) 12. Blade & The Masquenada Family - Rumba d'amour 13. Banda Favela - Samba De Ile (Waiwan Broken Remix) 14. In Da Gladiaz - Shakti 15. C Bross - Si Señor (Tito Valdez Version Bailamo Edit) 16. LTJ Xperience - Sitar Madness 17. Boka Do Mundo - Venha 18. Velho 4 - Sambacatu 19. Blade & Masquenada Family - Vismaya 20. Black Mighty Wax - Wizard Madoo (Desertica Edit) Fasten your seatbelts because ideally we go around the world at the most varied and engaging rhythms. There are twenty songs selected from Irma's catalogue, ranging from the Latin sound of Kaleidoscope, Banda Favela or Public Invasion Project to the Asian influences of LTJ X-Perience, In Da Gladiaz or United Peace Voices as well as the Brazilian grooves and other atmospheric, rhythmic and dense sounds of electronics by Mysterious Traveller, Blade & Masquenada Family or Belladona and many others. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/a1c1023d73dd57ce346de4e3844bf47d/losslessdl_080820VA_-_Rhythms_Around_The_World.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/E65B202CB698172/losslessdl_080820VA_-_Rhythms_Around_The_World.rar
  15. Artist: Shabaka Hutchings (Sons Of Kemet, The Comet Is Coming, Sarathy Korwar, Shabaka And The Ancestors, Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings, Andrew McCormack, Yazz Ahmed) Title: Collection Year Of Release: 2013-2017 Label: Naim Jazz, Leaf, Ninja Tune, Brownswood Recordings Genre: Avant-garde Jazz, Afrobeat, Rock, World Quality: 16/24 bit 96000 Hz (44.9%); 44100 Hz (36.8%); 48000 Hz (18.4%) Total Time: 6:51:42 Total Size: 7.1 GB Bio Shabaka Hutchings, a saxophonist, band leader and composer, part of London's community of younger jazz musicians as well as the city's thriving improvised music scene. For Hutchings, composition is a chronicle of the zeitgeist inhabited by a composer; an exposition of his or her search for meaning and the structuring of experiences in aid of recognising this meaning when it appears. As part of the Caribbean diaspora, he sees his role as that of pushing the boundaries of what musical elements are considered to be Caribbean. Constantly evaluating the nature of his relationship with musical material and tradition, he describes his attempts at composition as wrestling matches with questions of where and how the Caribbean can be encoded, and what happens when it is exposed to the western classical music cannon. Hutchings was born in 1984 in London. He moved to Barbados at the age of six, began studying classical clarinet aged nine and remained until sixteen. Shabaka's primary project is the group Sons of Kemet, which won the 2013 MOBO Award for Jazz Act of the Year. In June 2014 Shabaka was invited to join the Sun Ra Arkestra, performing with them and recording a session for BBC Radio 3. He has performed and recorded with Courtney Pine's Jazz Warriors, Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics, Polar Bear and Soweto Kinch. Some of the many notable musicians he has shared the stage with include Jack DeJohnette, Charlie Haden and the Liberation Music Orchestra, Louis Moholo, Evan Parker, King Sunny Ade and Orlando Julius to name a few. In 2010 Shabaka was granted the title of BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist which allowed him to undertake numerous commissions, as well as broadcast performances on radio. These included performances with Julian Joseph, the BBC Big Band, and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (with whom he performed the Copland Clarinet Concerto in the Wales Millennium Centre). In 2012 he was commissioned to write a piece for the BBC Concert Orchestra which included members his own group (Sons of Kemet) and electronic musicians Leafcutter John and Jason Singh. This concert was received to critical praise at the South Bank's Queen Elizabeth Hall. In July 2013 Shabaka was commissioned by Leasowes Bank Music Festival to write a piece for clarinet and string quartet. He performed this piece with the Ligeti String Quartet to rave reviews (the Birmingham Post giving the concert 5 stars). Shabaka was nominated for Jazz Musician of the Year 2013 in the Parliamentary Jazz Awards. Shabaka was a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Composer Award 2014 and the winner of the Jazz FM Instrumentalist of the Year 2015. Earlier in 2015, Shabaka also received a commission from the London Sinfonietta to write a 'note to the new government' and was Associate Artist for the Spittalfields Summer Festival. The second Sons of Kemet album, 'Lest we forget what we came here to do' was released in September 2015 on NAIM and the trio project, The Comet is Coming, featuring Shabaka, Dan Leavers, and Max Hallett, released it's first EP on Leaf Label in october 2015. Albums 2013 Sons Of Kemet - Burn FLAC 16-44,1 2013 Sons Of Kemet - Burn FLAC 24-96 2015 The Comet Is Coming - Prophecy FLAC 16-44,1 2015 The Comet Is Coming - Prophecy FLAC 24-96 2016 Sarathy Korwar - Day To Day FLAC 16-44,1 2016 Sarathy Korwar - Day To Day Remixes FLAC 16-44,1 2016 Shabaka and the Ancestors - Wisdom of Elders (feat. Shabaka Hutchings) FLAC 16-44,1 2016 Shabaka and the Ancestors - Wisdom of Elders (feat. Shabaka Hutchings) FLAC 24-48 2017 Hieroglyphic Being - A.R.E. Project FLAC 16-44,1 2017 The Comet Is Coming - Channel the Spirits (Special Edition) FLAC 16-44,1 2017 The Comet Is Coming - Channel the Spirits (Special Edition) FLAC 24-96 2017 Yazz Ahmed - La Saboteuse FLAC 16-44,1 2018 Sons Of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile FLAC 16-44,1 2018 Sons Of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile FLAC 24-96 Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/91245adf0fce7510a2efd256c6eb56ac/losslessdl_2707202013_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Burn_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/270B035A077D585/losslessdl_2707202013_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Burn_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/11feeb860bd790bc3184b11a9a1a9071/losslessdl_2707202013_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Burn_FLAC_24-96.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/2b11f7854ccc7bb679db6e20695cf127/losslessdl_2707202013_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Burn_FLAC_24-96.part2.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/9A0A0A3735827EC/losslessdl_2707202013_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Burn_FLAC_24-96.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/333624D1FDF5643/losslessdl_2707202013_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Burn_FLAC_24-96.part2.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/d8b4c35d90e14b7f537790fd44be3bf6/losslessdl_2707202015_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Prophecy_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/3A09317CC93313F/losslessdl_2707202015_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Prophecy_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/b3421d5ef237402c5bf95bee45c09819/losslessdl_2707202015_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Prophecy_FLAC_24-96.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/F657CDE768203C8/losslessdl_2707202015_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Prophecy_FLAC_24-96.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/7314ab42593b69b0477bd25a1d2875a8/losslessdl_2707202016_Sarathy_Korwar_-_Day_To_Day_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/22F605A143AA5B0/losslessdl_2707202016_Sarathy_Korwar_-_Day_To_Day_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/446436e063200b0e53ccbb7d405c8500/losslessdl_2707202016_Sarathy_Korwar_-_Day_To_Day_Remixes_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/B016C520F290EFA/losslessdl_2707202016_Sarathy_Korwar_-_Day_To_Day_Remixes_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/59478abe75525b154d9b55fbca0f7eea/losslessdl_2707202016_Shabaka_and_the_Ancestors_-_Wisdom_of_Elders_feat._Shabaka_Hutchings_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/322DFB12F2D034C/losslessdl_2707202016_Shabaka_and_the_Ancestors_-_Wisdom_of_Elders_feat._Shabaka_Hutchings_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/486251124323db55dce31d9591eae144/losslessdl_2707202016_Shabaka_and_the_Ancestors_-_Wisdom_of_Elders_feat._Shabaka_Hutchings_FLAC_24-48.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/014876B38BBD816/losslessdl_2707202016_Shabaka_and_the_Ancestors_-_Wisdom_of_Elders_feat._Shabaka_Hutchings_FLAC_24-48.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/3d31e9bb1d437dd10135773643dadce0/losslessdl_2707202017_Hieroglyphic_Being_-_A.R.E._Project_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/1502371B5EB5B06/losslessdl_2707202017_Hieroglyphic_Being_-_A.R.E._Project_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/cf7c93311787dcf6ab1cd439742dba0f/losslessdl_2707202017_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Channel_the_Spirits_Special_Edition_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/106372309F81941/losslessdl_2707202017_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Channel_the_Spirits_Special_Edition_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/311607d602a807670e7ed76365187229/losslessdl_2707202017_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Channel_the_Spirits_Special_Edition_FLAC_24-96.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/ae1c6d3fb305a36ad82302666b777476/losslessdl_2707202017_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Channel_the_Spirits_Special_Edition_FLAC_24-96.part2.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/2CF813453C7F031/losslessdl_2707202017_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Channel_the_Spirits_Special_Edition_FLAC_24-96.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/3BE92B90241144C/losslessdl_2707202017_The_Comet_Is_Coming_-_Channel_the_Spirits_Special_Edition_FLAC_24-96.part2.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/776f80f0d494be7a8306a35b488c94f6/losslessdl_2707202017_Yazz_Ahmed_-_La_Saboteuse_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/A0D81FA2B9D6007/losslessdl_2707202017_Yazz_Ahmed_-_La_Saboteuse_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/7135ceb62063b277a4cfc1431b46a88d/losslessdl_2707202018_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Your_Queen_Is_A_Reptile_FLAC_16-44_1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/E0E21AE901D043D/losslessdl_2707202018_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Your_Queen_Is_A_Reptile_FLAC_16-44_1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/a4c99079bbc98e4bb3d29d3f5ffdbc6a/losslessdl_2707202018_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Your_Queen_Is_A_Reptile_FLAC_24-96.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/9a8d3cf02ac81d19666be358661f5900/losslessdl_2707202018_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Your_Queen_Is_A_Reptile_FLAC_24-96.part2.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/6B6DCED8FAC9F4A/losslessdl_2707202018_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Your_Queen_Is_A_Reptile_FLAC_24-96.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/1EDBD72B5AC8D44/losslessdl_2707202018_Sons_Of_Kemet_-_Your_Queen_Is_A_Reptile_FLAC_24-96.part2.rar
  16. Artist: Rita Coolidge Title: Rita Coolidge / Nice Feelin' Year Of Release: 1971/2009 Label: BGO Records Genre: Pop Rock, Folk Rock, Soft Rock Quality: Mp3 320 / Flac (tracks, .cue, log) Total Time: 01:19:15 Total Size: 240/554 Mb (scans) Tracklist: Rita Coolidge (1971): 01. That Man Is My Weakness 02. Second Story Window 03. Crazy Love 04. The Happy Song 05. Seven Bridges Road 06. Born Under A Bad Sign 07. Ain't That Peculiar 08. (I Always Called Them) Mountains 09. Mud Island 10. I Believe In You Nice Feelin' (1971): 11. Family Full Of Soul 12. You Touched Me In The Morning 13. If You Were Mine 14. Nice Feelin' 15. Only You Know And I Know 16. I'll Be Here 17. Better Days 18. Lay My Burden Down 19. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) 20. Journey Through The Past Rita Coolidge (born May 1, 1945) is an American recording artist. During the 1970s and 1980s, her songs were on Billboard magazine's pop, country, adult contemporary, and jazz charts, and she won two Grammy Awards with fellow musician and then-husband Kris Kristofferson. Her recordings include "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher," "We're All Alone", and the theme song for the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy: "All Time High". Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/36f34f3e9996b939344fbfdab9a08fd6/losslessdl_270720RiCol_NiFe_b_RiCol.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/9A11C5370A211B4/losslessdl_270720RiCol_NiFe_b_RiCol.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/6ca2b4abfc423d02b2df1635d2fb65f4/losslessdl_270720RiCol_RiCol_NiFe.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/334F0DD29AB9483/losslessdl_270720RiCol_RiCol_NiFe.rar
  17. Artist: Mariana Ramos Title: Quinta Year Of Release: 2015 Label: Casa Verde Productions Genre: afro-latin; soul; world Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue+.log) Total Time: 49:47 Total Size: 317 Mb Mariana Ramos résume ainsi l'enregistrement acoustique au Cap-Vert de ces treize chansons miraculeuses, gorgées de sensualité, d'une gaité instinctive et d'un vague à l'âme se délectant du souvenir du bonheur passé, une rêverie ravissante et si simple appelée sodade. Ces treize perles ont nécessité plus de deux ans de préparation pour enluminer Quinta, cinquième au féminin, un chiffre magique, comme ceux du 5 juillet 1975 où le Cap-Vert, chapelet d'une dizaine d'îles ocres, un peu émeraude, dans l'azur de l'Atlantique africain, arrache son indépendance à l'empire portugais. Un 5 juillet, quelques années auparavant, Mariana naît à un demi-millier de kilomètres du pays originel, Dakar où elle vivra les premières années, confiée par ses parents émigrant en France à sa grandmère maternelle. Elle passe ainsi son enfance à Mindelo, la métropole de São Vicente, l'île désormais reconnue mondialement par une célèbre native du cru, Cesaria Evora (1941-2011), la diva espiègle à qui la musique capverdienne doit tant. 01. Mariana Ramos - Rumo Noch Liberdad (3:57) 02. Mariana Ramos - Nada É Perfeito (3:31) 03. Mariana Ramos - Maria di Lida (3:24) 04. Mariana Ramos - Estrela da Marinha (3:17) 05. Mariana Ramos - Sima Kretcheu (4:37) 06. Mariana Ramos - Fidje d'Terra na Glória (4:17) 07. Mariana Ramos - Bandera (4:07) 08. Mariana Ramos - Isis Criola (4:32) 09. Mariana Ramos - Kamin di Mar (3:41) 10. Mariana Ramos - Nha Vida (4:02) 11. Mariana Ramos - Fidjo Femea (feat. Manu Dibango) (3:58) 12. Mariana Ramos - Merecimente de Mãe (3:56) 13. Mariana Ramos - Ninancia (2:29) Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/0a636eaed5821bd6245da6f80f4c2116/losslessdl_2707202015_Quinta_CD-Rip.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/02BA424161BCACF/losslessdl_2707202015_Quinta_CD-Rip.rar
  18. Artist: Léo Ferré Title: The Best Of Léo Ferré Year Of Release: 2012 Label: Wagram Music Genre: Chanson française Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 04:19:10 Total Size: 893 mb Tracklist: CD1 1. Léo Ferré - Jolie Môme 2. Léo Ferré - Paname 3. Léo Ferré - À Saint Germain Des Près 4. Léo Ferré - Comme À Ostende 5. Léo Ferré - Notre Amour 6. Léo Ferré - La Maffia 7. Léo Ferré - La Grande Vie 8. Léo Ferré - Le Flamenco De Paris 9. Léo Ferré - En Amour 10. Léo Ferré - Mon Camarade 11. Léo Ferré - La Vie D'Artiste 12. Léo Ferré - Merci Mon Dieu 13. Léo Ferré - La Chanson Triste 14. Léo Ferré - L'Etang Chimérique 15. Léo Ferré - ...Et Des Clous 16. Léo Ferré - Monsieur Mon Passe 17. Léo Ferré - Les Poètes 18. Léo Ferré - Dieu Est Nègre 19. Léo Ferré - Graine D'Ananar 20. Léo Ferré - La Fortune 21. Léo Ferré - Quand C'est Fini, Ça Recommence 22. Léo Ferré - La Vie 23. Léo Ferré - Monsieur William 24. Léo Ferré - Merde À Vauban 25. Léo Ferré - L'île Saint Louis 26. Léo Ferré - Le Bateau Espagnol 27. Léo Ferré - Si Tu T'en Vas 28. Léo Ferré - Le Temps Du Plastique 29. Léo Ferré - L'éte S'en Fout 30. Léo Ferré - Le Fleuve Des Amants 31. Léo Ferré - Judas 32. Léo Ferré - Les Cloches De Notre Dame 33. Léo Ferré - T'en As 34. Léo Ferré - L'esprit De Famille 35. Léo Ferré - L'homme 36. Léo Ferré - Ma Vieille Branche 37. Léo Ferré - Le Parvenu 38. Léo Ferré - Vitrines 39. Léo Ferré - Vise La Réclame 40. Léo Ferré - La Vie Moderne CD2 1. Léo Ferré - Paris Canaille 2. Léo Ferré - Le Pont Mirabeau 3. Léo Ferré - Les Copains De La Neuille 4. Léo Ferré - Le Temps Du Tango 5. Léo Ferré - Martha La Mule 6. Léo Ferré - Notre-Dame De La Mouise 7. Léo Ferré - À La Seine 8. Léo Ferré - Java Partout 9. Léo Ferré - Pauvre Rutebeuf 10. Léo Ferré - La Chambre 11. Léo Ferré - La Chanson Du Scaphandrier 12. Léo Ferré - Tahiti 13. Léo Ferré - La Rue 14. Léo Ferré - Barbarie 15. Léo Ferré - Les Forains 16. Léo Ferré - Les Grandes Vacances 17. Léo Ferré - L'inconnue De Londres 18. Léo Ferré - L'Amour 19. Léo Ferré - Le Piano Du Pauvre 20. Léo Ferré - Le Jazz Band 21. Léo Ferré - Les Harmonies Du Soir 22. Léo Ferré - La Vie Antérieure 23. Léo Ferré - Les Métamorphoses Du Vampire 24. Léo Ferré - Le Serpent Qui Danse 25. Léo Ferré - La Mort Des Amants 26. Léo Ferré - Les Hiboux 27. Léo Ferré - Le Lethe 28. Léo Ferré - L'Invitation Au Voyage 29. Léo Ferré - Brumes Et Pluies 30. Léo Ferré - Le Revenant 31. Léo Ferré - L'Affiche Rouge 32. Léo Ferré - L'Étrangère 33. Léo Ferré - Est-ce Ainsi Que Les Hommes Vivent_ 34. Léo Ferré - Tu N'en Reviendras Pas 35. Léo Ferré - Il N'aurait Fallu 36. Léo Ferré - Les Fourreurs 37. Léo Ferré - Blues 38. Léo Ferré - Les Yeux d'Elsa 39. Léo Ferré - Je Chante Pour Passer Le Temps 40. Léo Ferré - Je T'aime Tant Although little known in English speaking countries, Léo Ferré (1916-1993) is a monument of French chanson, revered throughout the francophone world. A singer, songwriter, author, composer, and even orchestra conductor, he is mostly remembered for songs like "Avec le Temps," "Les Anarchistes," and "Jolie Môme." His career began in the cabaret and took him through four decades and a number of styles, but his best material and his popularity peak happened in the '60s and early '70s, as the generation of May '68 adopted him as an anarchist figure. Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/fa7154fa229565ec592a455c02e11f59/losslessdl_270720Best_Leo_Ferre_2012_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/F890FF92AF07120/losslessdl_270720Best_Leo_Ferre_2012_FLAC.rar
  19. Artist: Johnny Cash Title: Come Along and Ride This Train Year Of Release: 1991 Label: Bear Family Records [BCD 15563 DH] Genre: Country Pop/Rock, Rockabilly Quality: 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks +.cue,log,booklet) Total Time: 4:50:54 Total Size: 666 mb / 1.52 gb :: TRACKLIST :: Disc: 1 1. Come Along And Ride This Train 2. Loading Coal 3. Slow Rider 4. The Shifting Whispering Sands 5. Lumberjack 6. Dorraine Of Ponchartrain 7. Going To Memphis 8. When Papa Played the Dobro 9. Boss Jack 10. Old Doc Brown 11. The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer 12. Tell Him I'm Gone 13. Another Man Done Gone 14. Casey Jones 15. Nine Pound Hammer 16. Chain Gang 17. Busted 18. Waiting For A Train 19. Roughneck 20. Pick A Bale Of Cotton 21. Cotton Pickin' Hands Disc: 2 1. Hiawatha's Vision 2. The road To Kaintuck 3. Hammer And Nails 4. The Shifting Whispering Sands, Part 1 5. The Ballad Of Boot Hill 6. I Ride An Old Paint 7. Hardin Wouldn't Run 8. Mr. Garfield 9. The Streets Of Laredo 10. Johnny Reb 11. A Letter From Home 12. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie 13. Mean As Hell 14. Sam Hall 15. 25 Minutes To Go 16. The Blizzard 17. Sweet Betsy From Pike 18. Green Grow The Lilacs 19. Rodeo Hand 20. Stampede 21. The Shifting Whispering Sands, Part 2 22. Remember The Alamo 23. Reflections Disc: 3 1. Intro - Big Foot 2. As Long As The Grass Shall Grow 3. Apache Tears 4. Custer 5. The Talking Leaves 6. The Ballad of Ira hayes 7. Drums 8. White Girl 9. Old Apache Squaw 10. The Vanishing Race 11. Opening Dialogue 12. Paul Revere 13. Begin West Movement 14. The Road to Kaintuck 15. To The Shiining Mountains 16. The Battle Of New Orleans 17. Southwestward 18. Remember The Alamo 19. Opening The West 20. Lorena 21. The Gettysburg Address 22. The West 23. Big Foot 24. Like A Young Colt 25. Mr. Garfield 26. A Proud Land 27. The Big Battle 28. On Wheels Adn Wings 29. Come Take A Trip On My Airship 30. Reaching For The Stars 31. These Are My People Disc: 4 1. From Sea To Shining Sea 2. The Whirl And The Suck 3. Call Daddy From The Mines 4. The Frozen Four Hundred Pound Fair To Middlin' Cotton Picker 5. The Walls Of A Prison 6. The Masterpiece 7. You And Tennessee 8. She Came From The Mountains 9. Another Song To Sing 10. The Fiint Arrowhead 11. Cisco Clifton's Fillin' Station 12. Shrimpin' Sailn' 13. From Sea to Shining Sea 14. Hit The Road And Go 15. Dialogue #1 16. If It Wasn't For The Wabash River 17. Dialogue #2 18. Lady 19. Dialogue #3 20. After The Ball 21. Dialogue #4 22. No Earthly good 23. Dialogue #5 24. A Wednesday Car 25. Dialogue #6 26. My Cowboys Last Ride 27. Dialogue #7 28. Calilou 29. Dialogue #8 30. Come Along And Ride This Train Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/c57c5b243aea578d39c5f05c73e0661b/losslessdl_270720Come_Along_and_Ride_This_Train_FLAC.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/afa547e9ed2fffceab46565250d5032d/losslessdl_270720Come_Along_and_Ride_This_Train_FLAC.part2.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/14CDF851BECC3DD/losslessdl_270720Come_Along_and_Ride_This_Train_FLAC.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/E1CB4DC0B9F9E77/losslessdl_270720Come_Along_and_Ride_This_Train_FLAC.part2.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/234a1f2aa227350a994ddfd542320aa8/losslessdl_270720Come_Along_and_Ride_This_Train_320.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/6C135CD29A669F5/losslessdl_270720Come_Along_and_Ride_This_Train_320.rar
  20. Artist: Demis Roussos Title: Le Grec Year Of Release: 1988/2019 Label: Wagram Music Genre: Pop Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 00:39:37 Total Size: 92 mb | 255 mb Tracklist: 01. Le Grec 02. Spleen 03. Les oiseaux de ma jeunesse 04. The Beauty of Your Eyes 05. Après la fin du monde 06. Prier 07. Tout ce que je cherche est en toi 08. Comme le vent d'hier 09. Futureless Forever 10. Quand je t'aime Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/6f158103241566b2984b0064249a9859/losslessdl_270720Roussos_Le_Grec_2019_320_kbps.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/FC0C99567E28C96/losslessdl_270720Roussos_Le_Grec_2019_320_kbps.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/2788e30f71687da7e976b3b806c48d0a/losslessdl_270720Roussos_Le_Grec_2019_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/871910740FAFD02/losslessdl_270720Roussos_Le_Grec_2019_FLAC.rar
  21. Artist: Yumi Matsutoya Title: Seasons Colours -Spring & Summer Best Edition- Year Of Release: 2007 / 2019 Label: Universal Music Genre: Pop, Singer/Songwriter Quality: FLAC (tracks) / FLAC (tracks) 24bit-96kHz Total Time: 2:21:00 Total Size: 878 Mb / 2.91 Gb Tracklist: DISC 1 1. ダンデライオン ~ 遅咲きのたんぽぽ (4:23) 2. 卒業写真 (4:12) 3. 最後の春休み (4:43) 4. ハルジョオン・ヒメジョオン (3:57) 5. 花紀行 (2:49) 6. 大連慕情 (4:32) 7. acacia [アカシア] (4:14) 8. 緑の町に舞い降りて (4:41) 9. 丘の上の光 (6:04) 10. まぶしい草野球 (3:38) 11. サンド キャッスル (4:55) 12. 潮風にちぎれて (4:12) 13. ランチタイムが終わる頃 (3:59) 14. ベルベット・イースター (3:46) 15. 経る時 (4:16) 16. 春よ、来い (4:46) DISC 2 1. 海に来て (4:50) 2. やさしさに包まれたなら (3:12) 3. 雨のステイション (5:15) 4. 悲しいほどお天気 (4:53) 5. 遠雷 (5:24) 6. 夕涼み (4:27) 7. 月夜のロケット花火 (4:48) 8. カンナ8号線 (4:50) 9. 哀しみのルート16 (3:08) 10. 真夏の夜の夢 (5:04) 11. 恋の一時間は孤独の千年 (4:02) 12. DANG DANG (5:30) 13. LATE SUMMER LAKE (4:23) 14. Hello, my friend (4:34) 15. 残暑 (4:16) 16. 晩夏 (ひとりの季節) (3:17) Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/ab61bceb01a3fefa8032b83704b238e0/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Spring_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/CF6973F88E7CA92/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Spring_FLAC.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/dc9d18e2bd04c01ad37eecd8d7ff66fc/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Spring_Hi-Res.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/d37a56ffb963073cd14d7668aa79981c/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Spring_Hi-Res.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/8706390b7d66ca71a02cdd3eb819e630/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Spring_Hi-Res.part3.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/143CE02938AAF32/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Spring_Hi-Res.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/FA398FCF620E055/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Spring_Hi-Res.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/C6A69145EF7A545/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Spring_Hi-Res.part3.rar
  22. Artist: Yumi Matsutoya Title: Seasons Colours -Autumn & Winter Best Edition- Year Of Release: 2007 / 2019 Label: Universal Music Genre: Pop, Singer/Songwriter Quality: FLAC (tracks) / FLAC (tracks) 24bit-96kHz Total Time: 2:26:30 Total Size: 894 Mb / 3.00 Gb Tracklist: DISC 1 1. さざ波 (4:36) 2. 9月には帰らない (4:55) 3. 9月の蟬しぐれ (3:25) 4. Good-bye Goes by (4:40) 5. 雨の街を (4:20) 6. 旅立つ秋 (3:08) 7. 青いエアメイル (4:22) 8. ジャコビニ彗星の日 (4:02) 9. 星のルージュリアン (3:43) 10. りんごのにおいと風の国 (6:20) 11. リフレインが叫んでる (4:24) 12. NIGHT WALKER (5:04) 13. 灯りをさがして (5:32) 14. Forgiveness (4:41) 15. Autumn Park (5:00) 16. 私のロンサム・タウン (4:09) DISC 2 1. ノーサイド (4:45) 2. 残されたもの (3:36) 3. 木枯らしのダイアリー (5:06) 4. 12月の雨 (3:10) 5. 真冬のサーファー (3:42) 6. SUGAR TOWNはさよならの町 (5:35) 7. 一緒に暮らそう (3:30) 8. Walk on, Walk on by (4:58) 9. 忘れかけたあなたへのメリークリスマス (4:18) 10. 3-Dのクリスマスカード (3:32) 11. ロッヂで待つクリスマス (4:05) 12. A HAPPY NEW YEAR (3:44) 13. BLIZZARD (4:34) 14. 雪だより (4:18) 15. かんらん車 (5:46) 16. 雪月花 (4:51) 17. 冬の終り (4:38) Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/b7f85140eea6c5d4ab65d5ae95c435fe/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/6E84D04E453775E/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_FLAC.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/8602298b817a1c5a49ddcd1359e925f2/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_Hi-Res.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/d0a215b528fed4dcd7d040f580985fab/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_Hi-Res.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/0928220d74bb9699dcd6e0f69df9da53/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_Hi-Res.part3.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/11a629fce733906055fe2c5106dfb5a9/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_Hi-Res.part4.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/3557BD4A661D1F5/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_Hi-Res.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/29185CD9011ACFF/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_Hi-Res.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/FE14557E2037157/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_Hi-Res.part3.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/0C4DEB45BFF85D6/losslessdl_270720Yumi_Matsutoya_-_Colours_-Autumn_Hi-Res.part4.rar
  23. Artist: Walter Wegmüller Title: Tarot (Remastered) Year Of Release: 1973; 2020 Label: Kosmische Kuriere Genre: Krautrock, Prog Rock, Space Rock Quality: 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC; 24-bit/48kHz FLAC Total Time: 1:28:08 Total Size: 575 MB; 1.06 GB This massive double album is cosmic Krautrock at its finest hour, as visionary Walter Wegmuller leads a tour through the entire major arcane of the Tarot deck while the Cosmic Couriers -- basically Ash Ra Tempel, Wallenstein, and whoever else producer Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser could rope in -- create a remarkable soundtrack encompassing space rock, folk music, funk, psychedelia, and electronic music. Wegmuller's album followed in the footsteps of Timothy Leary's Seven Up, Ash Ra Tempel, and Sergius Golowin's Lord Krishna von Goloka, backed by Wallenstein, the duo Westripp-Witthuser, and keyboardist Klaus Schulze. Tarot, with almost all these musicians on the roster, is the culmination, a bizarre roller coaster ride through sonic soundscapes, while Wegmuller intones in his deep voice, sometimes augmented by more effects, though he often remains silent for long instrumental stretches. From the opening track, a funky number with blazing guitar and rolling piano over which a circus-barker voice announces the band with grand élan, to the side four track's nonstop blast into hallucinogenic after-burn, this one is a monster all the way. Shimmering Ash Ra Tempel guitar freakouts blend with Wallenstein's more rollicking psych rock, Schulze's deep space keyboards, and Westripp's cosmic folk to create strange blitzes of electronic weirdness. This album provide an incredible pallet of styles that all seem to gel in a cohesive mass of pure mystical wonder. ~ Rolf Semprebon 01. Walter Wegmüller - Der Narr (Remastered) (3:56) 02. Walter Wegmüller - Der Magier (Remastered) (4:39) 03. Walter Wegmüller - Die Hohepriesterin (Remastered) (4:18) 04. Walter Wegmüller - Die Herrscherin (Remastered) (4:16) 05. Walter Wegmüller - Der Herrscher (Remastered) (2:58) 06. Walter Wegmüller - Der Hohepriester (Remastered) (3:11) 07. Walter Wegmüller - Die Entscheidung (Remastered) (3:52) 08. Walter Wegmüller - Der Wagen (Remastered) (5:16) 09. Walter Wegmüller - Die Gerechtigkeit (Remastered) (3:02) 10. Walter Wegmüller - Der Weise (Remastered) (4:03) 11. Walter Wegmüller - Das Glücksrad (Remastered) (3:38) 12. Walter Wegmüller - Die Kraft (Remastered) (3:28) 13. Walter Wegmüller - Die Prüfung (Remastered) (4:58) 14. Walter Wegmüller - Der Tod (Remastered) (1:17) 15. Walter Wegmüller - Die Mässigkeit (Remastered) (4:45) 16. Walter Wegmüller - Der Teufel (Remastered) (3:36) 17. Walter Wegmüller - Die Zerstörung (Remastered) (4:02) 18. Walter Wegmüller - Die Sterne (Remastered) (6:15) 19. Walter Wegmüller - Der Mond (Remastered) (2:50) 20. Walter Wegmüller - Die Sonne (Remastered) (3:04) 21. Walter Wegmüller - Das Gericht (Remastered) (2:04) 22. Walter Wegmüller - Die Welt (Remastered) (8:40) Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/a181ac2d89a4d98c2572746f496b2d2d/losslessdl_2707202020_Tarot_Remastered_FLAC_16-41-1.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/6FC746A950AF9CA/losslessdl_2707202020_Tarot_Remastered_FLAC_16-41-1.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/4ce1682bddbd3f89e9918fbb390faf9c/losslessdl_2707202020_Tarot_Remastered_FLAC_24-48.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/64db93529b050f1ad53ba2d754eec1bb/losslessdl_2707202020_Tarot_Remastered_FLAC_24-48.part2.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/FEF724D6F579A62/losslessdl_2707202020_Tarot_Remastered_FLAC_24-48.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/16C26EA64CC8465/losslessdl_2707202020_Tarot_Remastered_FLAC_24-48.part2.rar
  24. Artist: VA Title: Wanted Afrobeat: From Diggers to Music Lovers Year Of Release: 2017 Label: Wagram Music Genre: Funk, Soul, Afrobeat Quality: 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 01:40:31 Total Size: 235 mb | 530 mb Tracklist: 1. Roger Damawuzan - Wait For Me 2. Pat Thomas - Yamona 3. Wallias Band - Muziqawi Silt (Instrumental) 4. Girma Beyene - Ené Nègn Bay Manèsh 5. Mulatu Astatke - Yègellé Tezeta 6. Ebo Taylor - Love And Death 7. Peter King - African Dialects 8. Livy Ekemezie - Delectation 9. Max Cilla - La Flûte Des Mornes 10. Orlando Julius - Disco Hi-Life 11. Pat Thomas - Awurade Mpaebo 12. Jimi Tenor - Cella's Walk 13. Mulatu Astatke - Yèkermo Sèw 14. Mahmoud Ahmed - Mar Teb Yelal Kafesh 15. Hirut Beqele & Police Orchestra - Ewnètègna Feqer 16. Alemayehu Eshete - Tchero Adari Nègn 17. Samuel Belay - Aynotchesh Yerèfu 18. Ogyatanaa Show Band with Pat Thomas - Yaa Amponsah 19. International Orchestra Safari Sound - Homa Imenizidia 20. C.K Mann & His Carousel 7 - Do Me Ma Mondo Wo Bi Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/ebc8ff5016f8a6813f0d76834b7ea7c3/losslessdl_270720Wanted_Afrobeat_Lovers_2017_320_kbps.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/77BD7A7AFE678FA/losslessdl_270720Wanted_Afrobeat_Lovers_2017_320_kbps.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/796203b0a886e0578e12088320ebe12f/losslessdl_270720Wanted_Afrobeat_Lovers_2017_FLAC.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/C8706B98E6ADE0E/losslessdl_270720Wanted_Afrobeat_Lovers_2017_FLAC.rar
  25. Artist: Various Artists Title: Golden Age of Country Year Of Release: 2009 Label: Time Life [610583302622] Genre: Country, Folk Quality: 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks+cue,log,scans) Total Time: 6:52:25 Total Size: 958 mb / 2.08 gb :: TRACKLIST :: Golden Age of Country: Waltz Across Texas Disc 1 1. Hey, Good Lookin' - Hank Williams 2. White Lightning - George Jones 3. You Ain't Woman Enough - Loretta Lynn 4. Walk On By Leroy - Van Dyke 5. Waltz across Texas - Ernest Tubb and His Texas Troubadours 6. Next in Line - Conway Twitty 7. King of the Road - Roger Miller 8. Crazy Patsy - Cline 9. Love's Gonna Live Here - Buck Owens 10. Bye Bye Love - The Everly Brothers 11. In the Jailhouse Now - Webb Pierce 12. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels - Kitty Wells 13. Blue Moon of Kentucky - Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys 14. A Week in a Country Jail - Tom T. Hall 15. Mama Sang a Song - Bill Anderson 16. Here Goes My Everything - Jack Greene Disc 2: 1. Lovesick Blues - Hank Williams 2. Walkin' after Midnight - Patsy Cline 3. There Stands the Glass - Webb Pierce 4. Makin' Believe - Kitty Wells 5. Ballad of a Teenage Queen - Johnny Cash 6. The Tennessee Waltz - Patti Page 7. My Special Angel - Bobby Helms 8. Tender Years - George Jones 9. Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind) - Loretta Lynn 10. It's Only Make Believe - Conway Twitty 11. Trouble's Back in Town - Wilburn Brothers 12. Still - Bill Anderson 13. Three Hearts in a Tangle - Roy Drusky 14. What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Loser out of Me) - Jerry Lee Lewis 15. Dang Me - Roger Miller 16. Rocky Top - Osborne Brothers Golden Age of Country: Crazy Arms Disc One: 1. Singing the Blues - Marty Robbins 2. (When You Feel Like You�re in Love) Don't Just Stand There - Carl Smith 3. If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time - Lefty Frizzell 4. I Can't Stop Lovin' You - Don Gibson 5. Crazy Arms - Ray Price 6. Four Walls - Jim Reeves 7. That's All Right - Elvis Presley 8. The Cattle Call - Eddy Arnold and His Guitar 9. I'm Moving On - Hank Snow 10. The Carroll County Accident - Porter Wagoner 11. The Battle of New Orleans - Johnny Horton 12. A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash 13. The Three Bells (Les Trois Cloches) - The Browns 14. Waterloo - Stonewall Jackson 15. My Elusive Dreams - Tammy Wynette and David Houston 16. The End of the World - Skeeter Davis Disc Two: 1. Heartaches by the Number - Ray Price 2. Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins 3. The Last Thing on My Mind - Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton 4. Once a Day - Connie Smith 5. Kaw-Liga - Charley Pride 6. Jackson - Johnny Cash and June Carter 7. I've Got a Tiger by the Tail - Buck Owens 8. Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line - Waylon Jennings 9. May the Bird of Paradise Fly up Your Nose - "Little" Jimmy Dickens 10. The Ballad of Jed Clampett - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs & the Foggy Mountain Boys 11. D-I-V-O-R-C-E - Tammy Wynette 12. Pop a Top - Jim Ed Brown 13. Abilene - George Hamilton IV 14. Slow Poke - Pee Wee King and His Golden West Cowboys 15. This Ole House - Stuart Hamblen 16. Last Date - Floyd Cramer Golden Age of Country: Honky Tonk Man Disc One: 1. Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash 2. Oh Lonesome Me - Don Gibson 3. El Paso - Marty Robbins 4. Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley 5. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down - Charlie Walker 6. Detroit City - Bobby Bare 7. He'll Have to Go - Jim Reeves 8. Make the World Go Away - Eddy Arnold 9. Don't Let Me Cross Over - Carl Butler and Pearl 10. Wolverton Mountain - Claude King 11. Big Bad John - Jimmy Dean 12. Stand by Your Man - Tammy Wynette 13. Charlie's Shoes - Billy Walker 14. Flowers on the Wall - The Statler Brothers 15. Skip a Rope - Henson Cargill 16. Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger - Charley Pride Disc Two: 1. Wake Up Little Susie - The Everly Brothers 2. Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis 3. (Oh Baby Mine) I Get So Lonely - Johnnie & Jack 4. City Lights - Ray Price 5. Honky-Tonk Man - Johnny Horton 6. Saginaw, Michigan - Lefty Frizzell 7. Please Help Me, I'm Falling - Hank Locklin 8. Daddy Sang Bass - Johnny Cash 9. Walk through This World with Me - George Jones 10. Almost Persuaded - David Houston 11. I've Been Everywhere - Hank Snow 12. Green, Green Grass of Home - Porter Wagoner 13. My Heart Skips a Beat - Buck Owens 14. Don't Touch Me - Jeannie Seely 15. Hey Joe! - Carl Smith 16. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know - The Davis Sisters Golden Age of Country: The Wild Side Of Life Disc One: 1. I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash 2. Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford 3. The Wild Side of Life - Hank Thompson 4. You Win Again - Jerry Lee Lewis 5. Young Love - Sonny James 6. Okie from Muskogee - Merle Haggard and the Strangers 7. The Race Is On - George Jones 8. Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell 9. It's Such a Pretty World Today - Wynn Stewart 10. Wings of a Dove - Ferlin Husky 11. Hello Walls - Faron Young 12. We Must Have Been out of Our Minds - George Jones and Melba Montgomery 13. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby - The Louvin Brothers 14. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes 15. Slipping Around - Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely 16. Indian Love Call - Slim Whitman Golden Age of Country: Hillbilly Heaven DISC ONE: 1. Mama Tried - Merle Haggard and the Strangers 2. She Thinks I Still Care - George Jones 3. I Dreamed of a Hill-Billy Heaven - Tex Ritter 4. Funny How Time Slips Away - Willie Nelson 5. Galveston - Glen Campbell 6. My Baby's Gone - The Louvin Brothers 7. A Dear John Letter Ferlin - Husky and Jean Shepard 8. The Shot Gun Boogie - Tennessee Ernie Ford 9. Squaws along the Yukon - Hank Thompson and His Brazos Valley Boys 10. Alone with You - Faron Young 11. You Better Not Do That - Tommy Collins 12. Gone - Ferlin Husky 13. Girl on the Billboard - Del Reeves 14. Old Rivers - Walter Brennan with the Johnny Mann Singers 15. Right or Wrong - Wanda Jackson 16. You're the Only World I Know - Sonny James Golden Age of Country: Hard To Find Hits Disc One: 1. Why Baby Why - Red Sovine and Webb Pierce 2. Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy - Red Foley 3. A Little Bitty Tear - Burl Ives 4. Thanks a Lot - Ernest Tubb 5. I Ain't Never - Webb Pierce 6. Lonesome 7-7203 - Hawkshaw Hawkins 7. Six Days on the Road - Dave Dudley 8. I'm a Honky Tonk Girl - Loretta Lynn 9. From a Jack to a King - Ned Miller 10. Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got?) - Leon Ashley 11. Hello Vietnam - Johnny Wright 12. You're the Reason - Bobby Edwards 13. Statue of a Fool - Jack Greene 14. The Bridge Washed Out - Warner Mack 15. For Loving You - Bill Anderson and Jan Howard Disc Two: 1. Alabam - Cowboy Copas 2. Fraulein - Bobby Helms 3. Gonna Find Me a Bluebird - Marvin Rainwater 4. Wishful Thinking - Wynn Stewart 5. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' - Johnny Tillotson 6. Talk Back Trembling Lips - Ernest Ashworth 7. Let's Think about Living - Bob Luman 8. Yes, Mr. Peters - Roy Drusky and Priscilla Mitchell 9. A Fallen Star - Jimmy Newman 10. I Found My Girl in the U.S.A. - Jimmie Skinner 11. No Help Wanted - The Carlisles 12. Put It Off until Tomorrow - Bill Phillips 13. That's My Pa - Sheb Wooley 14. There's a Big Wheel - Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper 15. Giddyup Go - Red Sovine Download links: https://rapidgator.net/file/655ff6c4cee6c05ada6feeae21ef3e5b/losslessdl_270720Golden_Age_of_Country_FLAC.part1.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/131c81f76b9021f3dc48a8651fe1571c/losslessdl_270720Golden_Age_of_Country_FLAC.part2.rar.html https://rapidgator.net/file/7fa69bff69d4383030c71084015f4276/losslessdl_270720Golden_Age_of_Country_FLAC.part3.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/C4380EAA1EF8AA8/losslessdl_270720Golden_Age_of_Country_FLAC.part1.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/ADDC6FA9AE83786/losslessdl_270720Golden_Age_of_Country_FLAC.part2.rar https://nitroflare.com/view/0FB001429F374E8/losslessdl_270720Golden_Age_of_Country_FLAC.part3.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/ea84e5e5590a530fcdf32f4efddab336/losslessdl_270720Golden_Age_of_Country_320.rar.html https://nitroflare.com/view/C75668F63FE328E/losslessdl_270720Golden_Age_of_Country_320.rar
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