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Found 556 results

  1. lacylla

    blues Hazmat Modine (2007-2019)

    Hazmat Modine - 2007 - Bahamut (mp3 192kbps) Artist...............: Hazmat Modine Album................: Bahamut Genre................: Blues Source...............: CD Year.................: 2006 Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Asus CD-S520 Codec................: FhG Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III Quality..............: CBR 192, (avg. bitrate: 192kbps) Channels.............: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz Hazmat Modine - Almost Gone.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Bahamut.m3u Hazmat Modine - Bahamut.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Broke My Baby's Heart.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Dry Spell.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Everybody Loves You.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Everybody Loves You (with Huun-Huur-Tu).mp3 Hazmat Modine - Fred Of Ballaroy.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Grade-A Gray Day.mp3 Hazmat Modine - It Calls Me.mp3 Hazmat Modine - It Calls Me (with Huun-Huur-Tu).mp3 Hazmat Modine - Lost Fox Train.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Man Trouble.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Man Trouble (with Huun-Huur-Tu).mp3 Hazmat Modine - Steady Roll.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Ticket #14-9140.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Ugly Rug.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Who Walks In When I Walk Out_.mp3 Hazmat Modine - Yesterday Morning.mp3 Playing Time.........: 01:28:47 Total Size...........: 121,99 MB [Hidden Content] ................................................................................ ......... Hazmat Modine - 2011 - Cicada (mp3 230kbps) Artist...............: Hazmat Modine Album................: Cicada Genre................: Blues Crossover Source...............: CD Year.................: 2011 Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Asus CD-S520 Codec................: LAME 3.98 Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III Quality..............: Extreme, (avg. bitrate: 230kbps) Channels.............: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz 01 - Mocking Bird.mp3 02 - Child of a Blind Man.mp3 03 - Two Forty Seven.mp3 04 - Cicada.mp3 05 - Buddy.mp3 06 - In Two Years.mp3 07 - I've Been Lonely For So Long.mp3 08 - The Tide.mp3 09 - Ebb Tide.mp3 10 - Walking Stick.mp3 11 - So Glad.mp3 12 - Cotonou Stomp.mp3 13 - Dead Crow (with Kronos Quartet).mp3 Playing Time.........: 00:51:19 Total Size...........: 85,06 MB [Hidden Content] ................................................................................ ............................ Hazmat Modine - 2015 - Extra-Deluxe-Supreme (FLAC) Artist...............: Hazmat Modine Album................: Extra-Deluxe-Supreme Genre................: Blues Source...............: CD Year.................: 2015 Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Asus CD-S520 Codec................: Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) Version..............: reference libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125 Quality..............: Lossless, (avg. compression: 95 %) Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 16 Bit 00. Hazmat Modine - Extra-Deluxe-Supreme.nfo 01 - Another Day.flac 02 - Plans.flac 03 - Your Sister.flac 04 - Up & Rise.flac 05 - Arcadia (Coffee, Salt & Laces).flac 06 - Moving Stones.flac 07 - Whiskey Bird.flac 08 - All Of My Days.flac 09 - End Of Sweet Dreams.flac 10 - Most Of All.flac 11 - (Bonus Track).flac Playing Time.........: 01:02:12 Total Size...........: 285,99 MB [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Hazmat Modine - 2019 - Box of Breath (FLAC) Artist...............: Hazmat Modine Album................: Box of Breath Genre................: Blues, World Fusion Source...............: CD Year.................: 2019 Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Asus CD-S520 Codec................: Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) Version..............: reference libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125 Quality..............: Lossless, (avg. compression: 95 %) Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 16 Bit 01 - Crust of Bread.flac 02 - Box of Breath.flac 03 - Be There.flac 04 - Hoarder.flac 05 - Lonely Man.flac 06 - Get Get Out.flac 07 - Lazy Time.flac 08 - In Our Home.flac 09 - Ain't Goin That Way.flac 10 - Dark River.flac 11 - Delivery Man.flac 12 - Extra-Deluxe-Supreme.flac 13 - Sound Check In China.flac Playing Time.........: 00:54:51 Total Size...........: 300,31 MB [Hidden Content]
  2. Artist: Licia Svein Title: Where Do I Belong? Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Licia Svein Genre: Rock/Blues Quality: MP3 / 320 kbps Total Time: 00:41:22 Total Size: 98 MB Tracklist: 01. All Right 03:13 02. Mental Illusion 03:27 03. Let's Be Light 03:29 04. Don't Put Fire 02:50 05. Every Lie To Hyde 05:56 06. Blinders 02:09 07. Where Do I Belong? 02:58 08. Best Part Of Me 04:29 09. Trap Me 03:10 10. I Can't Love 02:44 11. Frozen Light 03:16 12. As A Friend 03:37 I'm Elisa Vinci, I'm 25, I currently live in Italy and I'm an aspiring actress, songwriter and poet. Since when I was I child I always dreamed about being a singer and I used to write songs and sing them in my bedroom. Now I managed to record my album in a recording studio (I ForseNati) and I need your help to print real copies of it! I just self-published a collection of poems on Amazon ("Fragments of life") and I'm going to publish my first album on all the digital stores, but I'm also studying acting in the HT Studio de Santis School of Actors of Rome to achieve all the necessary skills to be a good actress and person. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. Artist: Wilbert Harrison Title: Anthology: The Deluxe Collection (Remastered) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Master Tape Records Genre: R&B, Soul, Blues Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 97:12 min Total Size: 451 MB Tracklist- CD1: 01. Kansas City (1959) (Remastered) 02. Let's Stick Together (1962) (Remastered) 03. Cheating Baby (1959) (Remastered) 04. Gonna Tell You a Story (1953) (Remastered) 05. Don't Wreck My Life (1959) (Remastered) 06. Letter Edged in Black (Aka the Letter) (1953) (Remastered) 07. Goodbye Kansas City (1960) (Remastered) 08. Nobody Knows My Troubles (1954) (Remastered) 09. 1960 (1960) (Remastered) 10. Gin and Coconut Milk (1954) (Remastered) 11. Calypso Man (1956) (Remastered) 12. C C Rider (1960) (Remastered) 13. Cool Water (1956) (Remastered) 14. Why Did You Leave? (1960) (Remastered) 15. Since I Fell for You (1960) (Remastered) 16. The Ways of a Woman (1954) (Remastered) 17. Don't Drop It (1954) (Remastered) 18. Little Schoolgirl (1960) (Remastered) 19. Da-De-Ya-Da (Anything for You) (1961) (Remastered) 20. Da-Dee-Ya-Da (I'll Do Anything for You) (1955) (Remastered) CD2: 01. The Horse (1961) (Remastered) 02. Women and Whiskey (1955) (Remastered) 03. Florida Special (1955) (Remastered) 04. Happy in Love (1961) (Remastered) 05. Calypso Dance (1961) (Remastered) 06. Darling, Listen to This Song (1955) (Remastered) 07. Drafted (1961) (Remastered) 08. The Way I Feel (1956) (Remastered) 09. Confessin' My Dreams (1956) (Remastered) 10. My Heart Is Yours (1961) (Remastered) 11. My Love Is True (1957) (Remastered) 12. I Know My Baby Loves Me (1957) (Remastered) 13. Kansas City Twist (1962) (Remastered) 14. After Graduation (1962) (Remastered) 15. Baby Don't You Know (1958) (Remastered) 16. My Love for You Lingers on (1958) (Remastered) 17. Off to Work Again (1962) (Remastered) 18. Off to School Again (1962) (Remastered) 19. I'm Broke (1962) (Remastered) 20. Listen, My Darling (1959) (Remastered) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. Artist: "Little" Stevie Wonder Title: Frankie & Johnny Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Before 1962 Recordings Genre: Jazz, Soul, R&B, Blues Quality: FLAC (tracks) / MP3 Total Time: 49:23 Total Size: 329 / 114 MB Tracklist: 01. Frankie & Johnny 02. Some Other Time 03. Manhattan at Six 04. Bam 05. Fingertips 06. Session Number 112 07. The Square 08. Paulsby 09. Hallelujah (I Love Her So) 10. Come Back Baby 11. Ain't That Love 12. My Baby's Gone 13. Sunset 14. Drown in My Own Tears 15. Don't You Know Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. Artist: Fantastic Negrito Title: Have You Lost Your Mind yet? Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Cooking Vinyl Genre: Blues Rock, Soul, Funk Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) / 24bit-48kHz FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 38:22 Total Size: 88.1 / 257 / 483 MB Tracklist: 1. Chocolate Samurai (04:55) 2. I'm so Happy I Cry (feat. Tank and The Bangas & Tarriona 'Tank' Ball) (03:24) 3. How Long? (04:16) 4. Shigamabu Blues (00:55) 5. Searching for Captain Save a Hoe (feat. E-40) (03:45) 6. Your Sex is Overrated (feat. Masa Kohama) (04:56) 7. These Are My Friends (03:44) 8. All up in My Space (04:32) 9. Justice in America (00:29) 10. King Frustration (04:19) 11. Platypus Dipster (03:07) After winning his second 'Contemporary Blues Album' Grammy for the acclaimed Please Don't Be Dead, Fantastic Negrito is back with his new album Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?. This album focuses on mental health, while providing commentary on the political and social state of America. Lead track I'm So Happy I Cry features fellow Tiny Desk winner, Tank, from Tank and The Bangas. Additional focus tracks Chocolate Samurai, Searching for Captain Save a Hoe (featuring E-40) and How Long? see him exploring hip-hop, R&B, and rock in a way like never before, providing a glimpse into the full versatility of Fantastic Negrito as an artist. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. Artist: John Mixon Title: Doing What You Wanna Do Year Of Release: 2017 Label: Numero Group Genre: Jazz, Blues, Folk Quality: 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC / 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC Total Time: 34:27 Total Size: 168; 340 MB How Viscojon's John Spriggs and former Orioles guitarist Ralph "Oopie" Williams got mixed up with one another is a story no one alive can tell. Sometime after the release of his "Without You There's No Me" single in 1965, Williams high-tailed it back to his hometown of St. Louis and set up the mid-west arm of Viscojon. The satellite office's lone contribution appears to be an album of duets between Williams and jazz bassist John Mixon. The freewheelin' Mixon bounced all over the country throughout the '50s and '60s, with appearances in Miles Davis, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Webster Young, and Andrew Hill's bands, before settling back home in Missouri. Williams and Mixon teamed up for this album of jazz musings in 1973, which appeared on Viscojon's trademark blue vinyl. Tracklist: 01. John Mixon - Somewhere My Love (5:20) 02. John Mixon - Life (3:10) 03. John Mixon - Las Vegas (8:09) 04. John Mixon - Nothing I Ever Wish Comes True (10:08) 05. John Mixon - I'm a Fellow That's Falling in Love (3:40) 06. John Mixon - I'm Falling for You (4:00) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  7. Artist: Daddy Long Legs Title: Lowdown Ways: Deluxe Edition Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Yep Roc Records Genre: Blues, Country Blues, Garage Rock Quality: 320 / FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 46:45 Total Size: 109 / 263 Mb Tracklist: 01. Theme From DADDY LONG LEGS (1:58) 02. Pink Lemonade (2:40) 03. Ding Dong Dang (3:00) 04. Mornin' Noon & Nite (3:07) 05. Glad Rag Ball (2:23) 06. Bad Neighborhood (4:18) 07. Célaphine (3:11) 08. Winners Circle (3:20) 09. Back Door Fool (3:33) 10. Snagglepuss (2:51) 11. Be Gone (3:23) 12. Wrong Side of the River (3:45) 13. Off My Rocker (2:47) 14. Blind Chicken (3:25) 15. Money (Talks Like a Man) (2:58) Lowdown Ways marks a quantum creative leap for DADDY LONG LEGS, the scrappy New York trio known for their stripped-down roots sound and in-your- face intensity thats garnered them fans in their hometown and overseas, where theyve toured with such kindred spirits as The Damned, Blackfoot Gypsies, Hurray for the Riff Raff and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Theyve been recognized by Rolling Stone, who aptly compared them to Chicago blues fired at the moon, played by the demented children of the Pretty Things. This expansive, new territory that the band covers on Lowdown Ways is thanks to producer (and JD McPherson bassist) Jimmy Sutton, with whom the band recorded the album at Chicagos Hi-Style Studios, applies his technical know-how to broaden the sound of such instantly memorable tunes as Pink Lemonade (co-written by McPherson), Ding Dong Dang and Bad Neighborhood, which resonate with the down-and-dirty roots that have always been DADDY LONG LEGS inspiration. Meanwhile, the band ventures successfully into unfamiliar territory with the pub-rock-style Winners Circle, the bittersweet acoustic ballad Back Door Fool and the dramatic album-closer Wrong Side of the River. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  8. Artist: Glen David Andrews Title: Live From My Living Room Year Of Release: 2020 Label: GDA MUSIC GROUP Genre: Blues Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 39:54 min Total Size: 245 MB Tracklist- 01. Treme Hideaway (Live) 02. Make the Headboard Shake (Live) 03. Southern Nights (Live) 04. Red Dress / Liza Jane (Live) 05. Moving Up (Live) 06. Where We Gonna Go (Live) 07. You Don't Know (Live) 08. Beautiful (Live) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. Artist: Alias Smith & Jones Title: Hit & Run Year Of Release: 2020 Label: As in the Ear Genre: Blues/Rock, Country/Folk Quality: MP3 / 320 kbps Total Time: 00:42:45 Total Size: 101 MB Tracklist: [3:54] 01. - Hit & Run [6:46] 02. - Long Time Child (Extended Version) [4:00] 03. - Hot Box Boogie [3:46] 04. - Going Down to the River [3:51] 05. - Bad, Bad Whiskey [4:49] 06. - Maybe Your Baby [3:09] 07. - Gone [4:02] 08. - You Ain't the One [3:30] 09. - Look What Love Has Done [4:58] 10. - Long Time Child (Edited Version) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. Artist: Julian Curwin Title: Midnight Lullaby Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Romero Records / Newmarket Music Genre: Blues, Jazz, Latin, Lounge Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 37:51 Total Size: 162 Mb Tracklist: 01. At Dusk (4:25) 02. Big House (2:34) 03. The Sting (2:09) 04. Midnight Drive (4:17) 05. Night Hawk (2:46) 06. Red Sky (1:35) 07. Insomnia (3:45) 08. Vendetta (3:23) 09. Sleeping Dogs Lie (3:16) 10. Blood Moon (1:55) 11. At Dawn (3:21) 12. Lullaby (4:25) Australian guitarist and composer Julian Curwin has harnessed projects by The Tango Saloon, Munkle and Cannibal Spiders over the last 20 years. His latest solo album, Midnight Lullaby, takes its inspiration from a number of musical sources, from jazz to film soundtracks, and distils them into something coherent and highly personal. Romero Records is excited to announce 'Midnight Lullaby', the latest album from guitarist/composer Julian Curwin. In essence a collection of dark lullabies, it is a subtle blend of jazz, classical, film music and latin sounds. The album features an all-star ensemble of pianist Stu Hunter (The Migration, Tina Harrod, Moniker), bassist Lloyd Swanton (The Necks, Ambon, The catholics) and percussionist Jess Ciampa (Spaghetti Western Orchestra, The Tango Saloon, Brandenburg Orchestra). Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  11. Artist: Heavy Cruiser Title: Heavy Cruiser Year Of Release: 1972/2002 Label: Progressive Line Genre: Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock Quality: Mp3 320 / Flac (tracks, .cue, log) Total Time: 32:36 Total Size: 125/263 Mb (scans) Tracklist: 01. C'mon Everybody 02:16 02. My Little Firefly 03:16 03. Don't Stop Now 03:53 04. Wonder Wheel 01:26 05. Outlaw 02:35 06. Let Your Rider Run 03:20 07. Louie Louie 03:26 08. As Long As We Believe 03:16 09. 'Lectric Lady 02:15 10. Miracles Of Pure Device 06:47 Line-up: Neil Merryweather - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar James Newton Howard - organ, piano Coffi Hall - drums, percussion Rick Gaxoila - guitar Robert Neilson Lilly, better known as Neil Merivese, has collaborated with Steve Miller, Dave Mason, Rick James, Wilson Pickett, Cast Ford, etc. Organized projects Ivar Avenue Reunion, Mama Lion, The Just Us, Lynn Carey & Neil Merryweather, The Tripp, Heavy Cruiser. To match him and a native of Los Angeles keyboardist James Newton Howard, the future famous American composer. He worked with Elton John, Melissa Manchester, Ringo Starr, Carly Simon, John Frizzel, and his wife Bry Brandt was the drummer for the girl group Fanny. When Neil started his Mama Lion project, James was his partner. But this was not enough for them and with the same lineup, with the exception of vocalist Lynn Carey, they began to record in parallel under the name Heavy Cruiser. Truth and style of music of the two groups was different, blues rock in the first case and hard rock in the second. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. Artist: Bobby Charles Title: Anthology: His Early Hits (Remastered) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Master Tape Records Genre: R&B, Soul, Blues Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 88:54 min Total Size: 404 MB Tracklist: CD1: 01. Later Alligator (Remastered) 02. On Bended Knee (Remastered) 03. Tell Me Baby (Remastered) 04. Why Did You Leave (Remastered) 05. Lonely Street (Remastered) 06. Don't You Know I Love You (Remastered) 07. Watch It Sprocket (Remastered) 08. Since I Lost You (Remastered) 09. No More (I Ain't Gonna Do It) (Remastered) 10. I'd Like to Know (Remastered) 11. Ain't Got No Home (Remastered) 12. One Eyed Jack (Remastered) 13. The Town Is Talking (Remastered) 14. Yea Yea Baby (Yeah Yeah) (Remastered) 15. Laura Lee (Remastered) 16. Four Winds (Remastered) 17. What a Party (Remastered) 18. Since She's Gone (Remastered) 19. No Use Knocking (Remastered) 20. I Just Want You (Remastered) CD2: 01. At the Jamboree (Remastered) 02. Over Yonder (Remastered) 03. Those Eyes (Remastered) 04. You Can Suit Yourself (Remastered) 05. Lovesick Blues (Remastered) 06. Good Lovin' (Remastered) 07. What Can I Do (Remastered) 08. Take It Easy, Greasy (Remastered) 09. Nothing as Sweet as You (Remastered) 10. I'll Turn Square for You (Remastered) 11. Bye Bye Baby (Remastered) 12. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (Remastered) 13. Time Will Tell (Remastered) 14. Your Picture (Remastered) 15. Mr Moon (Remastered) 16. Hey Good Lookin' (Remastered) 17. Why Can't You (Remastered) 18. Teenagers (Remastered) 19. Oh! Yeah (Remastered) 20. I'm a Fool to Care (Remastered) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  13. Artist: Honey Creek Title: Rattlesnake And The Junkyard Dog Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Kawumm-Records Genre: Blues Rock Quality: FLAC (tracks) | MP3 320 kbps Total Time: 48:00 Total Size: 322 MB | 115 MB Tracklist: 1. Rattlesnake And The Junkyard Dog (5:48) 2. Foolin' Around (3:58) 3. Sailor For Your Love (5:21) 4. Alley Cat (3:51) 5. South Of Nowhere (5:29) 6. All That I Want (5:28) 7. Burn The Castle Down (3:55) 8. Don't Come Around Too Slow (4:07) 9. On The Road (5:17) 10. Honey Creek Groove (4:43) Good news, blues fans: Germany's Honey Creek has produced an above-average hard rock and heavy metal album as their third offering. The bad news? Only one song, the catchy closer "Honey Creek Groove," can remotely be classified as the blues. Number nine, "On the Road," comes devastatingly close but doesn't quite make the cut in this magazine's favorite genre. Don't get me wrong: The guitars are loud and proud, as are the gritty, no-nonsense vocals by leading man James Boyle. The band also keeps itself versatile as it alternates between explosive ballads like the title track and slower numbers such as "Alley Cat" and "All That I Want." They may lean so far to the rock side of blues rock that they nearly topple off the edge, but take heart. Honey Creek's got some blues accolades to back up their blistering "blues metal" musicianship. To wit, their live shows have been celebrated by audiences and press alike, including gigs at SWR Television at the prestigious "Matinée am Schloß [Schloss]" in Saarbrücken, and twice at the "Total Flame Festival", the largest blues festival in Russia. Countless club gigs and festivals round out their resume. Honey Creek's debut album, Devil's Lullaby, hit # 1 in the international download charts in 2016. In January 2017, it climbed back up to second place, just behind the Rolling Stones. After being released, the CD spent over six months in the Top 100, was CD of the Month for July 2016 at the Blues in Germany radio station, and Guitar & Bass Magazine's Act of the Month in February 2017. Honey Creek consists of James Boyle on vocals, guitar, mandolin and harp; Michael Reufsteck on electric and acoustic guitar & sitar; Sebastian Mitzel on bass, and Martin Donner on drums. In the third decade of this digital century, traditional definitions of musical genres are being stretched far beyond their conventional limits. Time and again, with every album we listen to, we ask ourselves: "What is the blues? What should and should not be considered characteristic of blues music? How much can other musical genres and sub-genres be included without the original one being diluted?" In the case of this band, it issues a challenge to fans far and wide. It's up to individual listeners to decide where this German ensemble resides in the hive populated by king and queen bees like Muddy Waters and Etta James. This Creek's honey may be sweet indeed! ~Rainey Wetnight Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  14. kingdevils

    Lynne Jackaman - One Shot (2020)

    Artist: Lynne Jackaman Title: One Shot Year Of Release: 2020 Label: JackamanMusic Genre: Blues, R&B / Soul Quality: 320 / FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 47:58 Total Size: 111 / 311 Mb Tracklist: 01. Supernasty (4:15) 02. Nobody's Fault (But Yours) (3:57) 03. On Your Own Now (4:02) 04. I'll Allow You (3:51) 05. One Shot (5:20) 06. Red House (4:59) 07. Beautiful Loss (4:15) 08. Sooner or Later (3:21) 09. Nothing but My Records On (6:08) 10. Copy Cat (4:46) 11. On My Own Stage (2:59) Through loss and turmoil emerges a rip roaring album, One Shot by British singer and songwriter, Lynne Jackaman. The album was recorded at FAME Studios, Muscle Shoals, AL and produced by Jamie Evans, mixed/mastered by Wayne Proctor. It is a stunning debut. If you don't know the journey of Lynne Jackaman and her album One Shot, let's just say she's had no shortage of challenges and losses in the time it took to release this record, challenges that might have driven some into seclusion. Jackaman pressed on to release a top-tier R&B/Soul, rock n' roll record with songs of heartache and triumph to claim her place in the spotlight. One Shot proves that Jackaman has the mettle not only to persevere but to show her stuff as a helluva singer and songwriter. Of course she has an all-star cast of musicians to back her up with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, including Spooner Oldham on organ (Percy Sledge, Aretha Franklin) Clayton Ivey on keys (Gregg Allman, Boz Scaggs,) Will McFarlane on guitar (Bonnie Raitt, Etta James,) Bob Wray on bass (Ray Charles, BB King, Delbert McClinton) and The Shoals Sisters on backing vocals (everyone from Etta James to Alicia Keys.) The result is not just superb musicianship, but a fresh, contemporary sound with serious emphasis on groove. There's gusto and redemption on One Shot, something Jackaman seemed determined to do-channel anguish into bold, swinging tunes. That's not easy to pull off. As former frontwoman for rock band Saint Jude, headlining London's Scala, playing Royal Albert Hall, and attracting fans like Jimmy Page, and Ronnie Wood who guested on stage, Jackaman left the group following the death of guitarist Adam Green. It was then she decided to create what she describes as a Soul album rather than trying to force herself to sound like her old band. Producer, Evans led her to Muscle Shoals. One Shot might be loosely described as a Soul album, but it's anything but retro. Rhythm and blues, rock and roll and funky rhythms weave their way through most songs, brought to life by superb musicians and an electrifying vocalist. One Shot blasts off with the super-funky "Supernasty," a lively tune with infectious groove. About a failing relationship that still has a grip, Jackaman kicks a**, adding heavy doses of sparkle and grit. What a voice. The superb horn section punches up this track, adding a layer of magic to the melody. Another standout, a thrilling rock and roll number, "I'll Allow You" packs a wallop with guitar, horns, and backing singers. Jackaman is at her best on songs like this-her voice, not unlike a modern Chaka Khan, powers this tune with emotion and a feisty spirit. She's in it. Maybe to win it. She succeeds. Title track "One Shot" opens with a bass player who knows how to lock it down with the drummer and prime you for the groove. Trumpet floats in, a call to arms of sorts. Jackaman takes the stage, her voice reeling with heartbreak, and sings, "We trapped ourselves, we can't get out, We tried to talk, but only shout.You got one shot, better make it good." Vivid imagery in her lyrics snap you into the place she's in, authentic, moving and deep. Says Jackaman, "I wanted to write in a way that still hits hard emotionally, but with an upside too. I didn't want to just moan but say instead, 'Yeah, that's shit but you can still get out of it." A jazzy, rhythmic tune, "Sooner or Later" is a standout. Blessed with expert piano and horns, it's one of those songs that fires on all cylinders-musicianship, vocals, production and rhythm. From the backing singers with their "Oooh la la la," to the dynamic melody, you can almost hear it as a movie score, it's that good. Jackaman stretches out vocally and throws down her impressive vocal range and command of the song. And it's a celebration of love. From out of the ashes, as they say. More hits continue on One Shot, including "Copycat," a tune with killer feel, a memorable guitar riff and bass line that set you up to dig in. Beautiful brass enters the picture, and if Jackaman's voice doesn't make your hair stand on end, something's missing. The lyrics are about someone clinging to the past or falsities of the present, and like a magpie, reaches for anything to make what glitters their gold. Jackaman is at her best-spirited and bold with attitude. It took ten years for Jackaman to bring One Shot to fruition. I'm so glad she did. And you will be too. This album is a contender for one of the top albums of the year. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. Artist: Mangus & Co. Title: Live from Pablo's Cocktails and Dreams Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Mangus & Co. Genre: Blues Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 59:34 min Total Size: 317 MB Tracklist: 01. Full of Love (Live) 02. The Cat Blues (Live) 03. Ain't My Baby (Live) 04. Ruin It All Over Again (Live) 05. To the Bone (Live) 06. Bust My Brakes (Live) 07. Shimmy Your Shoulders (Live) 08. Mud (Live) 09. We'll Be Right Back (Live) 10. Coppertown (Live) 11. Sharpen Them Claws (Live) 12. Waterfront Bay (Live) 13. That's Not Love (It's Only Chest Pain) (Live) 14. She Don't Talk (Live) 15. I Get Nothing from You (Live) 16. In the Morning (Live) 17. Backdoor (Live) Recorded live at the incredibly intimate Pablo's Cocktails and Dreams in Hobart, Tasmania at the album launch of Mangus' 2019 album "Ruin It All Over Again", "Live From Pablo's Cocktails and Dreams" captures Mangus in a solo setting, performing material from his three previous studio albums. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  16. Artist: Jay Walter and the Rectifiers Title: Rectification Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Independent Genre: Blues Quality: mp3 320 kbps / flac lossless Total Time: 00:47:58 Total Size: 114 / 313 mb Tracklist 01. Rectifier Man 02. Hitchin' 94 03. The Legend 04. Mean Hearted Woman 05. You Saw Me See You 06. Lies and Secrets 07. Early Saturday Morning (Worky's Song) 08. Sweet Lovely 09. Con Man 10. Gonna Find My Baby 11. On the Beam Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  17. Artist: JD3 & The Jondo Trio Title: Something Good Year Of Release: 2020 Label: JD3 Genre: Blues, Rock Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 44:34 min Total Size: 102 / 305 MB Tracklist: 01. Restless Soul 02. No Fools 03. Big Daddy 04. Tangentially 05. Texas 06. By and By 07. Holding on Tight 08. Have a Little Faith 09. Try, Try, Try 10. Rocks at the Moon 11. Whatchucan Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  18. Artist: Motel Kings Title: Motel Kings Live at Moulin Blues Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Dynamite Recordings Genre: Blues, Rock Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 67:47 min Total Size: 450 MB Tracklist- 01. Thunderbird (Live) 02. Tina Nina Noo (Live) 03. I Don't Believe (Live) 04. Motel Boogie (Live) 05. Ain't No Way (Live) 06. Full Time Lover (Live) 07. Leaving (Live) 08. Dynamite (Live) 09. Shut Up (Live) 10. It Ain't Easy (Live) 11. Groover (Live) 12. You Were Wrong (Live) 13. Big Leg Women (Live) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  19. Artist: Datura4 Title: West Coast Highway Cosmic Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Alive Naturalsound Genre: Rock, Blues Rock Quality: FLAC (tracks + .cue, log, artwork) Total Time: 44:01 Total Size: 274 MB Tracklist: 01. West Coast Highway Cosmic (5:22) 02. Wolfman Woogie (7:33) 03. Mother Medusa (4:31) 04. A Darker Shade of Brown (2:00) 05. You're the Only One (3:50) 06. Rule My World (3:12) 07. Give (4:20) 08. You Be the Fool (4:17) 09. Get Out (3:01) 10. Evil People, Pt. 1 (5:56) With 2019's Blessed Is the Boogie, Western Australia's Datura4 brought blues-rock keyboardist Bob Patient (Dave Hole, DM3) to replace departing guitarist Greg Hitchcock. Despite its title, that record, while not remotely subdued, was still less raucous than its two predecessors as the band integrated Patient into their sound. West Coast Highway Cosmic is titled for the 242-kilometer stretch of two-lane blacktop that runs along the southwest coast of Western Australia and bridges the recording studios Datura4 has utilized since recording Demon Blues back in 2015. In these ten new songs, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Dom Mariani has thoroughly adapted to the wealth of dynamic, textural, and sonic possibilities Patient adds to his band's sound. That now-missing second guitar isn't remotely missed. The opening title track commences with a near-Gothic church organ and high-droning analog synth before Mariani adds his slide guitar just before the rhythm section -- bassist Stu Loasby and drummer Warren Hall -- enters with a thud. As the track kicks into gear, its riff recalls the Radio Birdman of Living Eyes (though as a singer, Mariani is no Rob Younger). The organ sound comes right out of Deep Purple's "Hush" at a frenetic pace. Single "Mother Medusa" is a 4/4 psych boogie that marries vintage Status Quo to Blue Cheer with better production. Mariani dubs his guitar, adding a twinned lead to the band's crunchy plodding burn. "You're the Only One," is a spooky, trippy blues introduced by slide guitars both acoustic and electric accompanied by a heavily reverbed kick drum. The layered echo on Mariani's voice creates its own drone as guest harmonicist Howie Smallman wails high and lonesome in the foreground (his soulful playing comes right out of the Junior Wells fakebook). "You Be the Fool" borrows Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" riff, inverts it and sets up a slow, stoned, distorted choogle, while "Get Out," with its pumping upright piano, is smash- and-grab guttersnipe rock that would be right at home on the Stooges' Raw Power. The set's biggest surprise is its final cut, "Evil People, Pt. 1." Though under six minutes it feels like a jam track with serpentine organ, throbbing bass, and martial tom-toms overlaid with distorted guitars in a three-chord vamp that creates a hypnotic, head-wagging pulse as Mariani sings with malevolence at the heart of the mix. His six-string duels with Patient's Hammond B-3 for dominance as the music melts together in a punishing swirl that brings West Coast Highway Cosmic to an overloaded boil of blasted psych blues. This aptly titled set is perfect for driving fast on long, lonely stretches of highway with the windows down and the wide-open night for company. ~ Thom Jurek Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  20. kingdevils

    Nico Fami - Live At Lucille (2020)

    Artist: Nico Fami Title: Live At Lucille Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Blue Crawfish Records Genre: Electric Blues, Harmonica Blues Quality: FLAC (tracks) | MP3 320 kbps Total Time: 54:56 Total Size: 327 MB | 129 MB Tracklist: 1. You Don't Have To Go (Live) (5:40) 2. Rock Me Baby (Live) (5:19) 3. El Don (Live) (3:56) 4. Poor Boy (Live) (3:39) 5. Kokomo Blues (Live) (5:03) 6. Forty Days And Forty Nights (Live) (Feat. Roberto Porzio) (5:13) 7. Conseguite Otra Mujer (Live) (4:19) 8. All Your Love (Live) (Feat. Leandro Barbeta) (3:49) 9. Money, Marbles And Chalk (Live) (Feat. Santiago Sorrentino) (7:05) 10. Bad Boy (Live) (Feat. Santiago Sorrentino) (5:24) 11. Monton De Nada (Live) (5:26) He was born in Buenos Aires and started in his teens, playing and recording with different bands from Argentina and Brazil. In one of them with the North American Producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes). He studied at Escuela de Blues, worked at Blues en Movimiento and Ensambles de Blues. Also at Blues Special Produções, touring America and Europe, as a guitarist and bassist for international artists (Bluesmen from the United States), such as Lil Jimmy Reed (Louisiana), Harmonica Hinds (Chicago), Tail Dragger (Chicago), Bill Howl- N-Madd Perry (Mississippi), Shy Perry (Mississippi), Vino Louden (Chicago), Cookie Mc Gee (Texas), Anthony Big A Sherrod (Mississippi) and James Super Chikan Johnson (Mississippi), great-grandson of Blues legend Robert Johnson and nephew of the great Big Jack Johnson. He shared stages with great figures such as Al Di Meola (USA), Hermeto Pascoal (BRA), Pepeu Gomes (BRA), Ethical Blues (BRA), The Headcutters (BRA) (with whom he also plays live), Memphis La Blusera (ARG ) (with which he also played live), among others. Since 2009 he travels to Brazil to play and currently lives in Itajaí, Santa Catarina. Where it performs in the best spaces for live music, festivals in the region and other states. Playing international and authorial Blues classics, giving a unique show, singing, playing guitar and double bass, demonstrating what he learned from his masters. He works in different formats, alone steel guitar and guitar or in bands, depending on the type of show, he is accompanied by the best Blues musicians in the region and other states. With more than 300 shows in his career, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and England, he is releasing album and DVD, "Live at Lucille", together with the renowned Brazilian Blues Seal, Blue Crawfish Records and other important companies in the world. Brazil and Argentina Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  21. Artist: Willy DeVille Title: Live in the Lowlands Year Of Release: 2006 Label: earMUSIC Classics Genre: Blues, Rock, Singer/Songwriter Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) / 24bit-44.1kHz FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 01:30:13 Total Size: 211 / 560 MB / 0.99 GB Tracklist: 01. Low Rider (Live) (3:42) 02. Chieva (Live) (4:40) 03. Even While I Sleep (Live) (3:49) 04. Come a Little Bit Closer (Live) (3:29) 05. Downside of Town (Live) (4:00) 06. Muddy Waters Rose out of the Mississippi Mud (Live) (5:12) 07. Steady Driving Man (Live) (6:24) 08. Running Through the Jungle (Live) (3:32) 09. Bacon Fat (Live) (4:11) 10. Crow Jane Alley (Live) (3:23) 11. Slave to Love (Live) (4:30) 12. Savoir-Faire (Live) (3:10) 13. Cadillac Walk (Live) (4:50) 14. Demasiado Corazon (Live) (3:34) 15. Just Your Friends (Live) (4:20) 16. Change of Heart (Live) (3:28) 17. Cry to Me (Live) (3:36) 18. Spanish Stroll (Live) (5:57) 19. Can't Do Without It (Live) (4:19) 20. Hey Joe (Live) (4:37) 21. Let It Be Me (Live) (5:38) "Live In The Lowlands" wurde im Herbst 2005 im Amsterdamer "Paradiso" während DeVilles Welttournee aufgezeichnet. "Was schätzt Willy DeVille am meisten am Paradiso? Endlich mal wieder 'ne Bar, in der ich rauchen darf." Klar - in Amsterdam nicht rauchen zu dürfen, wäre in etwa so, wie in Bad Pyrmont das Sprudeltrinken zu verbieten. DeVille musiziert mit einer fabelhaften Band um den Gitarristen Freddy Coella, die bruchlos zwischen Rock 'n' Roll, Cajun und Blues changiert und dem Mann mit den obszön großen Ohrringen, der schwarzen Zopfpracht und dem Ludenbart die Bühne bereitet. Gefilmt ist die ganze Show ohne nennenswerte Mätzchen, verstörend sind nur die Schwenks ins Publikum - da rührt sich kaum mal einer, während man selbst begeistert auf dem Sessel herumrutscht. Wer genau hinsieht und DeVilles körperliche Konstitution beobachtet, muss aber befürchten, dass nach dieser Aufnahme keine Steigerung mehr möglich ist - ein Karrierehöhepunkt auf der Kippe zum Abgesang. Aber was für einer! Die Bonus-Interviews sind übrigens nur was für ganz dicke Fans." (kulturnews.de) Willy DeVille, vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, harmonica Kenny Margolis, keyboards, piano, organ, accordion, backing vocals Freddy Koella, guitars, violin David J. Keyes, double bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals Boris Kinberg, drums, percussion Hook Herrera, harmonica Dorene Wise, backing vocals Yadonna Wise, backing vocals Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  22. Artist: Ka$h Nexu$ Title: Things Will Be Different Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Ka$h Nexu$ Genre: Blues, Rock, Folk, Country Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 42:47 min Total Size: 270 MB Tracklist: 01. Unexpected Ally 02. Things Will Be Different 03. Troubled Man 04. Can't Dream 05. One Way Out 06. Good Man Gone Bad 07. None No More 08. Seroquel 09. Lotto Blues 10. Falling Down 11. Ode To Chelsea Dan Parsons: Acoustic guitar and harmony vocals on Seroquel Debra Pollock: Harmony vocals on Things Will be Different, One Way Out, Can't Dream and None No More Chris Fogaty: Blues harp on Troubled Man, One Way Out and Seroquel Allira Jade Rogers-Preuss: Saxophone on Ode to Chelsea Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ross Crawford at Headlong Studio Except Seroquel, recorded by Robin Waters at St Andrews Church, Fairfield Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  23. Artist: Prince Title: Greatest Hits In Concert 1982-1991 Year Of Release: 2016 Label: Stormbird Genre: Funk, Soul, R&B, Pop, Rock, Electronic Quality: CBR 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 5:32:21 Total Size: 768 mb / 1.95 gb / 3.28 gb :: TRACKLIST :: Let's Work (Passaic, NJ 30th January 1982) 1-1 The Second Coming 1:54 1-2 Uptown 2:52 1-3 Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad 7:32 1-4 I Wanny Be Your Lover 4:30 1-5 Head 12:20 1-6 Dirty Mind 6:30 1-7 Do Me, Baby 10:07 1-8 Controversy 7:09 1-9 Let's Work 8:05 1-10 Jack U Off 4:43 Purple Reign (The Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New York 30th March 1985) 2-1 Let's Go Crazy 5:54 2-2 Delirious 2:56 2-3 Little Red Corvette 6:18 2-4 Do Me, Baby 2:11 2-5 Irresistible Bitch 1:56 2-6 Possessed 4:21 2-7 How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore 5:58 2-8 Let's Pretend We're Married 3:34 2-9 International Lover 1:50 2-10 God 7:46 3-1 Computer Blue 4:29 3-2 Darling Nikki 4:53 3-3 The Beautiful Ones 5:25 3-4 When Doves Cry 8:45 3-5 I Would Die 4 U 3:26 3-6 Baby, I'm A Star 10:56 3-7 Purple Rain 18:47 In The Nude (Estadio Vicente Calderon, Madrid 22nd July 1990) 4-1 DAT Intro 2:23 4-2 The Future 3:38 4-3 1999 3:22 4-4 Housequake 2:37 4-5 Sexy Dancer 1:18 4-6 Kiss 3:34 4-7 I'm In The Mood 3:00 4-8 Purple Rain 7:07 4-9 Blues in C / Don't Make Me Pay For Your Mistakes 3:54 4-10 If I Had A Harem 1:35 4-11 Alphabet St. 1:48 4-12 It Takes Two / Volare 3:06 4-13 The Question Of U 0:39 4-14 An Honest Man 0:32 4-15 Under The Cherry Moon 1:13 4-16 The Question Of U / Electric Man 8:23 5-1 Controversy / D.M.S.R. 3:07 5-2 Do Me, Baby 4:18 5-3 Ain't No Way 2:48 5-4 Nothing Compares 2 U 4:21 5-5 Batdance 3:15 5-6 Partyman 5:12 5-7 When Doves Cry 5:48 5-8 Baby I'm A Star 8:24 5-9 Respect 2:28 5-10 Game Boyz Groove 1:12 5-11 We Can Funk 1:30 5-12 Baby I'm A Star 1:57 The Artist (The TV Broadcasts) 6-1 Let's Go Crazy 4:27 6-2 Horny Pony 5:02 6-3 Kiss 4:39 6-4 Bambi 3:56 6-5 Shake 7:26 6-6 Venus De Milo 3:43 6-7 Nothing Compares 2 U 4:12 6-8 Purple Rain 6:35 6-9 Intro / Raspberry Beret 3:04 6-10 Delerious 1:20 6-11 Controversy 2:29 6-12 Mutiny 2:21 6-13 Sign 'O' The Times 5:15 6-14 Electric Chair 4:12 6-15 Gett Off 6:37 6-16 Diamonds And Pearl 5:31 6-17 Dolphin 3:56 CD6: Tracks 1-7: Rock In Rio, 18th January 1991 Track 8: American Music Awards, 1985 Tracks 9-12: Under The Cherry Moon Premiere Party, 1986 Track 13: MTV Music Awards, 1987 Track 14: SNL, 1989 Track 15: MTV Video Awards, 1991 Track 16: International Special Olympics, 1991 Track 17: The Late Show, 13th December 1994 Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  24. kingdevils

    Raiki - Can't You See (2020)

    Artist: Raiki Title: Can't You See Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Raiki Genre: Blues, Rock Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 42:23 min Total Size: 261 MB Tracklist- 01. My Way 02. Gold 03. Happiness Begins Tonight 04. Fall Into You 05. All I Know (feat. Kaii Elise Crawford) 06. Wonderland 07. I Will Roll 08. My Way (Japanese Ver) 09. Gold (Japanese Ver) 10. Happiness Begins Tonight (Japanese Ver) 11. Fall Into You (Japanese Ver) 12. Wonderland (Japanese Ver) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  25. Artist: Ray Charles Title: The Complete 1961 Paris Recordings (Palais Des Sports in Paris) Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Fremeaux Heritage Genre: Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B Quality: FLAC (tracks) / MP3 Total Time: 3:55:30 Total Size: 829 / 543 MB Tracklist: Disc 1 01. Stockholm Sweetnin' (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Concert) 02. Whisper Not (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Concert) 03. One Mint Julep (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 04. From the Heart (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 05. Moanin' (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 06. Let the Good Times Roll (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 07. Georgia on My Mind (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 08. Hallelujah I Love Her So (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 09. Just for a Thrill (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 10. Margie (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 11. Alexander's Ragtime Band (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 12. I Believe to My Soul (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 13. My Bonnie (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 14. I Wonder (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 15. Sticks and Stones (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 16. My Baby (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 17. Hit the Road Jack (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 18. Come Rain or Come Shine (The October 21, 1961, Performance) 19. What'd I Say (The October 21, 1961, Performance) Disc 2 01. Dat Dere (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Concert) 02. Solitude (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Concert) 03. One Mint Julep (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 04. Moanin' (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 05. Doodlin' (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 06. From the Heart (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 07. Hallelujah I Love Her So (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 08. Georgia on My Mind (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 09. Margie (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 10. I've Got News for You (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 11. Alexander's Ragtime Band (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 12. I Believe to My Soul (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 13. My Bonnie (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 14. I Wonder (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 15. Yes Indeed (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 16. My Baby (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 17. Hit the Road Jack (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 18. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) 19. What'd I Say 2 (From the October 22, 1961, Afternoon Performance) Disc 3 01. Roll in G (From the October 21, 1961, Concert) 02. One Mint Julep (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 03. Doodlin' (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 04. Moanin' (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 05. Let the Good Times Roll (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 06. Come Rain or Come Shine (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 07. Hallelujah I Love Her So (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 08. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 09. Margie (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 10. Georgia on My Mind (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 11. Alexander's Ragtime Band (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 12. I Wonder (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 13. My Bonnie (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 14. My Baby (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 15. Hit the Road Jack (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 16. I Believe to My Soul (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) 17. What'd I Say (From the October 22, 1961, Evening Performance) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]