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Found 2,524 results

  1. Artist: Wellington Nascimento Title: Multison Year Of Release: 2008 Label: Wellington Nascimento Genre: Jazz / Smooth Jazz Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps Total Time: 44:44 Total Size: 105 MB Tracklist ------------ 01 - Um Novo Dia 02 - Multison 03 - Rude Cruz 04 - Brilho Celeste 05 - Adorar ao Senhor 06 - Inspiração 07 - Grandioso És Tu 08 - Segura na Mão de Deus 09 - Black Song 10 - Tu És Fiel Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. kingdevils

    Bobby Lyle - The Genie (1977)

    Artist: Bobby Lyle Title: The Genie Year Of Release: 1977 Label: Soul Brother Records Genre: Jazz, Fusion Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue+.log) Total Time: 41:43 Total Size: 254 MB AMG Review by Alex Henderson: Over the years, Bobby Lyle's work has been erratic. The pianist/keyboardist has recorded his share of gems, but he has come out with some disappointing, very uneven albums as well. One of Lyle's stronger releases was Genie, his debut LP from 1977. Produced by Wayne Henderson, this is primarily a fusion/crossover jazz effort. A young Lyle shows considerable promise on electric gems that include the imaginative title track, the congenial "Pisces," the North African-influenced "Mother Nile," and the haunting "Night Breeze" (which was also recorded by Ronnie Laws in the 1970s). Not everything on Genie is fusion or crossover jazz. "You Think of Her" and "Magic Ride" are vocal funk/soul items that find Lyle singing lead; he isn't mind-blowing as a singer, but he's decent. And Lyle detours into straight-ahead jazz with an unaccompanied solo piano performance of the standard "I Didn't Know What Time It Was." Nonetheless, R&B vocals and acoustic jazz aren't the things that Genie is best known for -- instrumental fusion and crossover jazz are what caused this LP to go down in history as an electric jazz favorite. Genie falls short of perfect -- the record would have been even stronger if Lyle had stuck to instrumental music, which is his specialty. But much of the album is excellent, and Genie frequently reminds us how much promise Lyle showed in the beginning. Tracklist: 01. Bobby Lyle - The Genie (5:56) 02. Bobby Lyle - Magic Ride (5:35) 03. Bobby Lyle - Pisces (5:18) 04. Bobby Lyle - I'm So Glad (And I'm Thankful) (3:24) 05. Bobby Lyle - You Think Of Her (6:51) 06. Bobby Lyle - Night Breeze (6:09) 07. Bobby Lyle - Mother Nile (6:53) 08. Bobby Lyle - I Didn't Know What Time it was (1:38) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. kingdevils

    VA - Crazy Summer (2020)

    Artist: VA Title: Crazy Summer Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Too Many Rules - TMR055 Genre: House Quality: 16bit-44,1kHz FLAC Total Time: 39:26 Total Size: 263 mb Tracklist 1. Vanilla Ace & AYAREZ - FreeFallin' (05:37) 2. Makree - Heaven (05:06) 3. Steady Rock - Magic (05:02) 4. Dan Corco - Disco Fury (06:14) 5. Bonetti - Do 4 Love (06:27) 6. George Cynnamon - All Over Me (05:21) 7. Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona - Some Like That (05:39) Javi Bora's imprint Too Many Rules presents 'Crazy Summer'. An awesome compilation with 7 new tracks full of groove! Vanilla Ace & AYAREZ opens the package with "FreeFallin'", an authentic banger for the dance floor! Following this is Makree with "Heaven", a killer track with amazing vocal samples! Steady Rock's "Magic" is pure class! Groove, groove & groove! Dan Corco's "Disco Fury" is a real bomb! Next track comes from Bonetti, his "Do 4 Love" is pure class! George Cynnamon show his style with his great "All Over Me" track! Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona close the compilation with his huge track "Some Like That", summer vibes! Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. Artist: Black River Remedy Title: A Stone's Throw in the Murky Water Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Willnico Genre: Country Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 37:27 min Total Size: 225 MB Tracklist: 01. Mama's Pride 02. Break My Dawn 03. Keepin' On 04. Last Time Around 05. That Whiskey Song 06. Green Grass (& a Little Time) 07. Standing on My Own 08. Take Another Turn 09. Between Filth & Grace Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. Artist: Wickmoore Jazz Trio Title: Lounge Lizards Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Cricket Records Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 49:06 min Total Size: 199 MB Tracklist: 01. Snowprints 02. Lounge Lizards 03. Noches Tranquilas 04. Just What I Needed (Right Now) 05. Mercury 06. Nomad 07. Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other The Wickmoore Jazz Trio is comprised of brothers Nelson (drums, vocals) and Eli Moore (bass), hailing from Saranac, NY, combined with Vihan Wickramasinghe (piano), originally from Sri Lanka. Together, the three rip through jazz standards, funk favorites, and contemporary staples alike. Their catalog of originals continues to grow. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. Artist: Gabriel Katona Title: Reflections Reflexiones Year Of Release: 2003 Label: Gabriel Katona Genre: Jazz / Smooth Jazz Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps Total Time: 49:41 Total Size: 116 MB Tracklist ------------- 01 - The Last Rain Forest 02 - Media 03 - Just The Right Moment 04 - El Silencio 05 - Celestial Nocturne 06 - Little Bailarina 07 - Caracas 08 - 11th & Broadway 09 - Forever In A Life 10 - Interplay 11 - Reflections 12 - In The Quiet Of My Heart Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  7. Artist: Jongnic Bontemps Title: College Behind Bars (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the Series) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Bontemps Per Minute Music, Inc. Genre: Soundtrack Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 33:03 Total Size: 137 MB Jongnic "JB" Bontemps is a uniquely modern film composer, harmonizing a classical education with his rich tech background. As a maestro of Silicon Valley he wrote everything from the hip-hop infused score for the Tribeca-favorite documentary United Skates, to rousing additional music for the acclaimed film Creed II directed by Steven Caple Jr. He became the go-to composer for Caple Jr. while scoring his coming-of-age drama The Land, for which he also orchestrated the song "This Bitter Land" performed by Nas and Erykah Badu. Born in Brooklyn, JB learned the piano and soaked up his gospel and jazz surroundings. He studied music at Yale and later found himself at the heart of the tech industry as a software developer and entrepreneur after selling his startup to HP. He thrived there for several years, but eventually decided to pursue his deeper passion and jumped head-first into the film scoring program at USC and the Sundance Film Music Lab. He apprenticed as a programmer for numerous A-list Hollywood composers before breaking out on his own. "Film music has to tell a story without words," JB says. "Its job is to add depth and dimension to the images and words presented on screen. That's what attracted me to the medium; the opportunity to really express emotion with music alone." Tracklist: 01. Jongnic Bontemps - College Behind Bars (1:12) 02. Jongnic Bontemps - Going Home (1:42) 03. Jongnic Bontemps - Teaching (1:32) 04. Jongnic Bontemps - The Bard Prison Initiative (2:40) 05. Jongnic Bontemps - Dyjuan (2:17) 06. Jongnic Bontemps - Final Papers (1:49) 07. Jongnic Bontemps - Policy (3:05) 08. Jongnic Bontemps - The Silence (1:56) 09. Jongnic Bontemps - Reflection (3:07) 10. Jongnic Bontemps - The 90's (1:45) 11. Jongnic Bontemps - The Shue (2:12) 12. Jongnic Bontemps - Course Work (2:05) 13. Jongnic Bontemps - The Debate Team (3:28) 14. Jongnic Bontemps - Graduation (4:14) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  8. Artist: Licia Svein Title: Where Do I Belong? Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Licia Svein Genre: Rock/Blues Quality: MP3 / 320 kbps Total Time: 00:41:22 Total Size: 98 MB Tracklist: 01. All Right 03:13 02. Mental Illusion 03:27 03. Let's Be Light 03:29 04. Don't Put Fire 02:50 05. Every Lie To Hyde 05:56 06. Blinders 02:09 07. Where Do I Belong? 02:58 08. Best Part Of Me 04:29 09. Trap Me 03:10 10. I Can't Love 02:44 11. Frozen Light 03:16 12. As A Friend 03:37 I'm Elisa Vinci, I'm 25, I currently live in Italy and I'm an aspiring actress, songwriter and poet. Since when I was I child I always dreamed about being a singer and I used to write songs and sing them in my bedroom. Now I managed to record my album in a recording studio (I ForseNati) and I need your help to print real copies of it! I just self-published a collection of poems on Amazon ("Fragments of life") and I'm going to publish my first album on all the digital stores, but I'm also studying acting in the HT Studio de Santis School of Actors of Rome to achieve all the necessary skills to be a good actress and person. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. Artist: VA Title: More Real Jazz Ballads Year Of Release: 1992 Label: Movieplay [MPV 5520] Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (*tracks + .cue,log) Total Time: 01:06:57 Total Size: 340 mb (+5%rec.) Tracks: 01. Lionel Hampton & Earl "Fatha" Hines - Misty [5:00] 02. The Art Farmer-Benny Golson Jazztet - I Remember Clifford [3:13] 03. Carmen McRea - My Foolish Heart [7:18] 04. Dexter Gordon - I Should Care [5:13] 05. Bill Evans Trio - What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life [5:34] 06. Chet Baker - Deep In A Dream [6:38] 07. Zoot Sims - The Man I Love [5:15] 08. The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Imagination [3:38] 09. Louis Armstrong - Back And Blue [3:28] 10. Barney Kessel - The Look Of Love [4:06] 11. The Stan Kenton Orchestra - Tenderly [4:41] 12. Gerry Mulligan - Moonlight In Vermont [8:02] 13. Roland Kirk - Our Love Is Here To Stay [4:51] Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. Artist: Dez Money Title: Blue (Deluxe Edition) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Money Music / Bungalo / Universal Genre: Pop Rock / Alternative Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps Total Time: 61:41 Total Size: 140 MB Tracklist ------------ 01. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You [ 04:17] 02. Wings [ 04:13] 03. I Want Your Love [ 04:03] 04. Upside Down [ 04:45] 05. Waiting [ 04:10] 06. Fade Away [ 04:14] 07. Wasting Time [ 04:57] 08. Hold On [ 04:45] 09. Lovetalk [ 04:41] 10. Looking For A Light [ 04:08] 11. The Way It Feels Tonight [ 04:20] 12. Falling [ 04:28] 13. Fly [ 03:41] 14. I'll Be There For You [ 04:59] Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  11. Artist: Blackfoot Title: No Reservations Year Of Release: 1975 Label: Island Records / ILPS 9326 / Vinyl Genre: Southern Rock Quality: 24bit-192kHz FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 36:53 Total Size: 1.49 GB Tracklist: 01. Railroad Man (2:26) 02. Indian World (2:56) 03. Stars (4:10) 04. Not Another Maker (5:12) 05. Born To Rock & Roll (3:38) 06. Take A Train (4:25) 07. Big Wheels (5:08) 08. I Stand Alone (7:48) 09. Railroad Man (1:14) AllMusic Review by James Chrispell All Native Americans, Blackfoot recorded their first album down in Muscle Shoals with a little help from the usual hangers-out there. Hard-rockin' Southern-style blues-rock comes charging through the grooves here. Of note are such tracks as "Railroad Man," "Take a Train," and the Allmanesque "I Stand Alone." Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. kingdevils


    Artist: VA Title: ONORANZE FUNEBRI Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Blackwater - BWD 021 Genre: Techno Quality: 16bit-44,1kHz FLAC Total Time: 45:48 Total Size: 264 mb Tracklist 1. Becuzzi - Nihil (09:36) 2. Devianza - Hearts Of Gold (feat Simona Ferrucci) (03:54) 3. The Mark - No Lights (04:13) 4. Blacksun - Arsh (06:48) 5. Stefano Rocchi - Sentore (05:07) 6. Shhgrr - Natural Cycle (06:44) 7. Laert Mihaj - Dysphoria (03:56) 8. Marchimale - La Sera (05:30) Blackwater Label cuts the rope with its past, collecting an eight tracks compilation honouring and paying tribute to its first six years of activities. The infamous are back in Town and churches are playing loud the bells calling the Souls for a new Era. Who's taking care of you and your soul, at night, when you're alone ? Is happiness real when shared ? Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  13. Artist: Madeleine Peyroux Title: Careless Love Year Of Release: 2004 Label: Universal Music Group International Genre: Jazz Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 00:42:24 Total Size: 100.9 MB / 263.4 MB Tracklist: [3:56] 01. Madeleine Peyroux - Dance Me To The End Of Love (Album Version) [3:10] 02. Madeleine Peyroux - Don't Wait Too Long (Album Version) [3:16] 03. Madeleine Peyroux - Don't Cry Baby (Album Version) [3:26] 04. Madeleine Peyroux - You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go [3:42] 05. Madeleine Peyroux - Between The Bars (Album Version) [3:31] 06. Madeleine Peyroux - No More (Album Version) [3:10] 07. Madeleine Peyroux - Lonesome Road (Album Version) [2:54] 08. Madeleine Peyroux - J'ai Deux Amours (Album Version) [3:39] 09. Madeleine Peyroux - Weary Blues (Album Version) [4:47] 10. Madeleine Peyroux - I'll Look Around (Album Version) [3:50] 11. Madeleine Peyroux - Careless Love (Album Version) [3:12] 12. Madeleine Peyroux - This Is Heaven To Me (Album Version) ABOUT THE ALBUM 1 disc(s) - 12 track(s) Total length: 00:42:24 Main artist: Madeleine Peyroux Composer: Various Composers Label: Universal Music Group International Genre: Jazz 16-Bit CD Quality 44.1 kHz - Stereo © 2004 Rounder Records Corp. ℗ 2004 Rounder Records Corp. Why it took vocalist Madeleine Peyroux eight years to follow up her acclaimed Dreamland album is anybody's guess. The explanation from her website bio claims, "I could have kept running with it, but I took a breather." Really it hardly matters, since there have been plenty of capable singers to fill that void. Produced by Larry Klein, Careless Love is essentially Dreamland part deux. She lost Yves Beauvais and Atlantic Records, as well as a stellar cast of edgy jazz and rock session players, but she did gain Larry Klein. There are some fine players on this album, including Larry Goldings, Scott Amendola, David Piltch, and Dean Parks, and it's a much more focused set than Dreamland. That she's on Rounder is just an "oh well." Since Klein is not reined in by having to be a "jazz" producer, his sense of restrained and subtle adventure is a perfect foil for Peyroux's voice and phrasing, which is still too close to the Billie Holiday model for comfort. The material is a curious collection of modern pop songs, country tunes, and old nuggets. There's an original as well in "Don't Wait Too Long," co-written with Jesse Harris and Klein. Peyroux's reading of Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love" that opens the disc is radical, sung like a German cabaret song, and lacks the drama of the original, which is on purpose but it's questionable as to whether it works. Her cover of Bob Dylan's "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" works much better. It keeps the breeziness of the original but focuses on the object of the song still being very present to the protagonist -- delighting in the presence of the Beloved. Parks' guitars play sparely and pronouncedly in the mix, as Amendola's brushwork complements the spare cymbal and tom-tom work of Jay Bellerose as well as Goldings' in-the-groove organ and piano. The hinge track on this record is the empathic and moving version of Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars." With tense sound effects whispering in the backdrop and Goldings' celeste setting the atmosphere, once again Amendola's brushes whisper and shimmer, giving the singer an anchor in the depth of the song's melancholy. It's simply awesome. The sparse haunted treatment of Hank Williams' "Weary Blues" is devoid of its country trappings and rooted firmly in the uptown blues tradition of Holiday's 1940s. Likewise, the title track, a classic standard by W.C. Handy, is turned inside out and made a gospel-flavored R&B tune, driven by Goldings on the organ and a Rhodes piano -- an instrument that makes a frequent appearance here. Parks' subtle yet dirty guitar gives the singer a platform and she swims inside the lyric, letting it fall from her mouth. The tune's swing quotient is formidable. In all, this is a stronger record than Dreamland, in part because Klein is obviously sympathetic to singers and because Peyroux is a more confident and commanding singer. It's a welcome addition to the shelf, but if she waits another eight years, that space reserved for her may disappear. © Thom Jurek /TiVo Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  14. Artist: Frank Loef Title: The Southern Trax Year Of Release: 2020 Label: CosMind Music Genre: Ambient / Chillout / Lounge / Downtempo Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps Total Time: 56:46 Total Size: 118 MB Tracklist: ---------- 01. Cumba L'Ila 05:50 02. African Reflection 04:35 03. Island Sunset 06:34 04. Leave Your Message 05:58 05. Havanna Lounge 05:47 06. Distant Memories 05:43 07. De Ja Vu Espanol 05:42 08. Cuando Danco 04:40 09. Flying the Landscapes 05:41 10. Angel Voyage 06:16 Relaxing and chillin' musical journey along the equator to destinations such as Brazil, Cuba, Africa and Spain, urban, nature, modern & cinematic, Chill out, Lounge, Lifestyle. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. Artist: Judah Sealy Title: Legacy Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Self-Released Genre: Smooth jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 54:43 Total Size: 363 MB National Smooth Jazz Recording Artist Judah Sealy is a Billboard Charting Saxophonist, Keyboardist and Producer from Rochester N.Y Judah picked up the saxophone at a young age while attending School of The Arts from middle school to high school. (Class of '02). Judah graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College in '07 with a B.A in Music. Shortly after graduating college Judah became a regular on the Rochester music scene as a side man and eventually as a bandleader in the years to come. During high school and while in college he found a knack for producing music. In May of 2014 Judah Sealy released his first self-produced single "Lifted" which led to his first smooth jazz album entitled "The Arrival" on August 14th 2015. This album featured hit songs such as "Timeless Love" and "Nightime". His follow up to his debut album was a Christmas album entitled "A Judah Sealy Christmas" which was released in December 2016. May of 2018 saw the release of his highly anticipated album "Welcome Home". The 14-track album was written and produced entirely by Judah Sealy and features the hit single "Turn It Up". "Talking Smooth Jazz" ranked "Welcome Home" as one of the top ten albums of 2018. Judah's single "Turn It Up" was his first single to receive national airplay and be played on Sirius XM Watercolors. In March of 2020, Judah released his highly anticipated single entitled "Off The Charts" which spent two months on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts. In August of 2020 Judah released his 3rd full length album entitled "Legacy". Judah Sealy's unique sound comes from a blend of vintage R&B, gospel, neo-soul and funk with some contemporary R&B influences as well. Judah's smooth saxophone style is heavily influenced by Kirk Whalum, George Furlow, Gerald Albright, and Boney James to name a few. His is also an accomplished pianist in his own right. He has shared the stage with many known acts including Kirk Franklin, Maze ft Frankie Beverly and has played on many stages including the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. He has also lent his saxophone talents to renowned Smooth Jazz hit makers such as Jacob Webb and Greg Manning. Judah Sealy is a very much in-demand musician that plays in various groups around his hometown and Western New York. In addition to being a recording artist and bandleader, he also has a passion for Music Education as well as Music Ministry. Judah Sealy has been a music teacher since 2009 and has been active in music ministry since 2001. Currently, he is a music teacher at Rochester Prep West Charter Elementary School and is also the Music Director at Church Of Love Faith Center. He is married and lives in Rochester, NY with his wife Phylicia Rae and daughter Raya. [Hidden Content] Tracklist: 01. Judah Sealy - Vibe with You (5:04) 02. Judah Sealy - Showtime (4:00) 03. Judah Sealy - Neo Soldier (4:50) 04. Judah Sealy - Off the Charts (3:47) 05. Judah Sealy - Love Rain Down (4:59) 06. Judah Sealy - Forever and Always (feat. Deepak Thettu) (4:18) 07. Judah Sealy - Special (4:15) 08. Judah Sealy - Precious (4:55) 09. Judah Sealy - Try (feat. Blake Montel) (4:57) 10. Judah Sealy - #TBT (3:45) 11. Judah Sealy - Legacy (4:29) 12. Judah Sealy - Higher (5:24) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  16. Artist: Zen Eskimoens Delirium Title: Live Feed From Disko Bay Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Bolivia - ZED 2 Genre: Electronic, Experimental Quality: 24bit-44,1kHz FLAC Total Time: 27:03 Total Size: 276 mb Tracklist 1. TransParent (10:42) 2. Average Albedo (06:05) 3. Translucent Snow (10:26) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  17. Artist: Alex Sadnik Title: Self-Portrait Delay Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Joyful Noise Recordings Big Ego Genre: Jazz Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps Total Time: 37:48 Total Size: 81,9 MB Tracklist: ---------- 01. Whose power is it 01:17 02. Loose Bloose 06:15 03. Brave Souls 00:40 04. Votre Toast 04:22 05. Toreador 00:39 06. Change Partners 05:31 07. Whose road is this 01:02 08. Marmaduke 06:32 09. What power art thou 05:06 10. Power (postlude) 01:18 11. Tomorrow Today 05:06 Musicians: Alex Sadnik- alto saxophone Jeff Parker- electric guitar Carey Frank- Hammond organ Stephen Hodges- drums Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  18. Artist: Bonnie Guitar Title: Anthology: The Deluxe Collection (Remastered) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Master Tape Records Genre: Country, pop Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 2:06:27 Total Size: 581 MB Bonnie Buckingham (March 25, 1923 - January 13, 2019), better known as Bonnie Guitar, was an American singer, musician, producer, and businesswoman. She was best known for her 1957 country-pop crossover hit "Dark Moon". She became one of the first female country music singers to have hit songs cross over from the country charts to the pop charts. She raised cattle and quarter horses in Orting, Washington, with her second husband, Mario DePiano, whom she married in 1969. He died in 1983. She co-founded the record company Dolton Records in the late 1950s, that launched the careers of The Fleetwoods and The Ventures. In 1960, she left Dolton and became part owner of Jerden Records. She married Paul Tutmarc in 1944, and they separated in 1955. Tracklist: 1.01. Bonnie Guitar - Dark Moon (Remastered) 1.02. Bonnie Guitar - By the Light of the Silvery Moon (Remastered) 1.03. Bonnie Guitar - Candy Apple Red (Remastered) 1.04. Bonnie Guitar - Mister Fire Eyes (Single Version) (Remastered) 1.05. Bonnie Guitar - I'll Step Down (Remastered) 1.06. Bonnie Guitar - Broken Hearted Girl (Remastered) 1.07. Bonnie Guitar - Making Believe (Remastered) 1.08. Bonnie Guitar - Roll Along Prairie Moon (Remastered) 1.09. Bonnie Guitar - In the Garden (Remastered) 1.10. Bonnie Guitar - Get out and Get Under the Moon (Remastered) 1.11. Bonnie Guitar - A Very Precious Love (Remastered) 1.12. Bonnie Guitar - Peace in the Valley (Remastered) 1.13. Bonnie Guitar - Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Remastered) 1.14. Bonnie Guitar - The Moon Is Low (Remastered) 1.15. Bonnie Guitar - I Found You Out (Remastered) 1.16. Bonnie Guitar - Carolina Moon (Remastered) 1.17. Bonnie Guitar - Moonlight and Roses (Remastered) 1.18. Bonnie Guitar - Shanty Boat (Remastered) 1.19. Bonnie Guitar - In the Sweet Bye and Bye (Remastered) 1.20. Bonnie Guitar - God's Tomorrow (Remastered) 1.21. Bonnie Guitar - Baby Moon (Remastered) 1.22. Bonnie Guitar - Please My Love (Remastered) 1.23. Bonnie Guitar - Let the Lower Lights Be Burning (Remastered) 1.24. Bonnie Guitar - The Old Rugged Cross (Remastered) 1.25. Bonnie Guitar - I Saw Your Face in the Moon (Remastered) 1.26. Bonnie Guitar - Clinging Vine (Remastered) 1.27. Bonnie Guitar - Moonlight and Shadows (Remastered) 1.28. Bonnie Guitar - Shine on Harvest Moon (Remastered) 2.01. Bonnie Guitar - Mister Fire Eyes (Remastered) 2.02. Bonnie Guitar - Roll Along Kentucky Moon (Remastered) 2.03. Bonnie Guitar - Letter from Jenny (Remastered) 2.04. Bonnie Guitar - There's a New Moon over My Shoulder (Remastered) 2.05. Bonnie Guitar - If You'll Be the Teacher (Remastered) 2.06. Bonnie Guitar - Come to Me I Love You (Akaka Falls) (Remastered) 2.07. Bonnie Guitar - Moonlight on the Colorado (Remastered) 2.08. Bonnie Guitar - Softly and Tenderly (Remastered) 2.09. Bonnie Guitar - It's Only a Paper Moon (Remastered) 2.10. Bonnie Guitar - Half Your Heart (Remastered) 2.11. Bonnie Guitar - Big Mike (Remastered) 2.12. Bonnie Guitar - Rocky Mountain Moon (Remastered) 2.13. Bonnie Guitar - Lord, I Want to Find My Way (Remastered) 2.14. Bonnie Guitar - Whispering Hope (Remastered) 2.15. Bonnie Guitar - If You See My Love Dancing (Remake) (Remastered) 2.16. Bonnie Guitar - Down Where the Tradewinds Blow (Remastered) 2.17. Bonnie Guitar - Only the Moon Man Knows (Remastered) 2.18. Bonnie Guitar - Solitude (Remastered) 2.19. Bonnie Guitar - Johnny Vagabond (Remastered) 2.20. Bonnie Guitar - Hello, Hello, Please Answer the Phone (Remastered) 2.21. Bonnie Guitar - Bringing in the Sheaves (Remastered) 2.22. Bonnie Guitar - Rock of Ages (Remastered) 2.23. Bonnie Guitar - Love Is Over, Love Is Done (Remastered) 2.24. Bonnie Guitar - Who Is She (Remastered) 2.25. Bonnie Guitar - If You See My Love Dancing (Remastered) 2.26. Bonnie Guitar - Dream Dreamers (Remastered) 2.27. Bonnie Guitar - Open the Door (Remastered) 2.28. Bonnie Guitar - Tell Her Bye (Remastered) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  19. Artist: VA Title: Relaxing Coconut Massage Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Zentunes Records Genre: New Age Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 57:24 Total Size: 306,2 Mb Tracklist 01. Calming Music Sanctuary - Relieving Stressful Feelings (03:27) 02. Meditation Music Zone - Spriritual Rest (03:39) 03. Beautiful Magical Music Collection - Funny Mood (03:31) 04. Japanese Zen Shakuhachi - Welcome to Ancient China (03:48) 05. Calming Music Sanctuary - Full Immersion (03:30) 06. Meditation Music Zone - Well-Being (05:19) 07. Japanese Zen Shakuhachi - Eye of Hypnotic Japan (04:01) 08. Meditation Music Zone - Peaceful Place (03:49) 09. Japanese Zen Shakuhachi - Art of Positive Thinking (03:48) 10. Ethnic Moods Academy - Optimistic Thoughts (03:34) 11. Calming Music Sanctuary - Soft Zen Stillness (04:06) 12. Meditation Music Zone - Chakra Balancing (03:05) 13. Japanese Zen Shakuhachi - Green Japanese Garden (04:57) 14. Meditation Music Zone - Inner Vitality (03:15) 15. Anti Stress Music Zone - Wellness Relaxation (03:35) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  20. Artist: Amanda Jones Title: Home: Season 1: Episode V, Maine (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Lakeshore Records Genre: Soundtrack Quality: 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC / 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC Total Time: 21:33 Total Size: 105; 212 MB Lakeshore Records has released Amanda Jones' scores from Home Season 1: Episode V, Maine digitally on all major music services. Lakeshore previously released the series soundtrack featuring various artists. This new release features 10 tracks of Amanda's compositions with seven that were previously unreleased. See the track list and more below. Tracklist: 01. Amanda Jones - Soot House (feat. Lee Harcourt) (2:10) 02. Amanda Jones - Day in the Life (2:25) 03. Amanda Jones - Going to Japan (feat. Lee Harcourt) (1:58) 04. Amanda Jones - Learning the Burn Board Method (1:18) 05. Amanda Jones - Leaving Japan (feat. Lee Harcourt) (1:21) 06. Amanda Jones - House Being Built (feat. Lee Harcourt, Emer Kinsella & Sumeet Subrata Sarkar) (4:12) 07. Amanda Jones - Heating the Home (2:11) 08. Amanda Jones - Maine is Hard (feat. Emer Kinsella) (1:24) 09. Amanda Jones - Pregnant (2:50) 10. Amanda Jones - Future Plans (feat. Lee Harcourt) (1:43) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  21. Artist: Alpha Hypnotica Title: Daydreamers Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Melusine Records - MLR60 Genre: Downtempo Quality: 16bit-44,1kHz FLAC Total Time: 01:20:46 Total Size: 434 mb Tracklist 1. Out Of This World (07:18) 2. Lazaides (05:01) 3. The Gate (07:39) 4. Universe Of Love (07:27) 5. Think With Your Heart (06:00) 6. Genius (05:12) 7. Daydreamer (07:01) 8. Peace Of The Ocean (06:20) 9. Game Of Life (07:18) 10. Last Call From Heaven (05:00) 11. The Dome [Bonus Track] (16:30) The moderns science and eastern philosophies prove that the consciousnesses creates the reality. Therefore it is important to focus our mind and soul to positive things, which make our lives happier and fulfilling. This is reflected in our music. The album Daydreamers implies that we control our lives and we are fully responsible for it. Let's dream awake, because without dreams and goals the life is empty. Universe is the highest platform of the unity, which attracts and connects all beings by power of love on transcendental level. We are able to reconnect with the Source and that is the point: Peace, Love and Unity. Album contains 10 + 1 bonus peaceful chill out tracks, which are based primarily on the following main pillars: live vocals, own-recorded sounds from nature, orchestral elements and electronic music. It is saturated with mysterious and hypnotic atmosphere that helps to get our mind into its most creative states: Alpha and Hypnotic(a). The spiritual undertones of texts originate from the deepest love and are focused on the beauty of nature and life. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  22. kingdevils

    Judah Sealy - Legacy (2020)

    Artist: Judah Sealy Title: Legacy Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Judah Sealy Genre: Jazz / Smooth Jazz Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps Total Time: 54:04 Total Size: 126 MB Tracklist ------------ 01 - Vibe with You 02 - Showtime 03 - Neo Soldier 04 - Off the Charts 05 - Love Rain Down 06 - Forever and Always 07 - Special 08 - Precio 09 - Tryus 10 - #TBT 11 - Legacy 12 - Higher Judah Sealy is a saxophonist/keyboardist from Rochester, NY. Currently he is a music teacher at Destiny Christian School and Music Director at Church Of Love Faith Center. Judah is a graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College 2007 with a B.A. in Music and a recording artist who has finished the process of recording his first album. His first single "Lifted" was released digitally in May 2014. He is a very much in-demand musician that plays in various jazz, R&B, and gospel groups. He is married and lives in Rochester, NY with his wife. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  23. Artist: Bushy Dubazana Title: Miles to 50 Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Bushy Dubazana Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 38:37 min Total Size: 248 MB Tracklist: 01. Asizang'olala (feat. Godfrey Seleso) 02. Euro-Africa (feat. Leon Sharmick & Brian Thusi) 03. Eastern Cape Vibes (feat. Brian Thusi) 04. Song for Fathers (feat. Leon Sharmick, Brian Thusi & Tumelo Komako) 05. Sipho Gumede Tribute (feat. Leon Tuta) 06. Patrice Motsepe Dedication (feat. Godfrey Seleso) 07. York Road Blues (feat. Linda Sikhakhane & Leon Komako) 08. Thank You (feat. Linda Sikhakhane & Leon Sharmick) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  24. kingdevils

    Café Alé - Third Age (2020)

    Artist: Café Alé Title: Third Age Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Simbalrec - SIMBALLREC 075 Genre: Electronic, Experimental, World, Synth Quality: 16bit-44,1kHz FLAC Total Time: 01:00:02 Total Size: 354 mb Tracklist 1. Third Age Intro (00:33) 2. Talizman (03:49) 3. Sup Sup (feat Luis Perez & Pharaohs) (06:28) 4. Descanso (feat Gemma Castro) (03:54) 5. DDJJ (feat Odeya Nini) (04:12) 6. Babylon (feat Puro Instinct) (03:14) 7. Away (feat Christina Irrgang) (05:18) 8. Chinatown Russian Telephone (04:20) 9. Holap (04:43) 10. Mountain Cold (04:26) 11. Kayro Vue (05:09) 12. Thunderstorm (04:05) 13. MH Acid (feat Pharaohs) (09:51) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  25. kingdevils

    Joe Gordon - Social Call (2020)

    Artist: Joe Gordon Title: Social Call Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Nagel Heyer Records Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 89:09 min Total Size: 617 MB Tracklist: 01. Heleen 02. A Song for Richard 03. Non-Viennese Waltz Blues 04. Awakening 05. Sugar Blues 06. Mariana 07. Love for Sale 08. Runnin' Wild 09. Co-Op Blues 10. I Wanna Be Loved by You 11. You're the Only Girl in the Next World for Me 12. Diminishing 13. Anticipation 14. Sweet Georgia Brown 15. Down Among the Sheltering Palms 16. Terra Firma Irma 17. A New Twist 18. By the Beautiful Sea 19. Some Like It Hot 20. Circus Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]