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Carl Schuricht - J. Strauss II: Waltzes and Polkas (1963) [2015 SACD The Valued Collection Platinum]

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Artist: Carl Schuricht
Title: J. Strauss II: Waltzes and Polkas
Year Of Release: 1963 [2015]
Label: Tower Records [TWSA-1004]
Genre: Classical
Quality: DSD64 image (*.iso) | FLAC (24bit/88,2 kHz)
Total Time: 00:49:20
Total Size: 1,4 GB / 870 mb (+3%rec.)

A long-awaited SACD with a magnificent and joyful performance by the famous combination of Schuricht and the Vienna State Opera Orchestra!
A hybrid SACD of a performance that Schuricht left on a concert hall label. With SACD, you can enjoy high-quality sound very close to the master tape. In addition, the CD layer is newly remastered with DENON genuine equipment from analog master tape this time, and you can enjoy sound quality different from the conventionally released board. This CD layer is positioned as an extra to enjoy more music. As a "plus alpha", it is a limited edition that can be enjoyed by those who have a conventional CD. In this first release, a total of three titles will be released. Schuricht and Johann Strauss seem to be in conflict, and in fact they are famous. In addition to the good sensibility of the original music that is born out of a refreshing interaction with the orchestra, the attractiveness of the composition of the small pieces creates an attractive recording. In particular, "The Story of the Vienna Woods" is a famous performance. What is there is more elegance and richness of emotion and dignity, lurking in the strictness of Shuricht rather than elegance. All 8 songs are gem. Schuricht is no exception in Johann Strauss, and the rhythm is not only ambiguous but also very strict. There is no exaggeration or graceful sound in the expression, but the content of the song is sincere. Therefore it is not an exaggeration to say that it is not light music at all, but rather aims for one-dimensional higher music. During the recording session, Schuricht asked the members of the orchestra, saying, "If there is anything that deviates from the spirit of Vienna, please return to the right path" and pull out the peace, and as a result the session It is an interesting anecdote that the members did not raise any objections once in a while (detailed in the booklet). We aimed for digitalization so that the information on the analog master tape would not be lost as much as possible.
~Google Interpreter
01. ワルツ≪ウィーンの森の物語≫ 作品325 00:12:03
02. ワルツ≪ウィーン気質≫ 作品354 00:08:33
03. トリッチ・トラッチ・ポルカ 作品214 00:02:39
04. シャンペン・ポルカ 作品211 00:02:08
05. ワルツ≪南国のバラ≫ 作品388 00:08:40
06. 宝のワルツ 作品418 00:07:05
07. ワルツ≪酒・女・歌≫ 作品333 00:05:07
08. 常動曲 作品257 00:02:59
Carl Schuricht
Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera


* Limited edition
* Stereo recording
* SACD layer: MS 24bit Processing 192kHz-24bit remastering (192kHz / 24bit remastering in 2014 from analog master tape owned by Nippon Columbia)
* CD layer: Newly remastered in 2015 with digital conversion at 44.1 kHz / 20 bit using Denon A / D converter
* There are some parts that are hard to listen to, but they are on the original tape (the missing and noises in the original master are also recorded as they are). Please note.
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