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Jean Martinon - Tchaikovksy: Symphony No.6, Shostakovich: Symphony No.1 (1958) [2016 SACD Vintage Collection]

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Artist: Jean Martinon
Title: Tchaikovksy: Symphony No.6, Shostakovich: Symphony No.1
Year Of Release: 1958 [2016]
Label: Tower Records [PROC-1990]
Genre: Classical
Quality: DSD64 image (*.iso) | FLAC (24bit/88,2 kHz)
Total Time: 01:16:53
Total Size: 2,1 GB / 1,3 GB (+3%rec.)

Martinonon's only co-star with VPO, the masterpiece `` pathetic '' and Shostakovich, famous for excellent recording, made the first SA-CD using the home country master!
Martinon has the impression that there are many sources of Russian music like other French conductors, such as leaving the complete symphony of Prokofiev, but in other Russian works this `` pathetic '' and another accompaniment board, and Shostakovich's The fact is that we only left the album and there aren't many others. The only reason why Russian music is so special is that each album has a strong impact. "Pathetique" recorded in '57 is the only Vienna Philharmonic co-star with the DECCA label, which has had a strong influence since its release and has been heard as a masterpiece. There's Martinin's command as if he's immersed in the song rather than Russia, and the Vienna Philharmonic's performance, which can be said to be partly wild. This `` pathetic '' has more fans than at the time of release, and in a sense it is a conductor of Martinon who has a unique expression and enthusiasm enough to fuel the orchestra, so the evaluation that it is the only performance that is incomparable is still different today not. With the introduction of SA-CD, the dynamic range of the performance is expanded, and you can also listen to the attractive sounds of each instrument. Please listen to the famous performance that can be said that there is no "pathetic" alternative to this. Coupling Shostakovich is famous as an excellent recording while recording in '58. This is not only a hot, bloody performance, but you can also listen to Martinon's meticulous composition with a certain orchestral skill. With this high-quality digitization, we were able to reproduce more realistic sound images, sound fields, and the sound of each cored instrument. You can enjoy overwhelming sound quality.
In the production of this series, we used sound sources digitized with higher quality than the original analog master tape in our home country, and our dedicated engineers in our country took a long time in mastering work for this series in a detailed process. Was. The important thing about the release is that the reprinting process itself, including the digitization and mastering steps, has evolved over the last few years. Equipment related to digital technology is constantly improving, and it has become possible to produce higher quality and more delicate sound sources. Now you can enjoy the original analog master with higher sound quality. In this SACD project, it became possible to release with a wonderful sound. In the SACD layer, you can enjoy high-definition master sounds.
~Google Interpreter


Conductor - Jean Martinon
Orchestra - Wiener Philharmoniker


* Limited edition. World's first SACD
* SACD hybrid board
* Using a new mastering sound source in 2016 (In Classic Sound, perform DSD conversion and mastering directly from the original analog master tape in the country of origin and produce a DSD master for SACD layer. From this DSD master for CD layer (44.1kHz / 16bit PCM conversion to produce a CD master. Analog master tapes must be carefully repaired to the extent possible according to their aging and storage conditions, and then converted.)
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