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Found 1,960 results

  1. Artist: Alessandro Fabbri Title: Five Winds (feat. Pietro Tonolo) Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Caligola Genre: Jazz Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps Total Time: 50:56 Total Size: 107 MB Tracklist: ---------- 01. Four Winds 04:37 02. Her Footsteps 07:01 03. Melodious Tonk 07:00 04. Melodious Work 06:49 05. No Baby 05:13 06. Cascaggini 05:31 07. Not So Far Brothers 05:21 08. Silent Brother 07:34 09. ReWind for Winds 01:50 Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. Artist: Sviatoslav Richter Title: Richter meets Beethoven: Sonatas for piano Nos 12, 17 & 23 Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Jube Classic Genre: Classical Quality: FLAC (tracks) [48kHz/24bit] Total Time: 1:05:04 Total Size: 647 / 269 MB Tracklist: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Sonata Nr. 12 in a Flat Major, op. 12 01 Andante con variaziono 02 Scherzo. Allegro molto 03 Marcia funebre sulla morte d'un Eroe 04 Allegro Sonata No. 17 in D Minor, op. 31, No. 2 05 Largo - Allegro 06 Adagio 07 Allegretto Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57 "Appassionata" 08 Allegro assai 09 Andante con moto 10 Allegro ma non troppo Having learned the fundamentals of music from his father, Sviatoslav Teofilovich Richter taught himself the piano and had already given public concerts before entering the Moscow Conservatory in 1937. While still a student, Richter won first prize at the All-Union Contest of Performers of 1945. His playing earned him considerable renown, and by the time of his graduation in 1947 he had devoted fans. In 1949 he garnered the coveted Stalin Prize. Richter gave the 1942 premiere of Sergei Prokofiev's Piano Sonata No. 6 -- the composer's first work in that form for years, and the first one he did not premiere himself. This resulted in wild acclaim for both performer and composer. Thereafter, Richter was a great proponent of Prokofiev's music, premiering also the Seventh and the Ninth Sonatas, the latter of which is dedicated to him. Though word of Richter's excellence (and occasional poor-quality recordings) had spread outside of Russia, his foreign engagements were limited to Eastern Bloc countries (and, in one case, China) where Soviet officials felt there was reduced risk of defection. However, his 1958 performance of Prokofiev's Fifth Piano Concerto with the Philadelphia Orchestra (on tour in Leningrad) generated such excitement that he was finally permitted to tour the United States, further bolstering his reputation as a virtuoso. Engagements in all of world's musical centers followed. Richter was known as a pianist of transcendent abilities, particularly adept at highlighting the nuances of different styles. Though his interests focused primarily on music of Beethoven, and Prokofiev, he was also highly regarded for his Schubert, Schumann, Bach, Debussy, and Ravel; and in the early 1960s he made a memorable recording of Benjamin Britten's Piano Concerto with the composer conducting. Richter did not favor studio recordings; therefore, most of his recordings are from live performances. Many of them, particularly those from Soviet concerts, suffer from indifferent sound quality and excessive audience noise, but his playing had an electric quality that transcended these handicaps. The pianist earned a reputation for being difficult and aloof. He was notoriously apt to cancel performances on whims, or arrive late without explanation or apology. However, those who heard him were rarely disappointed. He preferred intimate concert settings over big auditoriums, and thus returned many times to the Aldeburgh and Spoleto Festivals. He was the centerpiece of the Fêtes Musicales, held annually beginning in 1964 at Grange de Meslay, near Tours. Among his greatest recordings are his Schubert sonatas, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev concertos, Liszt concertos (these have the benefits of first-rate sound), and his Schumann. He has also served as a chamber musician and accompanist, playing piano duets with Britten, and accompanying Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, among others. ~ Rovi Staff Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. Artist: Philippe Allain-Dupré, David Simpson, Iasuko Uyama-Bouvard Title: Kirnberger: Flute Sonatas Year Of Release: 2001 Label: Arion ARN 68554 Genre: Classical Quality: FLAC (image+.cue,log,scans) Total Time: 61:06 Total Size: 287 MB Tracklist: [1]-[3] Sonata in G major [4]-[6] Sonata in G major [7]-[9] Sonata in G minor [10]-[12] Sonata in F major [13]-[15] Sonata in C major [16]-[18] Sonata in B flat major Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. Artist: SWR Rundfunkorchesters Kaiserslautern, Grzegorz Nowak Title: Raff: Benedetto Marcello Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Sterling Genre: Classical Quality: flac lossless Total Time: 01:44:58 Total Size: 448 mb Tracklist --------- CD1 01. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1: Vorspiel 02. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 1: I. Gar behend' und wohlgemut 03. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 1: II. Hm! Alles wäre nun bereit 04. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 2: I. Guten Morgen! 05. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 2: II. Gott Amor denkt ihr euch 06. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 2: II. Gott Amor denkt ihr euch 07. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 3: Ach wie, ihr seid schon hier, Faustina 08. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 4: I. Seid uns willkommen! 09. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 4: II. Also klagt; aus wunder Seele 10. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 4: III. Mir fällt nichts ein, was hierher paßt 11. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 4: IV. Vom Genius genährt 12. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 4: V. Dürft; ich so liebe Gäste bitten 13. Benedetto Marcello, Act 1, Scene 4: VI. Ihr Freunde, ja fürwahr. CD2 01. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2: Vorspiel 02. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 1: I. Wie sie mich ärgern, diese Spitzen! 03. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 1: II. Mein Herz, du willst mir klagen 04. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 2: I. Ist er's wirklich? 05. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 2: II. Verscheucht die törichten Gedanken 06. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 2: III. Verwandlung 07. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 2: IV. Ave Maria! 08. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 3: Die Fenster dunkel, alles still 09. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 4: Zu viel! Was ich gehört, geschaut 10. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 5: I. Verweilt, mein Herr! 11. Benedetto Marcello, Act 2, Scene 5: II. Madonna, höre das Gebet 12. Benedetto Marcello, Act 3: Vorspiel 13. Benedetto Marcello, Act 3, Scene 1: I. Mir scheint verwandelt alles hier im Hause 14. Benedetto Marcello, Act 3, Scene 1: II. Nun seh' ich plötzlich klar. 15. Benedetto Marcello, Act 3, Scene 2: I. So gäb' es also noch ein Wesen 16. Benedetto Marcello, Act 3, Scene 2: II. Wie konnte ich ahnen 17. Benedetto Marcello, Act 3, Scene 3: I. O Himmel, schenk' Ruh' mir. 18. Benedetto Marcello, Act 3, Scene 3: II. Seid gegrüßt, mein Meister! 19. Benedetto Marcello, Act 3, Scene 3: III. O sprecht nicht so! This new release features a recording from the world premiere performance of the opera in Metzingen Stadthalle, Bad Urach, Germany, October 4th, 2002. The opera is set in Venice in 1727. In the house of Marcello, a musician and poet, two of his pupils Rosana and Faustina wait for their teacher who is late for their singing lesson. Marcello at last arrives, apologizes, and announces that instead of their lessons he wants them to sing for a guest of his, the famous composer Adolph Hasse, from Germany. Rosana sings first: a sad song about unrequited love. Hasse praises her warmly for singing from the heart, whereas Marcello is just puzzled by her sudden ability to find the correct tone. Faustina immediately recognizes that Rosana is singing about her love for Marcello and is irritated that he cannot see it himself. She then sings a joyful song about a nightingale, which leaves both Hasse and Marcello captivated. Hasse expresses his profound admiration for Marcello and she invites him to accompany her to a party that evening. Faustina is preparing for the evening and her thoughts turn to Hasse, and she realizes that she loves him. Hasse has quietly arrived and, overhearing her soliloquy, immediately tells Faustina that he has fallen in love with her too. Marcello, masked, arrives and stands outside Faustina's rooms, consumed with love for her and intending to sing her a serenade. He hears the gondola bearing Faustina and Hasse approaching, and jealously listens to their loving conversation. Hiding while they enter her apartment, he vows revenge on Hasse. Marcello wants to pick a quarrel and both men draw their swords. Faustina, who has heard the commotion outside, opens her balcony window, sees the events below and collapses with a scream. Hasse leaves, telling Marcello that he may keep his life as a pledge of their friendship... Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. Artist: Queens of the Stone Age Title: Songs for the Deaf Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Interscope Records / Vinyl Genre: Rock Quality: 24bit-96kHz FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 58:43 Total Size: 1.25 GB Tracklist: 01. You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire (3:13) 02. No One Knows (4:38) 03. First It Giveth (3:18) 04. Song For The Dead (5:52) 05. The Sky Is Fallin' (6:15) 06. Six Shooter (1:19) 07. Hanging Tree (3:06) 08. Go With The Flow (3:07) 09. Gonna Leave You (2:52) 10. Do It Again (4:04) 11. God Is In The Radio (6:04) 12. Another Love Song (3:15) 13. Song For The Deaf (6:11) 14. Mosquito Song (5:37) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. Artist: Ra Kalam Bob Moses Title: The Skies of Copenhagen (2020 Levitation Remix) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Ra-Kalam Records Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 132:25 min Total Size: 697 MB Tracklist: 01. Visions of Nature (I) (2020 Levitation Remix) 02. Luminous Jazz Like Dream (2020 Levitation Remix) 03. Søren Trips the Light Fantastic (2020 Levitation Remix) 04. Primordial Ooze (Up from the Depths) (2020 Levitation Remix) 05. A Chaos with a Little Bit of Order (2020 Levitation Remix) 06. Concerto in the Key of Infinity (2020 Levitation Remix) 07. The Skies of Copenhagen (2020 Levitation Remix) 08. Lullaby for Edvard Vang (2020 Levitation Remix) 09. The Grace of Pure Heart Space (2020 Levitation Remix) 10. Falling Upwards (2020 Levitation Remix) 11. Above the Sky (2020 Levitation Remix) 12. Pitta Patta Budha Batta Boom (2020 Levitation Remix) 13. Glistening Closely (2020 Levitation Remix) 14. Visions of Nature (Il) (2020 Levitation Remix) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  7. Artist: Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Title: Debussy: Images 1 & 2; Children's Corner Year Of Release: 1971/2020 Label: Deutsche Grammophon (DG) Genre: Classical Quality: flac lossless / flac 24bits - 192.0kHz Total Time: 00:44:52 Total Size: 191 / 1.4 gb Tracklist --------- 01. Debussy: Images-Book 1, L. 110-1. Reflets dans l'eau 02. Debussy: Images-Book 1, L. 110-2. Hommage à Rameau 03. Debussy: Images-Book 1, L. 110-3. Mouvement 04. Debussy: Images-Book 2, L. 111-1. Cloches à travers les feuilles 05. Debussy: Images-Book 2, L. 111-2. Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fût 06. Debussy: Images-Book 2, L. 111-3. Poissons d'or 07. Debussy: Children's Corner, L. 113-1. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum 08. Debussy: Children's Corner, L. 113-2. Jimbo's Lullaby 09. Debussy: Children's Corner, L. 113-3. Serenade for the Doll 10. Debussy: Children's Corner, L. 113-4. The Snow Is Dancing 11. Debussy: Children's Corner, L. 113-5. The Little Shepherd 12. Debussy: Children's Corner, L. 113-6. Golliwogg's Cakewalk Il y a des enregistrements qui s'imposent avec une telle évidence que toute critique parait inutile pour ne pas dire futile. Que dire encore de neuf à propos de cette rencontre entre un compositeur et son interprète ? Que le piano de Benedetti-Michelangeli est cristallin, pyrotechnique, que son clavier semble paré de toutes les nuances de couleurs les plus infimes ? Point de maniérismes déplacés, points de langueurs "début de siècle", mais une simplicité d'expression qui fait de Debussy un frère occidental des auteurs de haïkus japonais. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  8. Artist: Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Gerd Albrecht Title: Busoni: Turandot & Arlecchino Year Of Release: 2020 Label: CapriccioNR Genre: Classical Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 02:20;21 Total Size: 527 MB Tracklist: CD1 1. Turandot, BV 273: Introduction (1:16) 2. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 1: Peking Stadt der Wunder (3:32) 3. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 1: Verweilt, man mordet (1:47) 4. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 1: Barak, o du türkischer Alter (1:58) 5. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 1: Dich will ich rachen (1:48) 6. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Rechts zunächst der grosse Thron (2:30) 7. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Das find' ich doch sehr vernünftig (1:21) 8. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Wir sind die Doktores (2:01) 9. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Das Zeremoniell wirkt immer erhebend (1:16) 10. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Konfutse, dir hab ich geschworen (2:22) 11. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Steh' auf unkluger Jüngling (1:43) 12. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Ach, diese Jugend (2:40) 13. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Lieber möcht' ich gar (6:00) 14. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Was kriecht am Boden (8:52) 15. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Ich überstehe nicht die Scham (0:56) 16. Turandot, BV 273, Act I Scene 2: Wes Stamms und Namens (2:52) 17. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: La, la (1:07) 18. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: Nacht wird zum Tag (3:42) 19. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: Genug! Mein Kopf (3:06) 20. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: Ich erkenn' euch nicht wieder (1:26) 21. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: Ich schlich geschickt und unerblickt (2:24) 22. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: Seid getrost, Prinzessin (1:10) 23. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: So höre (2:22) 24. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: Adelma, meine Freundin (3:22) 25. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 3: Intermezzo (2:13) 26. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 4: Hort mir nur das klägliche Getrommel! (2:10) 27. Turandot, BV 273, Act II Scene 4: Diese Zeichen von Trauer (7:44) CD2 1. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 1: Ein Schauspiel ist's für Kinder nicht, noch Gotter (7:50) 2. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 1: Und noch hab ich euch zu danken (4:13) 3. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 1: Treibt euch leichtfertig auf offener Strasse umher? (4:14) 4. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 2: Den Schlüssel liess ich mir nachfertigen (3:44) 5. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 3: Herr Kapitän, um Vergebung (5:03) 6. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 3: Mit dem Schwert, mit der Laute (9:19) 7. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 4: Es ist schon ganz finster (14:04) 8. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 4: Wahrlich, ich weiss nicht mehr aus noch ein! (3:08) 9. Arlecchino, BV 270, Pt. 4: Verehrliche Versammlung (3:34) 10. Rondò arlecchinesco, Op. 46, BV 266 (11:51) Busoni never came closer to his dream of Italian music than with that night on May 11 1917 of double performance in Zurich, which he calls himself 'La Nuova Commedia dell' Arte' I ('Turandot') and II ('Arlecchino'). In the unusually short time from December 1916 to March 1917 Busoni reworked the already existing material to the Incidental Music of Gozzis 'Turandot' into an opera. This happen 4 years before Puccini started to work on the same contend. 'Arleccino', though in immediate neighbourhood to 'Dr. Faust' looking almost like a secondary work, is perhaps the composer's actual key work. The speaking hero of his 'theatralische Capriccio' represents a role model, which is at times more important to him than his aesthetic Faust, especially as the the World War increases. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. Artist: Gyorgy Ligeti Title: Clear or Cloudy: Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon Year Of Release: 2006 Label: Deutsche Grammophon Genre: Classical/Avantgarde Quality: APE (image+.cue,log) Total Time: 05:09:11 Total Size: 1.04 GB Deutsche Grammophon's budget-priced, four-CD collection of all the works by György Ligeti in its catalog has many things to commend it, beginning with the title. Clear or Cloudy is a profoundly astute description of the composer's career, encompassing both the great sound clouds of his micropolyphonic work of the 1960s, such as Atmosphères, Volumina, Lux aeterna, and Lontano, and the crystalline clarity of his early years, demonstrated in Six Bagatelles for wind quintet and his first String Quartet, as well as in his Etudes pour piano and Piano Concerto from his final period. The performances here are extraordinary, and some are legendary. In Volumina, Gerd Zacher wrings an incredible variety of sonic possibilities from the organ and shapes them into a chilling aural experience. Aventures and Nouvelles Aventures, with singers Jane Manning, Mary Thomas, and William Pearson and the Ensemble InterContemporain, led by Pierre Boulez, are especially assured, and lead the listener on a frightening, comic, cryptic emotional roller coaster ride. The radiant performances of Atmosphères and Lontano by Claudio Abbado and the Vienna Philharmonic make the most of the scores' glistening mysteries. If this were intended as a survey of Ligeti's career, one could quibble over the omissions -- the Requiem; the Trio for horn, violin, and piano; and the fact that there are only two of the piano etudes -- but given the fact that it is a reissue of everything Deutsche Grammophon happened to have in its archive, it is a remarkably comprehensive and representative collection that offers a broad and detailed view of the composer's output. It's an ideal introduction to Ligeti for anyone coming to his remarkable work for the first time, and it is also expansive and diverse enough to interest those who are already fans. The set contains over five hours of music, and the program booklet includes an insightful essay by Paul Griffiths. Surprisingly, for a collection coming from so many recorded sources, the sound is consistently excellent, with the appropriate ambience and presence for the various works. Tracklist: CD1 (1:14'52") Sonata for Solo Cello 01. I. Dialogo. Adagio, rubato, cantabile 02. II. Capriccio. Presto con slancio Matt Haimovitz, cello 6 Bagatelles for Wind Quintet 03. I. Allegro con spirito 04. II. Rubato. Lamentoso 05. III. Allegro grazioso - attacca subito: 06. IV. Presto ruvido 07. V. Adagio. Mesto [Bela Bartok in memoriam] 08. VI. Molto vivace. Capriccioso Jacques Zoon, flute Douglas Boyd, oboe Richard Hosford, clarinet James Sommerville, horn Matthew Wilkie, bassoon String Quartet No.1 ''Metamorposes noctures'' 09. Allegro grazioso 10. Vivace, caprissioso 11. A tempo 12. Adagio, mesto 13. Presto 14. [...] molto sostenuto - Andante tranquillo 15. Piu mosso 16. Tempo di Valse, moderato, con eleganza, un poco capriccioso 17. Subito prestissimo 18. Subito: motto sostenuto 19. Allegretto, un poco gioviale 20. Allarg. Poco piu mosso 21. Subito allegro con moto, string. poco a poco sin al prestissimo 22. Prestissimo 23. Allegro comodo, gioviale 24. sostenuto, accelerando 25. Lento Hagen Quartet 10 Pieces for Wind Quintet 26. I. Molto sostenuto e calmo 27. II. Prestissimo minaccioso e burlesco 28. III. Lento 29. IV. Prestissimo leggiero e virtuoso 30. V. Presto staccatissimo e leggiero 31. VI. Lo stesso tempo. Presto staccatissimi e leggiero 32. VII. Vivo, energico 33. VIII. Allegro con delicatezza 34. IX. Sostenuto, stridente 35. X. Presto bizzarro e rubato, so schnell wie moglich Wiener Blasersolisten String Quartet No.2 36. Allegro nervoso 37. Sostenuto, molto calmo 38. Come un meccanismo di precisione 39. Presto furioso, brutale, tumultuoso 40. Allegro con delicatezza - stets sehr mild LaSalle Quartet CD2 (1:18'12") 1. Atmospheres for large orchestra Wiener Philharmoniker Claudio Abbado 2. Volumina for organ Gerd Zacher, organ 3. Lux aeterna for 16-voice a cappella mixed chorus Chor des Norddeutschen Rundfunks Helmut Franz 4. Organ Study No.1 ''Harmonies'' Gerd Zacher, organ 5. Lontano for large orchestra Wiener Philharmoniker Claudio Abbado 6. Ramifications for string orchestra or 12 solo strings Ensemble InterContemporain Pierre Bulez 7. Melodien for orchestra London Sinfonietta David Atherton CD3 (1:20'29") 01. Aventures for 3 singers and 7 instrumentalists Jane Manning, soprano Mary Thomas, mezzo-soprano William Pearson, bass Ensemble InterContemporain Pierre Bulez Nouvelles Aventures for 3 singers and 7 instrumentalists 02. I. Sostenuto 03. II. Agitato molto Jane Manning, soprano Mary Thomas, mezzo-soprano William Pearson, bass Ensemble InterContemporain Pierre Bulez Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra 04. I. J=40 - attaca: 05. II. (Lo stesso tempo) J=40 Jean-Guihen Queyras, violoncello Ensemble InterContemporain Pierre Bulez Chamber Concerto for 13 instrumentalists 06. I. Corrente [5:06] 07. II. Calmo, sostenuto 08. III. Movimento preciso e meccanico 09. IV. Presto Ensemble InterContemporain Pierre Bulez 10. Mysteries of the Macabre (arr. Elgar Horvath) Hakan Hardenberger, trumpet Roland Pontinen, piano Double Concerto for Flute and Oboe 11. I. Calmo, con tenerezza 12. II. Allegro corrente Jacques Zoon, flute Douglas Boyd, oboe Chamber Orchestra of Europe Claudio Abbado CD4 (1:16'06") 01. The Big Turtle Fanfare from The South China Sea for trumpet Hakan Hardenberger, trumpet 3 Pieces for 2 Pianos 02. Monument 03. Selbsportrait mit Reich und Riley (und Chopin ist auch dabei) 04. Bewegung Alfons Kontarsky, piano Aloys Kontarsky, piano Etudes pour piano, Livre I 05. Etude 2: Cordes а vide. Andantino con moto, molto tenero 06. Etude 4: Fanfares. Vivacissimo molto ritmico. °=63, con allegria e slancio Gianluca Cascioli, piano Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 07. I. Vivace molto ritmico e preciso - attacca subito: 08. II. Lento e deserto 09. III. Vivace cantabile [4:23] 10. IV. Allegro risoluito, molto ritmico - attacca subito: 11. V. Presto luminuso: fluido, costante, sempre molto ritmico Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano Ensemble InterContemporain Pierre Bulez Concerto for Violin and Orchestra dedicated to Saschko Gawriloff 12. I. Praeludium: Vivacissimo luminoso - attacca: 13. II. Aria, Hoquetus, Choral: Andante con moto - attacca: 14. III. Intermezzo: Presto fluido 15. IV. Passacaglia: Lento intenso 16. V. Appassionato: Agitato molto Saschko Gawriloff, violin Ensemble InterContemporain Pierre Bulez Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. Artist: Rasmus Fris Title: Back in the Saddle Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Rasmus Fris Music Genre: Jazz, Fusion Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 48:15 min Total Size: 242 MB Tracklist: 01. A Stain of Rain 02. Back in the Saddle 03. Between Squalls 04. Spring Steel 05. Its Allright 06. Changing Moods 07. Confusion 08. Hello Again 09. IN Close Agreement 10. Yoyo 11. Right There 12. Transmit and Recieve Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  11. kingdevils

    Estonian Voices - Ole hea (2018)

    Artist: Estonian Voices Title: Ole hea Year Of Release: 2018 Label: Playground Estonia Genre: Jazz / Vocal Jazz Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps Total Time: 50:38 Total Size: 102 MB Tracklist ----------- 01.Hey mr. Bubble 02:41 02.Ja jahtunud sьda jдta ilmale 03:34 03.Cantaloupe island 03:08 04.Forgotten garden 03:34 05.Tьli 03:18 06.Oota head meest 03:51 07.N'anga nala 03:46 08.Ole hea 03:34 09.Tokyo blues 04:31 10.Spinning wheel 03:46 11.Little love songs 03:41 12.Merel 03:43 13.Kхik, mis sa teed, tee praegu 04:14 14.Eriline 03:17 Kadri Voorand : alt Mikk Dede : tenor Mirjam Dede : sopran Maria Vдli : sopran Rasmus Erismaa : bariton Aare Kьlama : bass Eesti viimase aastakьmne sдravaima vokaalansambli Estonian Voices kauaoodatud debььtalbum "Ole hea" pдlvis Eesti Muusikaauhindade 2015 Aasta Parima Jazzalbumi tiitli. 2016 aastal valiti Estonian Voices parimaks jazzansambliks. 2018 aasta sьgisel ilmus vokaalkuuiku teine album "Taat lдks lolliks" Mitme auhinnaga pдrjatud Estonian Voices on eksperimenteerimislembene vokaalsekstett. Nende ampluaa hхlmab jazzi, klassikalist muusikat ja folki ning repertuaar koosneb nii originaalloomingust kui ka rahvamuusikast, teiste hulgas isegi paarist pop- hitist. Ansambli nutikas stiil lхimib mдngulisust absoluutse tehnilise meisterlikkusega, mida ьhendavad kelmikas naeratus ja hurmav annus vokaalset helikunsti. Mitu oma valdkonna tхelist tippu nagu Peder Karlsson (The Real Group) ja Britt Quentin (M-Pact) on kinnitanud Estonian Voices'i ainulaadsust vokaalansamblina mitte ainult Eestis, vaid ka Euroopas ja miks mitte kogu maailmas. Juba ansambli esimene ьlesastumine Vooranna arranћeeringutega 2011. aastal festivalil Jхulujazz oli murranguline. Edukale avakontserdile jдrgnesid esinemised mitmel pool Eestis, aga ka ringreisidel Saksamaal, Venemaal, Rootsis, Љveitsis, Soomes, Lдtis, Leedus ja Hiinas. Koostццd on tehtud Estonian Dream Big Bandiga, jazz-vokalisti Datevik Hovanesianiga ja M-Pacti endise kunstilise juhi Britt Quentiniga. 2013. aastal andis Estonian Voices jхulukontserdi koos rьhmitusega New York Voices; 2016. aastal esineti koos vokaalsekstetiga Take 6. Kдesoleval aastal esines Estonian Voices ьhena peaesinejatest London A capella Festivalil, andes festivali avakontserdi. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. kingdevils

    Robert Pehlke - Blue Boy (2019)

    Artist: Robert Pehlke Title: Blue Boy Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Robert Pehlke Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 42:11 min Total Size: 214 MB Tracklist: 01. Blue Boy 02. Tickled Grey 03. Inhaling Sunshine 04. Beatitude 05. State of Being 06. Spark 07. In My Bones 08. Cloud Three 09. Fog Valley 10. Bright Side Robert Pehlke plays vintage keyboards and piano, rattles shakers, plucks guitars and basses, beats the drums, and takes his improvisations down some vibey back alleys -- a testament to his multi-instrumental prowess, creativity with sound and engineering, and commitment to the groove. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  13. Artist: Łukasz Borowicz, The BBC National Orchestra Of Wales, Raphael Wallfisch Title: Ben-Haim, Bloch & Korngold: Works for Cello & Orchestra Year Of Release: 2020 Label: CPO Genre: Classical Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 67:29 Total Size: 303 MB Tracklist: 1. Cello Concerto: I. Allegro giusto (9:02) 2. Cello Concerto: II. Sostenuto e languido (6:24) 3. Cello Concerto: III. Allegro gioioso (6:39) 4. Symphony for Trombone & Orchestra, B. 89 (Arr. for Cello & Orchestra): I. Maestoso (3:26) 5. Symphony for Trombone & Orchestra, B. 89 (Arr. for Cello & Orchestra): II. Agitato (9:24) 6. Symphony for Trombone & Orchestra, B. 89 (Arr. for Cello & Orchestra): III. Allegro deciso (5:05) 7. Cello Concerto in C Major, Op. 37 (13:18) 8. Die tote Stadt, Op. 12: Tanzlied des Pierrot (Arr. for Cello & Orchestra) (4:18) 9. Baal shem, B. 47 (Excerpts Arr. for Cello & Orchestra): No. 1, Vidui (3:02) 10. Baal shem, B. 47 (Excerpts Arr. for Cello & Orchestra): No. 2, Nigun (6:53) Significant concertos by three great composers now join the rich and multifaceted repertoire of our new series featuring »Cello Concertos by Jewish Composers in Exile.« The Cello Concerto in three movements composed by Paul Ben-Haim for Richard Katz in 1962 employs virtuosic agility and the expressive flexibility of the solo instrument and exemplarily demonstrates how Ben-Haim was able to fit the stylistic elements characteristic of the Eastern Mediterranean into the structures provided by European forms. Ernest Bloch originally wrote his Symphony for Cello and Orchestra for trombone and orchestra. The enormous size of the orchestra contributes to the exotic panorama with tone colors reminiscent of Schelomo and the other six works of the »Jewish cycle« completed by him forty years earlier. Erich Wolfgang Korngold's Cello Concerto was originally composed for Deception, but some months after this film had premiered in the cinemas, he reworked the concerto, which in its concert hall version consists of one short movement and among other things a development section featuring fully refined counterpoint and heavy percussive effects. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  14. kingdevils

    Roman Nosbaum - Saudades (2020)

    Artist: Roman Nosbaum Title: Saudades Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Ars Produktion Genre: Classical Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 62:40 Total Size: 215 MB Tracklist: 1. Goyescas Suite for Piano, Book 2: IV. Quejas o la Maja y el Ruisenor (5:50) 2. 12 Danzas españolas: No. 2, Oriental (5:34) 3. 3 Obras Desconocidas: No. 1, Canción (2:14) 4. Asturias: No. 1, Prélude (6:06) 5. Danzas Argentinas, Op. 2: No. 2, Danza de la moza donosa (4:06) 6. Piano Sonatina: I. Allegretto (3:18) 7. Piano Sonatina: II. Lento muy expresivo (4:02) 8. Piano Sonatina: III. Presto (2:35) 9. Chôros No. 5 "Alma Brasileira" (5:19) 10. Suite Brasileira No. 2: II. Moda (1:59) 11. Ponteio No. 49 "Homenagem a Scriabin" (1:54) 12. Odeon "Tango Brasileiro" (2:52) 13. 7 Danzas Cubanas Tipicas: No. 6, La 32 (3:18) 14. Suite Andalucía: I. Cordoba (3:17) 15. Danzas Afrocubanas: No. 6, La Comparsa (2:24) 16. Adiós a Cuba (2:01) 17. Amar pelos dois (Arr. for Piano) (3:58) 18. Frevo (1:53) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. Artist: Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Title: Debussy: Préludes I Year Of Release: 1978/2020 Label: Deutsche Grammophon (DG) Genre: Classical Quality: flac lossless / flac 24bits - 192.0kHz Total Time: 00:44:02 Total Size: 170 / 1.6 gb Tracklist --------- 01. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-1. Danseuses de Delphes 02. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-2. Voiles 03. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-3. Le vent dans la plaine 04. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-4. Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir 05. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-5. Les collines d'Anacapri 06. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-6. Des pas sur la neige 07. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-7. Ce qu'a vu le vent d'ouest 08. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-8. La fille aux cheveux de lin 09. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-9. La sérénade interrompue 10. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-10. La cathédrale engloutie 11. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-11. La danse de Puck 12. Debussy: Préludes / Book 1, L. 117-12. Minstrels Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  16. Artist: The 5 Browns Title: Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring Year Of Release: 2013 Label: Steinway & Sons Genre: Classical Quality: FLAC (image+.cue,log,scans) Total Time: 58:22 Total Size: 215 Mb Tracklist: 01. Holst - The Planets: Mars, the Bringer of War [0:04:06.68] 02. Holst - The Planets: Neptune, the Mystic [0:03:51.61] 03. Holst - The Planets: Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity [0:05:50.08] 04. Saint-Saiens - Dance Macabre [0:11:10.63] 05. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 1. Adoration of the Earth: 1. Introduction [0:03:18.07] 06. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 1. The Adoration of the Earth: 2. Auguries of Spring [0:03:29.50] 07. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 1. The Adoration of the Earth: 3. Ritual Abduction [0:01:11.30] 08. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 1. The Adoration of the Earth: 4. Spring Khorovod (Spring Rounds) [0:03:49.04] 09. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 1. The Adoration of the Earth: 5. Ritual of the Rival Tribes [0:01:45.67] 10. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 1. The Adoration of the Earth: 6. Adoration of the Earth [0:01:05.45] 11. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 1. The Adoration of the Earth: 7. Dance of the Earth [0:01:16.24] 12. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 2. The Sacrifice: 8. Introduction [0:04:10.24] 13. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 2. The Sacrifice: 9. Mystical Circles of the Young Girls [0:02:50.51] 14. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 2. The Sacrifice: 10. The Naming & Honoring of the Chosen One [0:01:26.50] 15. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 2. The Sacrifice: 11. Evocation of the Ancestors [0:00:41.69] 16. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 2. The Sacrifice: 12. Ritual Action of the Ancestors [0:03:45.69] 17. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring - Part 2. The Sacrifice: 13. Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One) [0:04:40.46] Performers: The 5 Browns Among the many recorded versions of Igor Stravinsky's ballet The Rite of Spring that appeared around the work's centennial year, several were of piano transcriptions, in most cases Stravinsky's own four-hand piano arrangement. The 5 Browns' live recording presents a five-pianos version by Jeffrey Shumway that shows the family of virtuoso pianists in various combinations, from the single note at the opening to all ten hands by the ballet's clangorous end. The group deserves kudos for performing this tour de force without scores, and for making it work without a conductor. It's still a rough sounding interpretation, somewhat imprecise in rhythms and a bit opaque in textures, with some disagreement about dynamics. One is tempted to contrast it with the exquisite recording by Lidija and Sanja Bizjak, which uncannily imitates orchestral tone colors, or the wonderful solo version by Jon Kimura Parker, to point out how much subtler they are than the Browns, and how unnecessary it is to have five pianists doing the work of one or two. The group also presents arrangements by Greg Anderson of three movements from Gustav Holst's The Planets (Mars, the Bringer of War, Neptune, the Mystic, and Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity) and Camille Saint-Saëns' Danse macabre, inspired by Franz Liszt's virtuosic solo arrangement. To the extent that the 5 Browns are sincere ambassadors for classical music and their concerts bring in new listeners, they deserve credit for being an unpredictable and exciting act. But their performance of The Rite of Springs is probably better seen on stage than heard on CD. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  17. Artist: The Aggrolites Title: Dirty Reggae Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Pirates Press Records Genre: Reggae Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 55:20 Total Size: 257 MB This is the album that started it all. Cock Sparrer has Shock Troops. Rancid has Let's Go. The Aggrolites have Dirty Reggae; and off the back of this album emerged a scene embracing that term itself, that would grow to be bigger than the band could ever be. Dirty Reggae is now in-and-of-itself a category of Reggae that has taken the world by storm over the past decade-and-a-half. 15 years after the original release of this pinnacle record, Pirates Press Records and Axe Records have teamed up to repress Dirty Reggae, and make it widely available to all those who haven't been able to find this classic for a long time! Nobody could've guessed at the time, preparing an assembly of musicians to support classic reggae artist Derrick Morgan, that the project would lead to a band that has truly changed the face of Reggae. As with other classic albums, from the moment the needle touches down, the music takes the listener to a special place; in this case, one that has and continues to inspire others to build upon what this integral band has started. This 'standard' version brings this truly important record back into press, in a way that can be accessible to a whole new generation of Reggae (and vinyl) lovers across the globe. 01. The Aggrolites - Hot Stop (2:49) 02. The Aggrolites - Jimmy Jack (2:46) 03. The Aggrolites - Black Lung (3:47) 04. The Aggrolites - Keep It Cool (3:15) 05. The Aggrolites - The Stampede (3:06) 06. The Aggrolites - Money Hungry Woman (3:30) 07. The Aggrolites - Put Your Weight on It (3:23) 08. The Aggrolites - Pop the Trunk (3:22) 09. The Aggrolites - Women's Rules (3:38) 10. The Aggrolites - Burning Bush (3:16) 11. The Aggrolites - Joe Grind (3:06) 12. The Aggrolites - Reggae Wonderland (3:16) 13. The Aggrolites - Lunar Eclipse (3:30) 14. The Aggrolites - Dirty Reggae (12:36) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  18. Artist: Elena de Simone, Ensemble Il Mosaico Title: Agnesi: 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts) Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Tactus Genre: Classical Quality: flac lossless Total Time: 01:15:54 Total Size: 374 mb Tracklist --------- 01. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 1, Son confusa pastorella 02. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 2, Non so, con dolce moto 03. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 3, Ah non son io che parlo 04. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 4, Non piangete amati rai 05. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 7, Lo seguitai felice 06. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 9, Non dirmi crudele se parto ben mio 07. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 10, Scherza il pastor 08. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 11, Afflitta e misera langue quest'alma 09. 12 Arias for Soprano, Strings & Continuo (Excerpts): No. 12, Alla prigione antica The mezzo-soprano Elena De Simone and the Ensemble Il Mosaico are the interpreters of this production that continues the journey of Tactus in the precious rediscovery of various female characters forgotten by history, that played a fundamental role in the cultural and musical panorama of their time. One of these cases concerns the Milanese Maria Teresa Agnesi, a precocious musician and composer - she starts writing music and performing in the academies of her city already at an early age - who dedicated her works to the major political authorities of her world.The 'Arie con Istromenti' dated 1749 are in fact dedicated to His Royal Highness Maria Antonia Walpurgis Symphorosa, wife of the heir to the throne of Saxony, educated and enlightened (both she and her husband were part of the Accademia Romana d'Arcadia), that deeply admired the work, thanking Agnesi on a letter with a heartfelt praise for the compositions. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  19. kingdevils

    Ayüü - AYÜÜNIVERSE (2019)

    Artist: Ayüü Title: AYÜÜNIVERSE Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Daniel Tarlumun Ayu Genre: World Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 39:34 Total Size: 253 MB Apex Village singer, Ayüü has been teasing his forth project Ayüüniverse on social media for a while now, and his illustrated rollout began with various young artists and producers announcing their involvement on the project by 'activating' their comic superhero character. The all-star line up includes artists like Lady Donli, Tay Iwar, Wavy the Creator, Psycho YP, Famous Bobson, Apex Village as well as producers such as Le Mav, Trill Xoe, Doz and Tobay. Alongside this, Ayüü has revealed that he will be releasing a new single on December 12, as well as a pre-order link but with no further mention of when the project itself is due. His last project 'Mango Juice And Bad Decisions' had an entirely romantic direction, and his upcoming project's futuristic superhero theme raises questions of which side of the talented Abuja-based artist we will be seeing next. Tracklist: 01. Ayüü - AYÜÜNIVERSE (0:42) 02. Ayüü - Cocaine (3:40) 03. Ayüü - India (1:26) 04. Ayüü - Gawu (2:17) 05. Ayüü - GET BACK (3:23) 06. Ayüü - Addiction (2:49) 07. Ayüü - SLS (2:39) 08. Ayüü - Accra (2:21) 09. Ayüü - Sonia (2:07) 10. Ayüü - Party Over Here (3:34) 11. Ayüü - Don Corleone (2:55) 12. Ayüü - Problem (2:14) 13. Ayüü - Trauma (3:02) 14. Ayüü - SoSad (3:13) 15. Ayüü - Humble (3:12) Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  20. Artist: Harald Svensson Title: Sketches & Fancies Year Of Release: 2020 Label: Footprint Records Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks+booklet) Total Time: 53:48 min Total Size: 230 MB Tracklist: 01. Dawn 02. Promenade 03. Siesta 04. Latcho Drom 05. Weed 06. Nightfall Harald Svensson and his unique undecet take us on a journey through the world of improvised art music. One of the driving forces on the Swedish improv scene since the 70s, known from ensembles such as Egba, Entra Live & Priming Orchestra, Svensson is also a highly appreciated solo pianist. He moves freely between genres and partners with classical and improv musicians alike. In this undecet, Svensson joins forces with ten top-flight musicians in a unique setting to freely interpret his sketches and compositions. This recording took place on a single day in January 2019, at Spinnroad Studios on the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. The album Sketches and Fancies was engineered by Per Sjösten and produced by Harald Svensson & Per Sjösten. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  21. Artist: The Emily Remler Quartet Title: Take Two Year Of Release: 1982 Label: Concord Jazz[CCD-4195] Genre: Jazz, Hard Bop, Cool Jazz Quality: MP3/320 kbps Total Time: 44:25 Total Size: 105 MB(+3%) Tracklist 01. Cannonball (Adderley) - 4:55 02. In Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck) - 4:58 03. For Regulars Only (Gordon) - 6:48 04. Search for Peace (Tyner) - 5:23 05. Pocket Wes (Remler) - 6:50 06. Waltz for My Grandfather (Remler) - 6:41 07. Afro Blue (Santamaria) - 2:30 08. Eleuthra (Alexander) - 6:20 personnel : Emily Remler - guitar James Williams - piano Don Thompson - bass Terry Clarke - drums Emily Remler's second recording as a leader finds the 24-year-old guitarist still very much playing in the Wes Montgomery vein, although showing her own musical personality here and there. She is joined by pianist James Williams, bassist Don Thompson, and drummer Terry Clarke on a challenging set of material filled with obscurities. Certainly such numbers as Cannonball Adderley's "Cannonball," Dexter Gordon's "For Regulars Only," McCoy Tyner's "Search for Peace," and Monty Alexander's "Eleuthra" are rarely performed. Better known are "In Your Own Sweet Way" and "Afro Blue"; Remler also contributes two originals. Throughout the date the guitarist displays a great deal of potential, much of which would sadly go unrealized due to her early death.~Scott Yanow Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  22. Artist: The Jeepers Title: Harmony in Harlem Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Giorgio Cùscito Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 64:03 min Total Size: 345 MB Tracklist: 01. Harmony in Harlem 02. I'm True to You 03. All of Me 04. The Jeep Is Jumpin' 05. Honey Bunny 06. Good Queen Bess 07. Downtown Uproar 08. Black and Tan Fantasy 09. Mood Indigo 10. Sweepin' the Blues Away 11. Through for the Night 12. Just Squeeze Me (But Please Don't Tease Me) 13. Krum Elbow Blues 14. Perdido 15. I Let a Song Go out of My Heart 16. C-Jam Blues 17. Careless Love (Bonus Track) Giorgio Cùscito - alto sax, arr., dir. Nicola Tariello - trumpet Massimo Pirone - trombone Marco Guidolotti - baritone sax, clarinet Andrea Candela, piano Pietro Ciancaglini, double bass Marco Rovinelli, drums Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  23. Artist: Elias Quartet Title: Schumann: String Quartets Nos. 2 & 3 Year Of Release: 2017 Label: Alpha Classics Genre: Classical Quality: FLAC (image+.cue,log,scans) Total Time: 57:34 Total Size: 268 Mb Tracklist: Robert Schumann [1]-[4] String Quartet No.2 in F major, Op.41 No.2 [5]-[8] String Quartet No.3 in A major, Op.41 No.3 Performers: Elias Quartet Sara Bitlloch, violin Donald Grant, violin Martin Saving, viola Marie Bitlloch, cello In 2010 the Elias Quartet played the first of Schumann's three string quartets at Wigmore Hall - a richly characterised, open-hearted reading that was recorded and released on that venue's in-house label. Now, at last, the Elias complete the cycle with concert recordings from Potton Hall in Suffolk. If you were as impressed by the Wigmore performance as I was, rest assured that these new accounts do not disappoint, for I find them even more absorbingly detailed and emotionally generous. Schumann composed these quartets as a birthday gift for Clara, writing at white heat so that the three works were completed in just seven weeks. The Doric Quartet (Chandos, 12/11) capture this sense of urgency, though with a magical, quicksilver touch. The Elias, on the other hand, take their time. It's not that their performances are so much leisurely as they are elastic. The music breathes in their hands; and even when they stretch a phrase as if to feel its emotional weight, it still sounds natural and right. And it's not that they only pull; they push, too. In the opening movement of the F major Quartet, for instance, listen to how they make the exposition repeat feel more eager and excitable. Then savour the exquisite rubato at 4'08" in the Andante quasi variazioni, with its foreshadowing of a Mahlerian Ländler. Some may be irritated by the way the Elias ease gradually into the main tempo of the finale; I'm charmed by it, particularly as it's played differently each time this tune returns. The A major Quartet is, to my ears, the jewel of the set, and the Elias play it with profound tenderness. How rapturously they play the first movement's slow introduction, for example; even the rests are made to sound as expressively necessary as the notes themselves. And in the second theme of the Allegro proper, where the cello sings to a palpitating accompaniment (at 1'36"), there's a vulnerability so touching I could imagine Schumann's heart asking 'is this love too good to be true?' Unlike the Stradivari Quartet (RCA, 4/18), the Elias are meticulous in observing dynamic markings, and their pianissimo playing can produce shivers of pleasure. Indeed, they find eloquence in the smallest detail, like the second violin's strumming grace notes at 3'34" in the Adagio. I could go on enumerating the myriad glories of these performances, but you get the idea. I continue to be delighted by the Doric's recording - and the Zehetmair's (ECM, 6/03) - but the Elias's has instantly become my favourite, and I can't recommend it urgently enough. Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  24. Artist: Harald Vik Title: Trekkspillswing med Harald Vik Year Of Release: 2019 Label: Harald Vik Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 35:03 min Total Size: 165 MB Tracklist: 01. En Måneskensserenad 02. Walz for Sony 03. Just Lucy 04. Rosalill Tango 05. Georgia on my mind 06. Sag det med toner 07. Fragansia 08. Cèst Manifique 09. Poinciana 10. In a Georgia Camp Meeting 11. Florentinske netter 12. Sweet Georgia Fame Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  25. kingdevils

    The Ramblin' Racoonz - Cool (2020)

    Artist: The Ramblin' Racoonz Title: Cool Year Of Release: 2020 Label: TootSweet Records Genre: Jazz Quality: FLAC (tracks) Total Time: 32:07 min Total Size: 158 MB Tracklist: 01. Minor Swing 02. Ain't Misbehavin' 03. Everybody Loves My Baby 04. Route 66 05. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out 06. Ramblin' on My Mind 07. After You've Gone 08. All of Me 09. Winin' Boy Blues 10. Buddy Bolden's Blues 11. St. James Infirmary Download links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]